Monday, March 22, 2010

A Product of NYC

People forget that although I am a member of the GOP, I am a NYC Republican. While I am a patriot and a genuine Cold Warrior I am a social liberal. In essence the traditional liberals who took the Cold War seriously left the Democratic party after it was infiltrated by Commie stooge Michael

The fuss over the lack of attire of Sonia is something I take for granted. In New York City there are people from every nation, religion with varied interests and sexual proclivities. In a normal life one would expect to literally see and hear everything.

The initial comment about Sonia was from Mark Winters. Bad Eagle is pretty much a ghost town consisting of someone named Steve, Ray Figgon and Dr Yeagley. The fare is pretty boring and other than an odd post by Amil there is nothing there of note. The Doctor's mindless obsession with Blacks and Batty Ann's rabies act have killed what was a great community. Bad Eagle is now officially boring.

Personally, I am libertarian when it comes to dress. If you want to wear a Bhurkha than do so and remain at home. I will not sacrafice public safety for your views. If you want to drive a car or
get a passport than you have to play by the rules. As for Winters jibes at Schwartz, he has pointed out this is a fad and is more of a trend like wearing a Red Beret and pretending you are
Che, Curtis Sliwa or the Play Dough kid.

As for Nudism if people want to do it at home no problem. In public there are those who are not
mature enough to handle it. I remember taking the beloved Sprite to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and trying to nurture her love of fine art. As all little girls love the notion of being princesses I took her to the section of the museum where the castle front and Christmas decorations were. Even though I go to this museum dozens of times in a decade I had forgotten that we would pass by the Greek sculpture area. I was not there long before the Sprite cried out
"They are naked at the statues". I was mortified and laughing at the reaction of a six year old and sat at the nearest bench. We had a discussion of different cultures and that different cultures viewed Art and the human body differently. The Greeks viewed the body itself as an art form and their art was a reflection of that. She asked if she could draw this stuff. I told her that she is Guyanese and that it is not reflective of her culture or appropriate for young children.

In essence the conversation with Winters was similar. Being a man with ahem "standard" proclivities I appreciate the female form as a work of art. That being said I also am versed in the arts and can readily differentiate art from pornography. While I do have this cultural mindset I sometimes forget that others lack the depth and maturity to handle this.

CM was largely correct in saying boys will be boys.

What is amazing is that politically I am more similar to Sonia than to the Editrix. Sonia like myself is a Cold Warrior and her cure for Communism is letting its adherents live under it. She views militant Islam and its over bearing imposed morality as attempting to subtract from our traditional liberties such as freedom of expression. The Editrix sees militant Islam in a different
light as trying to impose their way of life upon us. There is certainly truth to both views and I grasp the seriousness.

Left out of the mix is something that is personal. However at a certain point the topic of normal religious views needs to be addressed. A traditional religion cherishes life and the thought of killing people going to work gratuitously is not religion as we know the term. I am familiar with the wonderful expressions of community support within the Judeo Christian framework. I am also becoming more familiar with similar efforts in the local Hindu community. When I see blood shed gratuitously for marketing purposes I see the hand of Marx, Trotsky, Robespierre among other nasty sorts. I do grasp that Islam does have a history of violence that predates all of the above. When we discuss this history and Jim Crow elements it is usually a Marxist mendicant who turns history and logic on its head and pretends Islamo Jim Crow, colonialism and slavery are somehow less odious than their Western versions. One does not rationalize the abuse of others by saying crimes committed elsewhere were worse.

Sonia and the Editrix are valued friends. I value them for their brilliance and thought provoking
writing. I will add that many people one would not expect to be fans of Sonia have spent some time there. The great Mr Beamish, Mustang, American Crusader and Steve Harkonen are all people who have left here and paid semi regular visits. As a NYC type we love our friends for who they are and wouldn't change a thing about them. Many times for reasons I can not fathom I have found myself defending CM, Justin and even my friendship with the Editrix. I love my friends as they are and wouldn't change a thing about them.

Mark Winters if you can read this you need to get more hip. Not all nudity is pornography and at a certain point Sonia is correct about artistic freedom and Capitalism. If all you see is nudity when you visit her site you are missing the point or thinking with the wrong head.


Always On Watch said...

One of our former neighbors, a retired police officer, was a nudist -- at home and at nude beaches.

We knew to phone first before venturing over to his house.

beakerkin said...


In certain respects it is just not practical.

Where does one put their keys and cell phone when they leave the house.
Oddly even nudists would likely need a purse. As for how men would have to handle this I would rather not know.

sonia said...

Not all nudity is pornography

True, but on my site, you can find both...

The_Editrix said...

Beak, I think I said it in a comment to a different entry as well. If you think that my disapproval of Sonia has anything to do with nudity, think again. But I seriously think we oughtn't to thematise it here. I am sure Sonia will be able to handle any antagonism very well at her own blog.

That said, I can only advise you again not to let this place being hijacked by a troll. I only got rid of "Mark Winters" after I'd completely banned his comments. He will take any recognition, which includes publishing his comments, as an invitation to something worse.

Ducky's here said...

I remember when my dad took me down to the Catholic Worker house to meet Michael Harrington.

I wish we had more like him, my dad and Harrington.

Good thing you aren't in Florence Beak. All that Michelangelo and Donatello would freak you out. Although I never did get to the root of the question of why both chose David as an example of the perfect form.
I'm always struck by how effeminate is Donatello's conception.

Ducky's here said...

"Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers who said that the men had attacked one of their comrades with pitchforks at a checkpoint outside Nablus. The unrest was prompted by Palestinian anger at restrictions on access to farmland which is close to an Israeli settlement, near the village of Iraq Burin.

This followed the funerals of two other Palestinians, Mohammed Kadus, 17, and his cousin, Osayed, shot dead by Israeli troops confronting stone-throwing Palestinian youths on Saturday. Israeli commanders said that their troops had used rubber bullets to quell riots."


You must be so proud, Beak. Me, I'm a little embarrassed that out welfare checks are going to these punks so they can kill kids.

troutsky said...

Thanks, this is extremely...good.

CM said...

Well, I did not see a fuss over Sonias' attire or lack thereof I just thought marks' mentor could use a boost or lift or whatever.

I think Sonia is very pretty and in fantastic shape for having two children, she should be proud of her body, besides marks' mentor has a helluva bodyguard, if you know who I mean!

I don't go looking for nudity, but in good taste like posing standing up is fine for a woman. Though I loved my husband, I just don't like looking at mens' my baby Grandson, I change his diapers everyday and he is cute as a bug, but he is a baby. I think a grown should keep his grown thang or thangs covered!

beakerkin said...


I have stated this before when you throw rocks at people carrying guns you deserve to die. I say this about Israel and any other place.

If commies in the USA pelt police with rocks they deserve to be shot.
Peaceful protest does not include throwing rocks.

Officers should mount commies like
hunting trophies. I got a one point
canibas smoking Bolshevik in a tie die shirt. As commies are so prone to drug addiction they probably will not even need taxidermy.

We can place all the hooligans in the tomb of Marxist idiocy in Union Square and display them like low rent Lenins. I will be marketing souvenirs like the folks in F Troop.

beamish said...

Sonia's back?

I thought she disappeared.

I read her blog for the articles. ;)