Monday, March 08, 2010

Question from the Editrix

The truth is that most Socialist fail to step away from the Communists and it is largely a shell game. An example of this duplicity is in the United States Michael Harrington pretended he was breaking new ground. In reality he could not even tell the truth about the treason of the Rosenbergs.

This does not mean that labor types are evil. We do respect Jams ODonnel even though we disagree with him. He is not an apologist for Hugo or plays rationalization with the very real crimes of communists.

The truth is that the term Socialist or Green is frequently a smoke screen. The differences were largely cosmetic as Harrington was a craven advocate for the Sandanistas. Largely, his opposition was a cosmetic way to infiltrate the Democratic Party. The species known as the Cold War liberal is extinct and has been replaced with Rudy/McCain types.

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