Saturday, March 06, 2010

Surprise another criminal is a 9-11 Truther

Long term readers of this blog know that we have a very low opinion of 9-11 Truthers.
Most of them are Communists or Nazis with large doses of mental illness. Thus it comes as no surprise that the Pentagon and Holocaust Museum shooters are Truthers. This sentiment that usually a secret cabal of Jooooos is part of a larger form of mental illness.

I am slightly amused that communists whose whole history is conspiracy cabals and deception would project their criminal history on anyone else.


beamish said...

Leftism atrophies a brain.

Brooke said...

No shock what kind of 'affiliations' the shooter has.

Troofers are nuts, and take it out on others.

Justin said...

Hey Beak,

This is off topic but, truthers are such losers its pathetic. Would like to get your take on this.

"Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be having a traditional Christian wedding but are planning a Jewish wedding since her future husband, Marc Mexvinsky is Jewish." :)

beakerkin said...


It doesn't surprise me as the religion of the Clintons was largely
for show. The world that Chelsea inhabits is very Jewish.

Always On Watch said...

9/11 Truthers are unhinged.

Thank God that most of them don't do something similar to what Bedell did. I say this because my neighbor's adult son is a Truther. Sheesh. All that expensive education shot to shit.