Saturday, May 12, 2007

Renegade Eye Turns Authoritarian

Renegade Eye seems to be upset with a Comment that links commies with terrorists. Lets see Commies call all who disagree with them fascists. I get that charge daily and have come to expect it.

Commies are 100% linked with a variety of terrorists including Ayers, Dorn, the Unibomber, Joanne Chesimard, the Black Panthers, Carlos the Jackal, the Red Army factions, the Shinning Path, M-19, the PLO ( a commie creation), ETA, IRA and many other groups. Commies are apologists for a Cuban police state that executes 14 year olds after draining their blood. Cuba has also exported terror beyond its borders and sent troops to Africa. The links between the Soviets and client states and the above named terrorists groups are extensive.

Renegade is "threatened" because he has been linked with Bernadine Dorn. The political leanings of Dorn just happen to be identical.

It did not take much for Renegade to turn authoritarian and ban dissent. My point has been amply proven about commies not being able to handle their own tactics.


Farmer John said...

...and we're supposed to be surprised if just about every war currently in progress around the globe is the result of an ex-commie network in an Soviet ex-client state being taken over by Islamicists following the collapse of the USSR?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Take it back to Max "Justification of the Use of Terror" Robespierre.

Leftists like to kill people they can't persuade.

Ain't nothing new here.

Always On Watch Two said...

I don't believe in banning comments except in extreme cases, particularly reams and reams of spam and/or obscenities. Or the issuance of threats, of course.

If a prominent follower of one's own ideology is exposed as hateful or as a fraud, one has to put up with eating crow.

FLORIAN said...

You forgot to mention Marcos and Zapata in Mexico. One could even argue that the Basque separatists in France and Spain are leftist/commies too based on their past voting record.

FLORIAN said...

I still want to interview Renegade Eye from my blog

sonia said...

If I understand you correctly, Ren removed your comment from his post about the Kurdish girl killed for having sex with an Arab. Unfortunately, other people responded to your comment in the thread before it was removed, now making the thread very weird...

It's a good lesson on how censorship is always bad, even for people practicing it...

On the other hand, it's always smart to create a strong connection between the subject of the post and the point you want to make in your comment. Otherwise, you give your opponent an excuse to remove your comment...

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, you forgot Irgun and the Stern Gang !

Ducky's here said...

"Commies are apologists for a Cuban police state that executes 14 year olds after draining their blood."

Beak, a lot of your readers don't have anything but blogs as news sources and it is really despicable that you would try to dumb them down like this. I'm sure it's just a careless jape but please be me responsible in the future.

beakerkin said...


In my native NYC I read as many as five newspapers daily. In VT I still read the NY Post and google news. My sources of information are more balanced than someone who reads Conterpunch and Fanon.


Ren made a snide remark and I responded in kind. The reality is that as a Communist he is linked to Dorn, Ayers, the Black Panthers and so forth. There was no threat made at all.

As far as the comments on his blog.
The comments were on topic and he couldn't handle it. Honor killing is almost entirely a Muslim phenomena. Presenting a Yezidi killing of a girl who allegedly fell in love with a Muslim man is false and misleading. Moreover, these crimes happen in every Muslim country and in Europe.

Renegade was never threatened by me and the comments were on topic. The reality is that one can look at this blog and see similar comments posted no problem. Moreover, the same crybabies seem to hurl plenty of epithets in my direction. The difference is I am much better at it and far tougher.

beakerkin said...


You should interview Renegade and you will do a good job. He wanted me to do it but I have no intrest.
His answers are too predictable and as host I can not swat him around.

I have interviewed far lefties, but Renegade is more cartoon than coherent and a dim bulb.

Always On Watch Two said...

censorship is always bad

I'd have agreed with you until I got hundred of identical spam comments. In effect, my blog was hijacked to the point where comments took forever to load.

Haloscan has corrected the situation.

Renegade Eye said...

Sonia: Three questions:

1) Do you believe I censored Beak for his views or personal attacks?

2) Have I ever censored someone for views?

3) Do you think I call political opponents names?

4) Do you think Beak is a victim?

Renegade Eye said...

I meant four questions, sorry?

beakerkin said...

1 Absolutely.

Moreover if you think simpleton is bad read the part about masturbating to Daniel Pipes picture by a good Communist.

You merely share the same political philosophy as Ayers, Dorn and the Red Army Brigades so you are linked. There was no threat there.

3 No you have your toadies do it for you and if you look there was plenty directed at me.

Moreover go and read, but I do not cry like you do. You were not called a name as you do share the same philosophy as Ayers and Dorn.

4 Hardly you have proved my point about authoritarian crybaby communists quite well. You have performed a valuable service and demondtrated your totalitarian streak quite well.

Moreover, every post on your site was on topic. You disgracefully attempted to frame honor killings on a persecuted minority group. The problem is overwhelmingly Muslim and framing a typical example as a Yezidi girl who falls in love with a MUslim is blatantly dishonest. These crimes take place in Europe as well.

You can search this blog for several posts on the Yezidi.

You have proven to be very ignorant and thin skinned.

sonia said...


1) Do you believe I censored Beak for his views or personal attacks?

No, I think you lost your patience because his comment wasn't sufficiently on topic. I know Beak, he is a jazz artist of the political discourse. He likes to riff...

2) Have I ever censored someone for views?

No. In fact I remember that Marie Trigona wanted to erase my comment defending Pinochet and you overruled her.

3) Do you think I call political opponents names?

Never. But actually, I think you should do that more often. It's quite liberating you know.

4) Do you think Beak is a victim?

I hate victims.


Renegade Eye is livid as I pointed out he shares a common philosophy with Stalin

Ren is a Trotskyist. To accuse him of loving Stalin is a bit like accusing an antilope of loving a lion.

I think your little dispute deserves a post of its own. I will try to be as objective and fair as possible to both of you...

beatroot said...

So this explains posts about ‘Beak’ on Renegade’s blog when there were no comments from ‘Beak’.

I think Beak’s politics is primitive and stupid, but deleting comments on Ren’s blog cause he don’t like the politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on Beak’s side.

And you are right, Sonia. The consequence of this censorship is incomprehension. That is the opposite of what blogging is all about.

Renegade – you are demonstrating that you do not have the confidence in your own argument, if you have to delete posts. And are you still trying to convince me, and old lefty, that this kind of politics has any relevance today?