Monday, March 08, 2010

Beakerkin enjoys the Hindu rite of spring

I took part in the South Indian festival of Spring. The crowd was mostly Guyanese with a few Trinidadians. The festival has people pouring colored powder on each other. I joked that as my shade is alabaster the white color doesn't work.

I treated a large group of people to lunch after the festival. It was a good time with good people and all walks of life.

Of course I could not help but slip in a few Vermont jokes. I explained I lived in a very bad area of Vermont. They have a similar festival except they use Paprika and Oregano before placing Flat Landers in the pot. I did explain the Franklin county Field days with truck pulls, tractor parades and yours truly wondering what the chickens would look like fried.

The part that makes NYC fun is that we respect each others cultures without getting too uptight. I was in a friends African American at a coworkers baby's father funeral when a group of mimes came out. I loathe mimes with a passion as a stupid form of clowning. Another coworker turned to me and I said if you think I am doing that forget it. My coworker had a good laugh.

I do enjoy the Chinese New Year and hearing the locals say Stupid Tourists.

The only festival I refuse to go near is when Commies celebrate May Day. Perhaps, the Tea Party crowd should hold an event in the heart of the madness in Union Square.

I should have told them about the Northern Vermont ritual called Running with the Drunks


Ducky's here said...

Dear Beak,

Once again I have to seek your advice in order to deal with problems in the arts in Boston.

A recent concert featured the performance of Aaron Copland's "Duo for Flute and Piano". A beautiful piece which contains references to "Appalachian Spring" and "Billy the Kid" but should we allow the works of composers who had far left political affinity and at one time supported the Communist Party candidate?

I think it's shocking and I want to know how the performance programs can be cleansed of this commie crap. What's next, people claiming that this lousy commie was sincerely Jewish?

You can see where this leads Beak. Performance of these left wing works must stop but I have been powerless. What do you recommend?

beakerkin said...


The fact that an artist once supported Communism means they were a moron. The truth is beyond their craft artists are frequently imbeciles.

Communists are not Jews in any description.

CM said...


So many Cultures in N.Y. to partake of and enjoy, just for the enjoyment, sounds like fun. Lawton has an International Festival, but its always the same time as our Comanche Nation Fair! I think this year our Fair date was moved because of this, maybe I can enjoy the Enternational Festival as well as our own Comanche Fair!

What is a May festival and why is it so offensive, besides the communists?

I remember as youngsters we did a May Pole with colored streamers, if it was wrong I didn't and still don't know.... what is wrong? I could be called a Communist and don't know the first thing about being one!

Just a tad education after the facts..please?


beakerkin said...

May Day is usually a day Communist come out in force in NYC. The celebrations with the May Pole are not what I was describing.

NYC has a group of hard core dedicated communists that congregate in Union Square. Few communists will come out openly and state what they are and many hide behind other labels.

Anonymous said...

CM, you're not a Communist! You're you, blessed with being born into a powerful and intriguing community that has survived since time immemorial (and continues to against enormous odds).

While he's personally mostly a freak, Ward "I'm an asshole" Churchill edited a small book entitled "Marxism and Native Americans." It's worth reading, despite the editor, who was more rational in the early 80's. In it, you'll see that the Native contributors opt not to sympathize entirely with Marxists or Capitalists.

From their standpoint, both are simply two sides of the same Western ideological coin. Both need Native peoples' lands, bottom line. Neither side ultimately respects any mention of Native sovereignty or the full ramifications behind the various treaty obligations on behalf of ALL federal governments towards their Native inhabitants.

Tribes have their own take on economics and government, ones that cannot always be neatly quarantined into the neat and tidy categories of capitalist or socialist (communist?).

Beak and Ducky are most definitely good guys in "real" life. Beak is kind enough to allow our posts here, for instance. However, and however convenient it may be, dividing the world along communist and capitalist lines is not an accurate measure of world history.

I've only been to New York City once (I'm a "secret" Yankee fan from back when Don Mattingly was their first baseman). I enjoyed my stay but couldn't live there. It's definitely a different ethos and a little too fast-paced for me, but I respect how so many people are able to coexist, mostly peacefully.


The_Editrix said...

CM, I can't speak for you Americans, but in Germany and in some other European countries the 1st of May was chosen by the labour movement (which used to be then by no means all or even predominantly Communist) as their holiday (Labour Day). Here is a picture of a May Pole rising in Bavaria, which has a long tradition there. I am sure the people in the picture would be pretty miffed if one'd tell them that they are Communists. ;-)

CM said...


Thank you for your compliments.

You know as bad as Churchill is, he knows the Indians plight, he understood while taking advantage, yeagley never understood, just took advantage. People don't understand the Indians, its best to do what we have always done, just keep to ourselves and become relics to the nons.

How anyone could believe Daffy Dusty Dickens though baffles me.

I will look for the book Churchhill can't be any worse than yeagley. I will NEVER buy one of yeagleys', wouldn't accept it if someone gave it to me free! He overates himself saying Dr. Winkleman was interested in his superior abilities, but a lady at the Comanche College didn't want him. I know who he is talking about and I do know why she can't stand him. I will see Dr. Winkleman again and when I do I will get the truth. For a Christian yeagly lies and braggs and puts down the Indians any time he can. I guess he feels like a big man in doing so.

I feel like the Reservations like the Siouxs' are targets for the Communist, they are so deprived of any help, and their College degreed ones give up and usually fall for the easy money and the Communist will eventually get to their lands, its a sad thing to watch. They have to help one else is willing to, and the communist know this. As far as I know they are the only Rez in danger of this, all the others take pride in their Traditions and People and Land.

I know I have overstepped when it comes to yeagley and betty ann here and I promise to not mention them again....Promise


Cateran said...

Ray said...However, and however convenient it may be, dividing the world along communist and capitalist lines is not an accurate measure of world history.

Well said, Ray. And I might add that dividing things between communist and capitalist isn't an accurate measure of world politics either. In honesty, I think it's a waste of time viewing American politics in that manner too. Mind you, I wouldn't be all that surprised if your two major political parties would love it if every voter believed that sort of thing.