Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We are not surprised by the Moscow Subway attacks. We have an army of people who apologize and make excuses for this type of behavior. The truth is Muslims are more prone to oppress others than be oppressed. Do we see Tibetans, Coptic Christians or residents of Cuba behave like this? Even Muslims themselves do not rationalize this type of behavior. The war on terror starts with their leftist enablers at home.

The mania about militias is out of control. I am glad the Obama administration caught some knuckleheads that were more industrious than their commie counterparts and talked about killing cops. Then again we have terrorists in higher ed who were quite friendly with Obama. Lets see we have a group of people screaming about revolution and venerating cop killers like Joanne Chesimard and Mummia. Sorry, but the hypocrisy of an administration who sees nothing wrong with Bil Ayers is mind boggling.

My passport should arrive in a few weeks and then it is off to Guyana in the fall. I will enjoy some time in the rain forest. I will see about mobile posting from the forest. I may apply to cross into Suriname. I will be accompanied by locals and some coworkers and it promises to be fun. There are plenty of sites to see and I have a few friends with family there. Maybe I will grab a fedora and the whip and look for commies on the border of Hugo's crack empire. I might go try my hand at some local fishing in the rivers. There are huge fresh water turtles in the local rivers.
One of my thrills from my trip to GA was seeing Aligator Snapping Turtles and huge softshelled turtles in their natural habitat. I do not think we will be anywhere near an area where I can see
fresh water stingrays or the huge six water fresh water fish of the arapimus family.

On the CD player I still have what is kindly referred to as Beach Bum music. I enjoy the Ventures and some of classic instrumentals from the 60's like Miserlou, Out of Limits, Because they Were Young and the Beatnik Fly.

I will be spending some time with the beloved Rav Roov and his family of Beaker kids. I hate Passover and can't wait for it to be over. I will be taking another trip with the Guyanese community to NJ. We raise money for the local house of worship and have a great time. Maybe, in May I can talk Drummaster into letting have my car and I will visit Bushkill Falls or head to the Finger Lakes. I would like to see Watkins Glenn, the Oriskany Battle field and Fort Stanwix.
I made a trip to Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry in my days in VT. I would like to see the Northeast Kingdom again.

I am amazed at the warped perception of Tea Party events by self proclaimed America experts
at Harry's Place. It is fairly obvious that the authors of the post never attended an event and their knowledge is limited to the NYT a couple of trips to NYC and LA and a few readings of left wing blogs. I never saw any guns at a Tea Party event except those of local law enforcement officers. The amount of people arrested at such events if very low and meaningless in any comparison to so called Peace protests.

Today's rant is about unemployed types at such events. Unfortunately, in the age of Obama this is a real problem. However, the dolts in the UK fail to grasp that the protesters want government to focus on job creation, not mindless attempts to nationalize health care. Furthermore, I have yet to see a similar depiction of unemployed Peace protesters. Few Tea Party types are like the Folks at Code Pinko, UPJ and ANSWER and are professional activists with no outside source of income. Moreover, the media seldom if ever mentions the so called
"peace protests" are communist led and organized. The Truthers, Jew Obsessed types and arrests at the peace protests are seldom discussed in the NYT.

I lived in VT for three years and would not describe myself as an expert on Vermont. I am curious how folks in the UK proclaim themselves expert on American politics and our local talk radio shows without similar exposure to the events in question. A few trips to LA, NYC and reading some articles in the NYT and Salon does not qualify one as an expert on anything American.

The ugly American has been replaced by the obnoxious Euro. The obnoxious Euro is an expert on everything and thinks they are the moral center of the planet.

FYI When I visit Guyana I will be polite and not comment about local traditions or politics. A good visitor does not abuse the hospitality of the nation he visits. I would remind Euros visiting the USA to follow the example of the Japanese tourists who visit and are beloved and polite.
Sorry, but I do not seek to emulate the EU. America has its own traditions and culture. If I get around to visiting I would also show more class than the Euros who visit America. I will not offer
any opinions on local subjects and will be polite at all times.


The_Editrix said...

"If I get around to visiting I would also show more class than the Euros who visit America."

You're joking, right? Do you have ANY idea how Americans behave in Europe? Not ALL Americans, of course, as well as not ALL Europens are behaving badly abroad, but those don't catch anybody's eye.

What you are describing is a matter of CLASS, not of geography or ethnicity.

Ducky's here said...

Remember, Beak, the bombers were probably Ingush. These people suffered a genocide more comprehensive than the Jews. They lost aver 70% of their population.

Now they want their homeland back and they want the Russian rulers out. Terrorism is one of the means they use, just as the Jews did in Palestine.

The_Editrix said...

Ducky, you are not well informed. Terrorists don't warn their targets first, as the Jews did with the Brits before they blew up the King David Hotel. The Brits in their arrogance ("We don't take orders from Jews!") brought it upon themselves.

Ducky's here said...

Editrix, if you think Irgun and the Stern Gang were nothing but the King David Hotel then you probably shouldn't get your history from "Exodus" (lousy film).

