Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Ponzi Model crumbles

Far lefties cling to the myth that Sweden is Valhala. The reality is that the huge social welfare state comes with a crushing tax burden of 66%. Imagine working until the end of August just to pay taxes. This tax bill is amazing because Swedes pay almost nothing for defense. In real terms defense from whom is a better question.

Much of the Eurotrash arrogant rhetoric has been debunked. Europeans would come to NYC and give a leacture about Harlem and the South Bronx. However, the problems of the inner cities was always about jobs and services. The seperatist movement in the black comunity is small and somewhat larger in the Mexican community.

Europe clings to the myth that they can do a better job of assimilation than the USA.
Their immigrants want to live under seperate sharia laws and police themselves. Crime is increasing and riots are fairly common. The European riots have zero to do with Israel or the United States. They do reflect the inability of an elitist far left society to create jobs. The idiotic notion of the far left is that by attempting to co-opt the Hitlerian type of anti-semitic rhetoric advocated by Norman Finkelstein or obsessions about zionisms Muslims will identify with them. The reality is that the left is embracing a theocracy replette with Jim Crow elements. More to the point Christians are fleeing the middle east.

The failure of the Europeans to create jobs and growth is fostering the problem. People who work and own their own property do not riot. The Europeans are faced with
rising crime that does have an ethnic component. As in America the component may have more of a connection to class.

Oddly Turkey may fare better in the long run than Sweden or France. Turkey has an Army that provides a guarantee of secularism. The situation reminds one of Chile where Commies took an electoral victory with 35% of the vote as a mandate to create a second Cuba. The Army was not going to sit around and wait for Katayn style massacres and corrected the situation. Of course Muslim radicals can simply emigrate to Sweden or France to live under local sharia. The notion of going to Pakistan is absurd as they do not provide welfare.

One of the amazing things is how commies become fiscal conservatives only when defense and aid to Israel are involved. There seems to be no limits to their largess
on any other matters. College professors working in the teens with tenured jobs in University gulags making six figures are subsidized by the taxpayer. Pay 15 dollars to hear Noam Chimpanzee talk, pay thirty for his speeches in book or CD form and maybe he will market his image on toilet paper next. There is something obscene about the creation of a cottage industry with a minor fortune lecturing the idiotic sheeple about Marx. Chomsky is the poster boy for the corruption of the US university

Oddly my current assignment has me reviewing transcripts from arount the world. It is amazing but one sees almost no political garbage in an Iranian degree. Students have two classes on Islam and go to their major. One can compare the transcripts of IIT and MIT in the same majors and the IIT students are better prepared. How is it that IIT can develop fine professionals without Marx, Menchu, Marcuse and idiotic Social science courses that have become job programs for communists?

We also witnessed the Communist organization of the illegal alien protests. Police should have immediately started round ups. The Communists may be arrested for the advocacy of law breaking. Moreover participants in Communist protests can be barred under current law. Under law members of Communist parties may be barred. More to the point the commies should be placed with violent criminals. The notion of Civil disobedience requires jail time for law breaking and what better way to demonstrate
your fealty to Marx than becoming a prison bitch and getting beaten or killed in the name of Marx.

The myth of the Socialist Ponzi scheeme is dying as it can not compette. The growth required to fund these endless saftey nets isn't there. Moreover immigration is stretching the systems to the limits. Cities are burning as the myth of Eurosocialism crumbles. Normal societies would find law and order types and perhaps France will elect Sarkozy in a vain attempt to buy time. Decades of socialist sloth have created sheeple who are led to the slaughter.

One can see the writings of Fjordman or Bruce Bawer witnessing the Weimar type debacle festering. The notion of telling immigrants to obey laws, respect others and find a job is out moded. The new version of we owe you a welfare check and your problems are all due to Americans and Zionists is failing. Evem in laid back Vermont this type of behavior would result in rioters havong to be protected by police. More to the point the police know who is whom and woldn't allow a situation to develop.
A perfect example was a local cop who saw a pregnant woman in a bar drinking. He politely told the woman she needed a lift home and gave the woman a ride home. I guess that doesn't show up in a newspaper but that is an example of community policing.

