Monday, September 05, 2016


Why does the idiotic Obama need to involve himself in every stupid racial idiocy. Our joke of a President put himself in the Kapernick stupidity. Obama like Kapernick is biracial. Oddly you will frequently see biricial tupes being more vocal with the left wing dogma. The reason for that is lefties raise these odd cases to icons. Lani Guineer is another example.

Kapernick is a well compensated athlete and the sporting event is not the place for this political garbage. This divisive behavior is an unnecessary diatraction on a marginal team. His talent has always been a sick joke. He has a strong arm and fast legs with a Woolworth brain. He isn't a leader and this behavior shows exactly why one should not let him run anything.

A Quarterback is a leader. There is zero evidence Kapernick has ever led anyone. Despite all of the romance of the cannon arm one can point to Jeff Georges or a Jay Cutler who couldn't lead. There is no reason to compare him to a legendary leader like a Staubach or Peyton Manning. It is shocking that teams forget this when they invest in a Jamarcus Russell.

Now there are some of you that talk about a drug addicted White QB. Now that was a character risk. Kapernick has no leadership ability. He is a waste of time and should be cut.

Obama similarly has no leadership ability.He was elected on mythology and does not belong in any elected office. The next President will have to deal with Obamacare and Iran.

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Mike's America said...

The answer to the question in your first sentence is that Obama is a racist. He hates whites.