Monday, August 29, 2016

RIP Gene Wilder

I really like his work from the zany films with Richard Pryor to the Mel Brooks collaborations. He made the underrated Frisco Kid. It would have been fun to see John Wayne in it. Instead we got Harrison Ford in an early role. Surprisingly Willy Wonka was not a box office hit but became bigger via tv viewings. That film should have never been remade. Sadly Alzhiemers robbed us of his wit in his later years.

It is sad that Richard Pryor and he made only four films together. If they had a larger body of work they might be in the same conversation as Martin and Lewis. Richard Pryor was in declining health. Allegedly Trading Places was written for Pryor and Wilder.

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Warren said...

I especially liked "Young Frankenstein". Probably my favorite comedy.