Communists cling to the most Eurocentric of fantasies while railing about Western Civ. The reality is that many of us are mullti ethnic. We work in multi ethnic companies and live in multi ethnic communities. The reality is that while commies talk about internationalism Americans transcend the concept. The Americans who object to multi ethnic unions are few and far between.

Sorry there Comwads your schemes have failed and produced disasters. The only thing you excell at is the creation of death and human misery.

Beamish and Bargholtz in 08 and 12.


Ducky's here said...

Nice of Beak to pass off his dogma and opinion as "reality". I think going forward we will see that Europe's structural investment will prove much wiser than our consumption model.

By the way Beak, I put $25,000 into a Swedish index fund a few months back and it's returned close to 20%. How are you doing?

Steve Harkonnen said...

Communism has been, time and time again, a failed method. Socialism, the same deal.

I remember when I lived in Belgium, even my former wife got excited on May Day as it is revered as some sort of celebration.

So there we were, standing in downtown Brussels, waiting for the May Day parade. What's the first thing I see, but Soviet banners and people celebrating Communism. The year was 1984.

I often wonder if the sheeple still celebrate this lost franchise called Communism. I feel the same for Socialism. If there are any Americans that still actually believe in these two forms of government and society, maybe someone ought to tell them the truth, but I seriously doubt that they will go home.

Urban Infidel said...

Hi Beak,
I know how much you love commies.. so come on by and check out the photos from the May Day/Che Day/Immigration rally at your favorite place, Union Square yesterday. You have to wonder why they don't just move to Cuba or North Korea.
Fun for everyone!

beakerkin said...


Keep it there as Sweden is starting to burn. 66% taxation daily riots in Malmo growing crime and endless welfare for people who do not work is an RX for disaster.

Ducky's here said...

Let Sweden worry about Sweden.

What's happening with Olmert, Beak? Geeze they want to can the poor guy and all he did was do what Bush told him to do. What next, Nuttyyahoo is out of the question.

Looks like the crack IDF won't be going after Iran any time soon and we're bogged down. Gives them time to develop a nuke. Nice going. My kudos.

beakerkin said...

This is an interesting seniment from someone whose every other sentence involves Israel. I would be glad to lets the Swedes and the French roast in the mess they created.

How about the Euros minding their own business and quit lecturing the United States and Israel about its business? Moreover the Israel fixation has reached Elmer Fudd paranoia.

Excuse me as I stated earlier I don't claim to tell a Fwenchman how to run his country. Just allow me to roast Marshmellows at riot videos.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


It's Wednesday. You're supposed to deny Iran is building nuclear weapons on Wednesdays and blame President Bush for letting them develop nukes on Thursdays.

Don't tell me May Day delayed your mail-order ideology update again.

Graeme said...

Yo Beak,

you should have a post where you just list the different names you can come up with for "commies." that would be sweet.

Da Weaz said...

Beak, you little monkey, you have been to Sweden about as many times as you've been to Iraq and North Korea. Once again you bleat your idiocy without a shard of knowledge as Sweden is consistently ranked at the top in terms of quality of life, competitiveness, and any other variable worth mentioning. Little beaker monkey lives with his mom and wants to talk about living standards. Get real, get a live and wait of technology to advance so you can get a brain transfer. In the meanwhile, keep quiet.

Always On Watch Two said...

Can one get a Communist or a socialist to admit the failure of the underlying ideology?

beakerkin said...


Lab rats are more intelligent than Communists. Lab rats have been proven capable of learning, unlike Communists.


The well known game of Communists claiming to be other things is well
known. Even the imbecile Che claimed in front of the media not to be a Communist at times. The most common terms used by Commies are progressive, Socialist, Greens, Laborite, Whatever flavor of Anarchism is fashionable and a few try to claim obscure sects of Libererianism. It takes more than smoking pot to be a leberterian and the true Liberterian is the bane of the Sons of Marx. Sadly, I am a mere conventional anti-Communist Rudy Republican and we do not terrorize the forces of evil
like the Liberterians do.


Do the folks at the assylum know you are out? Now go back into the rubber room and play Lenin like a good psycho. How does it feel to be a ward of the state?

I am not paid to deal with your delusions so kindly deal with the staff who are paid to cater to your pathologies.

Anonymous said...

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