Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Enemy is Us

My basic criticism of Collin Kapermick was million dollar legs, million dollar arm with a Woolworth brain. His recent behavior when coming off an injury has made that joke spot on. There are plenty of legitimate ways to protest without inflaming the nation. Had he spoken out about a specific case none of this happens. Despite the idiocy at ESPN, the NFL is a middle American game. Bashing the USA is not a way for a marginal talent to endear himself. At this point, I would cut him and spare a lousy team headaches. How does Jerry Jones who needs a QB call himself Americas team with this headache. Maybe the Vikings give him a chance.

Anthony Weiner is a tragic figure. He behaved stupidly, but his behavior is angelic by clintoniam standards. There was never any genuine sex and the talk was tame. Supposedly, the Clintons are outraged. This is the biggest bunch of bs coming from that crew. Ask NYC residents if they would vote for Wiener over DiBlassio.

I want to contrast the matter de Wiener with the serial ethical gaffes and stupid comments of Charlie Rangel. Did he pretend he was a Native American to get a job he was unqualified for. Did his wife run a joke of a college where graduates earned less than HS dropouts or spend time on a Stalinist commune.

Okay Weiner did plenty of stupid stuff. He is an angel compared to his peers.

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