Monday, March 29, 2010

Muslims exempted from Obama Care

I have to think that this is a joke. However, Sharia does prohibit insurance in most standard interpretations. Oddly, historically Islam gained many of its converts via similar avoidance of taxes.

I was thinking I could call myself Mustafa Salami Baloney of the couch potato sect of the faith.
We believe that the best place to practice the faith is on our sacred couch with any sporting event other than figure skating or gymnastics which are haram. As alcohol is forbidden we will serve carbonated beverages and Zionist National Cold Cuts with NY Deli Mustard. Infidel communists will be served Jim Jones Koolaide. They must pay members of the faith Zhakhat or
bring Mountain Dew or get wedgies.

Our Weekday sermons shall be led by Ali Limbali followed by Shah Hamurabi and Mahmoud Levant. Of course the morning shall be dedicated to readings of Ibn Beakerkin and Beamish.

Of course members of the Couch Potato Sect would probably earn some sort of Fatwa for blasphemy. However, exempting people from a major expense on the basis of their faith would call for some form of Civil Disobedience. Even Jihadis in their wildest dreams could not come up with a better tool to seek converts than the Obama administration if this is true.

Somehow, I think that this story combines some elements of truth and exaggeration.

Ibn Beakerkin


Always On Watch said...

See the fatwah about insurance here.

Rufus T. Firefly, Esq. said...

Beakerkin opined,"I was thinking I could call myself Mustarda Salami Alibabalooney of the couch potato sex faith." (I may have paraphrased that a bit.)

I have no problem with you calling yourself that or anything else for that matter. Kindly do. Now that that's settled, would you kindly mind if I called myself Rufus T. Firefly? Don't answer that! What do you think this is, some kind of survey or something?

Again, I reiterate. Sonia gives a whole new meaning to the concept of Home Schooling.

Ducky's here said...

Coulter is unique and original in her identification of the social status of the traitors. In this context, any particular emphasis on the Jewish element in American Communism pales in comparison.


How do you like that. GayEagle's at it again.

The_Editrix said...

What is your point, Duck? (Seriously asking, not taunting!) Here is the quote in its context:

"It is important to note that this is a recurring point of emphasis in Coulter’s writing. The traitors of America are in fact the sons of the Pilgrims, the descendents of the fathers. I’ve identified it as some sociological Oedipal Complex manifestation. It is simply too enormously important an observation to leave unnoticed. Coulter is unique and original in her identification of the social status of the traitors. In this context, any particular emphasis on the “Jewish” element in American Communism pales in comparison. Coulter continues:"

"They all liked one another, these Anglophile blue bloods. They went to Yale, played cricket, became Rhodes scholars, wrestled in the mud together at the Skull and Bones society, and went to parties where Dean Acheson was invariably a guest. They were well-born and looked good in dinner jackets. Protecting traitors was part of the bonhomie of the ruling class. It was as if the WASPs had developed some XXY chromosome that led to overt treason."

"Then, in a moment of rare racial candor (!) Coulter confesses:"

"They had ruled magnificently for many years, but their blood had gotten thin. Angry ethnics like Joe McCarthy made much better Americans.

What the idiot puts in Coulter's mouth is an apologetic of the Jews. (Not the Communist Jews, the liberal WASPs are the real traitors.) I don't think that was Coulter's intention. What this spiteful hag DOES intend is to get at the American aristocracy, which is typical for little people and that is one of the reasons why Yeagley falls for it hook line and sinker. She tries to sell herself as coming from an upper middle background, but I'd place her two steps on the social ladder below. The obscene greed of that woman speaks for lower middle class origins as well. Her blatherings are full of petty bourgeois envy of the closed circles and the privileges (played cricket and looked good in dinner jackets) of the WASP class.

But back to our Violent Hummingbird. I don't believe for a second that Coulters remark was about race. She is much too intelligent to bother with race. It was another snide remark about "old families" who've become tired, bloodless, outstayed their usefulness. But spray B-L-O-O-D with aerosol paint on a wall and this creep will start wanking over "race".

Just my two Eurocents and I may be wrong.

beakerkin said...


Commies are not Jews or Americans. They are members of a traitorous death cult. Their biological ties are irrelevant to their desire to kill and create hell on earth.

There were many non Jewish traitors like Hiss, Ayers and the Berrigan clowns. These people are traitors and deserve to be denaturalized and deported to North Korea.