Saturday, March 20, 2010

The UK has become a joke George Galloway Sues a Blogger

I want to point out that the insane libel laws are used by the far left to silence their critics. In the United States a politician would be flayed alive by the media for suing and attempting to silence their critics. Galloway is a public figure and it is really hard to damage a reputation that belongs in the sewer.

The libel laws of the UK have become a joke. Moreover, as the David Irving trial has shown books that are hardly available in the UK are the subject of lawsuits. Perhaps Alan Dershowitz can place an end to this by suing the UK favorite antisemite and Maoist Norman Finkelstein for claims he does not write his own books in the UK.

Of course Galloway should be heckled for many reasons. The whiny pissant seems to think the Mossad is targeting him for assassination. The Israelis have better things to do with their time than to deal with Boy George of the lazy chair brigade. Any comparison of Boy George and the lazy one is an insult to Boy George.

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