Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mixed Nuts

Many of us are ignoring the key chanes in the immigration bill. The new immigration bill ends anchor babies, chain immigration and moves to an almost entirely vocational basis for future immigration.

The reality is this will mean that one would need a vocational trade or advanced degree to get into the USA. Famiily ties will account for a mere 10% of the criteria. This means future immigrants will be better educated.


1 India, China, Iran countries with many first rate educational institutions
2 US Colleges Countries that lack excellent colleges will see an even greater influx
of foreign students than ever.
3 Evaluation services will see their business go through the roof.


1 Mail order brides will not be able to sponsor their entire family
2 Poor people both US citizens and those abroad. Unskilled workers on Y visas will compette with HS drop outs. HS drop outs sole advantage was legality.

Those abroad who are unskilled may enter on a Y visa but without education or skills their only option is via the spouse route.

3 Skilled tradesmen Now the plumber may face a legal cut rate foreign competitior.
This may force Union wages in areas such as Truck Driving down.


Da Weaz said...

This site for morons still up and running? Beaker Moron should be worried about legalizing immigrants. As he himself noted:


2 Poor people both US citizens and those abroad. Unskilled workers on Y visas will compette with HS drop outs. HS drop outs sole advantage was legality"

By the way, Beaker Moron, is "compete" really so difficult to spell?

Jeezuz fucking christ.

Graeme said...

We can still get mail order brides right?

beakerkin said...

There would be almost no incentive for them other than sponsoring minor children. I am not sorry to see that industry die.

beakerkin said...

Lets see a typo here or there doesn't concern me. Now for someone who is the ass in the ASSylum this may be a serious problem.

Are you still running around in your underoos pretending you are Aquaman or was it the Flash?

Did the interior decorator redo the rubber room again?

Don't call us Weazie we have forgotten about you.

Anonymous said...

Look what the cat dragged in, the Left's answer to insomnia. Weaz is already as bad as Hugo, but still hasn't worked up to Fidel. Give him time...beak, he'll be boring the masses with the best of them.

beakerkin said...

I bet he has a comoflouge strait jacket.

The Weazie is the Maximum Leader in this Assylum and Sponge Bob is my follower.

Anonymous said...

There must be a full moon, that's all I can say.

beakerkin said...

When the Duck complains about the impact on poor people he will be correct.

Always On Watch Two said...

I'm not hearing much about putting a stop to anchor babies. Where is that in the bill?

Another blogger wrote that the bill doesn't provide for proper funding of various points. Is that accurate?

I do not have time to wade through hundreds of pages of legalese. I have to wonder if most members of Congress have even read the bill.

Often overlooked about these illegals in our midst....They're costing us a mint in school costs and in health care. Around here, the emergency room is a no-go as so many immigrants, legal and otherwise, are there taking advantage of the "free" care. Also, I've noticed more talk about car accidents involving immigrants without insurance. Some don't even have driver's licenses! Good luck on collecting on personal injury on that one. I may well be up against that obstacle myself--after that accident I have two years ago; the cabbie had a license issued before 9/11, when Virginia didn't check on legal presence.

z said...

aow, at least hospitals are only a "no-go" for you..MANY LA hospitals have closed under the weight of illegals going to the ER as most people go to their doctor for a cold. Plus, our hospitals MUST have translators. We also have docents who come help illegals in the ER to find the cheapest pharmacies, calling around to see who can get the drug needed at the best cost for the illegal.

One day, as I sat in the ER waiting to get some tests, I had my eyes opened to the problem and couldn't help wondering why no docent was going to come help ME find the best pharmacy price, considering I pay $750 a month for health insurance with an 8 K deductible! (nobody came to offer, of course)

This has got to stop.

Anonymous said...


These leftist morons always complain about how someone types, mainly because they don't have the intelligence to produce a rational argument, so they take cheap shots at someones typing skills.

They are not worth the time or energy.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Let's make breaking the law illegal. That'll show them.

Ducky's here said...

Off topic but a very good article for class discussion. Beak will tell us why the Israeli Apartheid Regime is entitled to all of it. I'm surprised more people don't understand this issue. Probably because Likud apparachniks like Beak turn the spotlight on religion.

Anonymous said...

What's to discuss, ducky? The Arabs repeatedly attacked Israel and lost a lot more land. Where I come from, that means TS for their neighbors. Guess they shouldn't have attacked, huh?

beakerkin said...

Lets see the myth of Palestinian ethnicity is a commie creation. The
Arabs have abundant real estate and should have settled their refugees long ago.

Using humans as hockey pucks in perpetuity is another Commie gift to humanity. Do not blame the Israelis, blame the Commies for exacerbating a problem for their own political ends.

Ducky's here said...

Baek, the article was about water not land. What good is the land when Israel has stolen all the water?

FLORIAN said...

Until a double-wall is built (with hungry rotweillers and pit-bulls in-between) complete with gun turrets and a mine field I don't want to even look at an "immigration bill".
I understand where you are coming from Beak and the anchor babies are a huge reason why the "hispanic" population is exploding--but there are ways to revoke the citizenship of anchor babies--most European nations do it. We should too. I'm so sick and tired of even thinking about this issue. We're allowing the people from failed cultures (who are mostly failures themselves) come in here and drop the American IQ by about 40 points. This is exactly how Rome fell.

Anonymous said...

You mean conquered the rivers watersheds, don't you ducky?

You can't steal water. It falls from the sky. It belongs to whoever catches it. It's a gift from G_d.

Anonymous said...

If the Arabs want water, let THEM catch it... store it... and move it around.

Warren said...

Here is the problem we have with the immigration bill.

We had one before, it didn't work. It was supposed to end illegal immigration. It didn't, illegal immigration increased because the penalties and border enforcement provisions were ignored.

Since the provisions of the last immigration bill were not enforced, we have absolutely no reason to believe that the provisions of this bill will be enforced.

Only 26% of the American people are in favor of this abortion of law(s), showing a tone deafness in Washington, that quite frankly, borders on insanity.

We have all kinds of laws on the books that aren't enforced now. We have border agents thrown in prison for doing their job and being sued in civil court. Three of the Ft Dix six came across the Mexican border and we have no idea of the amount of drugs terrorists or just plain old illegal aliens sneak across that border every day.

The politicians pass this crap but we are the ones that have to live with the results of the bill. They go back to their compounds and their mansions, sure that they will have an unending supply of pool boys, gardeners and voters to supply their needs.

We foot the bill!

Always On Watch Two said...

Yes, the politicians go back to their ivory towers and stick us with having to put up with the crap.

Anonymous said...

Another law unenforced does little to inspire faith in the law.