Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trotsky Mendicant and Welfare Recipient

Commies are very quick to say but .... the Czar to every one of their crimes. This is similar to how they are still blaming Batista for the depravity and crimes against humanity in Cuba today.

A look at the early life of so called revolutionary icon shows that he was a pampered brat in the mode of Bill Ayers. Far from being Jewish he was actually educated in Lutheran schools. His parents were assimilated and not practicing Jews in any definition. Commies frequently make contradicting claims they claim there is no ethnic component to Judaism and it is a mere religion
when convenient. They historically have practiced the reverse and labeled Jews a nationality on their own ID documents. This is a fact Communist loon Shlomo Sand conveniently omits in his diatribes about Israeli ID.

The big bad Czar catches Trotsky committing treason and sentences him to a stint in Siberia. He is allowed to marry his fellow traitor whom he courts while bullying her. He is given welfare by the Czar and fails as a bookkeeper. The brutal Czar allows him to publish some articles under a pseudonym in a Siberian paper. Meanwhile this attracts the attention of Death Cultists in Western Europe. They invite the imbecile Trotsky to write for them abroad. Unlike the Czar the commies did not make provisions for his wife and two daughters who are left behind in Siberia
on welfare.

Trotsky then takes the family funds and escapes to the West. He bad mouths those that help him along the way. He frequently hits the people along the way up for money. A typical example is going from a train station in a cab and stating I am Leon Trotsky and broke pay my cab fare.
He then finds his way to Lenin's side where he finds a new woman. He is careful to warn the woman he left on welfare with two daughters in Siberia "not to get mixed up with the Jewish Bund or Zionists".

Robert Service paints a wonderful picture of Trotsky who thus far is a worse house guest than Kato Kaelin and a worse husband than John Edwards. In short thus far he could write well albeit filled with self serving lapses and omissions and got good grades. I suppose a biographer could similarly say about a mass murderer like Pol Pot "he could make a great pot of coffee but..."

As we have said before Communists are not Jews, Americans or anything else. They are hard core death cultists who are far more fundamentalist in their beliefs than the folks at the 700 club. They are actually more bigoted than the racial power kooks they mock and frequently align with them when they are non-white.


Ducky's here said...

A look at the early life of so called revolutionary icon shows that he was a pampered brat in the mode of Bill Ayers. Far from being Jewish he was actually educated in Lutheran schools.


Why do you jump to a statement on his religion? First thing that comes up, divide the world into Jew or non-Jew with you making the decision.

Does some exceptionalism accrue to being Jewish in your world view?

The Pagan Temple said...

Jews are pretty exceptional, actually, as a group, minus individuals. Jews are a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of its individual parts. How many people have there been whose identity comprise a culture, and ethnicity, and a religion, all rolled into one, and have managed to remain a cohesive factor in world affairs, even without a homeland for going on two thousand years.

If that's not exceptional, I don't know what is. Most other cultures and people without a homeland would have been absorbed within two or three hundred years. Look at the Irish in America. Sure, there is an awareness of their Irish heritage, but how many of them are genuinely Irish in their culture and outlook. The influence is there, yes, but it is not an overriding way of life. Most people who express pride in their heritage don't even know what they are feeling proud of.

I think that's probably why so many people harbor such resentment towards them, precisely because they have remained so strong and cohesive, and haven't allowed their history and culture to be swallowed up. I say good for them.

Of course, many of the same people that will deride them will talk out of both sides of their mouth when it comes to other cultures, and the wisdom of "cultural diversity".