Ducky's here said...

ouch, ouch, the editrix is throwing around the anti-semite label.

Why is it that every 85 I.Q. jackie waiting around for the end times trying to defend the literal interpretation of the tribal texts of a bunch of goat herders needs to get snippy every time a word is said against Israel?

beakerkin said...


Remind me of when the Jews rounded up school kids or tossed senior citizens in wheel chairs off cruise ships. Obviously history and rational analysis of events is not your strong suit.

The_Editrix said...

Ducky, Exodus (the book) is better information than the Hamas Charter, which is obviously where YOU get your information from.

Btw, the film wasn't lousy. It was abysmal. (The book isn't anything to write home about either.)

beakerkin said...

Ducky gets his moronic views from Fanon.

Exodus was OK. QB7 stunk. Mila 18 was okay. The best of Uris is the Haj, but you will likely get hit with a lightning bolt for reading it openly in this day and age.

The_Editrix said...

"Exodus was OK. QB7 stunk. Mila 18 was okay."

I agree. I haven't read The Haj. His book about Ireland stunk as well.

The_Editrix said...

"Remember, Beak, the bombers were probably Ingush. These people suffered a genocide more comprehensive than the Jews. They lost aver 70% of their population."

Duck, I won't comment on your obsession with Jews and relativising the Holocaust at every possible (and impossible) occasion. I won't comment either on the factuality of the 70% figure because it is beside the point. However, tell me why the Poles, who suffered a similar faith, didn't resort to terrorism, neither against the Russians nor against the Germans. Believe me, it is not lack of guts. The gallantry of the Polish people is legendary. But then, maybe you HAVE to be a coward to be a terrorist.

beamish said...

As many times as Americans have gone to war in Europe to get the uncivilizable barbarians to stop fighting each other (there's been a war in Europe every 20 years since Philip of Macedonia, American military units have fought in at least six of them you'd think European exposure to Americans would rub off, and end the trend of Europe being the most backward and warlike continent on our planet.

It's not too much to ask those Europeans wishing to learn about Western Civilization to learn the English language spoken by its inventors.

The Ugly American said...

I don't know about you, but I'm dying to get to a Westphalian Oktoberfest to drink some Czech bear.

beakerkin said...

I want to point out that the Editrix
is correct in her response to the Duck. Moreover, his comments about the percentage of Jews who died in the Holocaust reveals his typical idiocy. The percentage of Jews killed in many places notably Poland does exceed 70%.

The Duck as a communist is likely repeating idiocy from other commies.Interestingly he focuses on a Communist crime to bash Jooos.
Did the Isrealis place Muslims on cattle cars to Siberia to die.

This actual idea of Commies being the savior of Muslims is comedic given any real look at their history.

At a certain point Muslims themselves are guilty of being so maniacally focused on Israel that all of this persecution was ignored.

Mark Winters

I would appreciate if you would limit your jokes to names of people who do not exist. Making false posts is not funny.

Cateran said...

beakerkin said...I would appreciate if you would limit your jokes to names of people who do not exist. Making false posts is not funny.

Och, now that's a little harsh isn't it, Beak? After all, weren't you just saying that Mark was both a pal of yours and someone you credited as one of the most intellectual members of Yeagley's cult?

No need to answer, Beak, I was just salting the wound.

beakerkin said...


I always got along with Winters and consider him a friend. However, impersonating friends and people that do post here is just not funny.

I apologized to Yeagley in a private mail for telling him to drop dead.No matter how disgusting his views were that was uncalled for. Yeagley is too stupid and inane to hate. His warped views are
not patriotic.

The_Editrix said...

"The percentage of Jews killed in many places notably Poland does exceed 70%."

You got me wrong, Beak. I was talking about ethnic Poles, not Polish Jews. Otherwise my response wouldn't make sense.

Of course the percentage of Polish Jews killed is closer to 100%.

beakerkin said...

The official number of Polish Jews
is generally quoted as 3 million.
The official tally is listed as 90% so you are correct. The numbers of Jews Killed in many countries does exceed 70%.

Where the Duck missed this as he spins a myth is unknown.

The_Editrix said...

For Heaven's sake, Beak! Obviously, my entire point went over your head.

This was about (non-Jewish) people who retaliate upon an oppressor. The Duck excuses the recent Moscow terrorism with the fact that the Ingush (possible perpetrators of the terrorist attack) have been treated badly by the Russians and I asked why the Poles (ethnic Poles, not Polish Jews) have never answered back to their oppressors by terrorism, neither to the Germans, nor to the Russians and I said that that was not because of lack of guts. Just read it again.

beakerkin said...


Your point was the point of the original post. There are plenty of oppressed people on the planet who do not go around killing people. Tibetians, Cubans and members of Christian groups living under Islam.For the record Muslim governments like Commie approved Syria,Iran and our friends the Saudis oppress more Muslims than anyone else.

My point was with the Duck making a mockery of a widely known number.