Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are American Communists Culpable for Crimes of Communism

Many of those who are familiar with this blog know I respect Sonia. However, I disagree with her strongly on the culpability of foreign Communists who knowingly continue to advocate this idiocy.

A typical example is the refusal to deal with the realities of the messes created by continued advocacy of this idiocy. The Duck thinks he knows more about Cuba than people who resided there for decades and whose family still resides there. Potemkin village visits accompanied by security goons is not a genuine experience. This is the same tactic employed by Nazis who created Theresenstadt to dupe foreign visitors. The truth about Cuba is easy to find in nearby Union City. Do ask the veterans of the Cuban Army about the use of poison gas and massacres of civilians in Africa.

The history of Communism provides ample examples of the disaster in progress. As the people of Venezuela flee the usual suspects sing Chavez praises. The usual suspects still lie about Cuba while being hyperconcerned about GITMO. It seems commies hold Israel and the USA to lofty standards while holding the rest of the world to none.

There is an exodus of Venezuelans in progress. Communists are still making excuses for disaster after disaster and enabling future disasters in progress. More to the point the record of Communist use of terror is clear and evident. The sad part is that people like Ayers and Dorn were not executed for their crimes. Renegade and the Duck share the same philosophy with the commie terrorists.

A responsable government understands that the Duck is more prone to treason and terrorism than the general population. If Commies break the law they should be stripped of their citizenship and dumped in North Korea.


Ducky's here said...

9/11 site workers are suffering severe respiratroy ailments because Rudy Giuliani wanted the site cleared quickly and wouldn't wait for respirators to become available.

I propose we hold moronic "Rudy republicans" responsible for the death and debilitating illnesses respirators would have prevented.

Cheer up, Beak. Just wait till Hillary starts punhing "Squeegee Boy's" teeth in. You're going to love it.

Anonymous said...

Troutsky has come to the conclusion (based on reading a book by ward churchill) that he must resort to violence to resist his condition. The bells of liberacion are ringing from the snow capped peaks of Montanna!

sonia said...

I am not sure sure what exactly we are supposed to disagree about.

I disagree with her strongly on the culpability of foreign Communists who knowingly continue to advocate this idiocy.

I believe people can only be culpable of crimes they have committed themselves. And expressing an opinion (by speaking or by writing) can never be a crime.

When Ren or Ducky WRITE in support of Lenin or Chavez, they are WRONG. But they are CULPABLE of nothing.

And even if Ren had actually send money to Chavez, and years later, it would turn out that Chavez exterminated millions of people, technically speaking Ren wouldn't be culpable of anything except bad judgment (unless, of course, it could be proven that he was INFORMED about those killings AND he actually BELIEVED that information BEFORE he sent that money)...

(If I seem a bit legalese about it, believe me, it's for my own protection)...

FLORIAN said...

No Beak. To answer your question. But whenever Hillary, Hussein Obama or the next Socialist takes over the Oval Office and the domestic body bags start piling up due to their class-warfare mob-mentality you can bet the bank they will have blood on their hands. If you see how Chavez is handling this situation--it's exactly what Hillary and Sheikh Obama would have here too. It's called the "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE" right? Sure.........

Warren said...

Among the American Communists; Communism is a panacea for neurosis.

Since the average neurotic remains incurable, Communism is the perfect answer.

The father figure government, that keeps any harm away and protects "baby". The unseen "great power", that is responsible for their abject failures in relationships and as human beings, without acceptance of personal responsibility. The order necessary for the anal retentive who are unable to accept the uncertainty of real life. The "secret" club of fellow travelers that they believe are superior intellectually while covering the gaping holes in their reality with the charms pulled from their fetish bag, (i.e. dielectric materialism and "The end justifies the means").

Beak, I'm telling you that its a symptom of mental illness. Look at the nit wits that have shown themselves here and elsewhere.

Some of them act reasonable for a while but they all seem to break down into raving looneys at some point in time.

They all have this huge blind spot, and whether its dissonance or the willful application of Marxist doctrine, they are responsible for the Robert Mugambe's, Pol Pot's, Castro's et al....

They praise them and egg them on providing a distraction and urging people to wait until its too late for action.

You are kinder than I!

I would stripped them of their citizenship have them castrated and use them as slave labor to feed the "poor".

Batya said...

People hate the truth.
Communism is a failure. socialism is against human nature.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Why are you cheering about the prospect of yet another Democrat having no ideas to run upon?

It's gonna to be sick when Hillary's up late one night in the Oval Office bawling George Bush out over the phone because he won't help her triangulate the opposite position he'd take on an issue.

Not that she's electable because of exactly that, mind you.

Always On Watch Two said...

Look at the nit wits that have shown themselves here and elsewhere.

Sometimes, we see an abundance of nitwits at our sites. I often wonder why they keep coming back.

Steve Harkonnen said...

It puzzles me why, to this very day, people support Communism. It is a failed political ideology.

Further, it puzzles me even more why Hugo Chavez has become the latest liberal darling.

People who find solace and comfort in Chavez must be really retarded, hence the name, "Libtard."

Anonymous said...

Don't I get any credit? I am a very, very sexy man, Steve. In fact, many of my biggest supporters have a sexual thing for me. I am very very macho and remind them of their Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Too sexy, Hugo!

Ducky's here said...

Sonia, go work on your abs. I hardly support Chavez but when Chucklenuts nominates a PNAC signatory and an ex Enron board chairman to the vacant World Bank seat then even an 85 I.Q. "Rudy Republican" can see why there are people like Chavez rising up.

Hey Harkonne, why don't you enlist, you pussy?

American Crusader said...

Chavez duped the Venezuelan people into thinking that he was a reformist but as each civil liberty is taken away, it has become impossible for him to mask the truth. Venezuela elected a dictator. He used the poor as a steppingstone into power and is now attempting to spread communism throughout Latin America.
He has used his oil revenues to interfere in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia and Ecuador.
Ducky..answer this: Why are military forces need to seize domestic broadcast equipment?
Why are you defending him?

As an answer to your original question, my answer is NO. Are all Americans guilty for Abu Ghraib?..or even American soldiers?

Not every Muslim is culpable for 911...but all who do not condemn these acts are.

Ducky's here said...

Hillary is a socialist? A Democratic Leadership Council stooge is a socialist?

Florian, would you care to give some specifics? I really have to know because if it's true it means that I am completely unaware of Hillary's policies or you are blowing smoke out of your ass and either way I'd like to know.

CB said...


I think you're getting at it better than beak does. I would award the religious imprimatur to those who believe in evolution and anthropogenic climate change.

I haven't had an exchange with Duck but I've had several with Ren, troutsky and graeme, and I think they define Lenin's observation of western liberals. I'm not so sure about Che Bob and John Brown though.

The theories are as unnatural as beastiality and require brutal force to implement them or to maintain power when the economics inevitably fail.

Ultimately, I think we're all in agreement and just splitting hairs because there is no current threat of anything like that happening here in Nashville, but I've got my glock and mac-10 ready, just in case.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Hillary is a socialist? A Democratic Leadership Council stooge is a socialist?

All Democrats are genocidal socialists. You can't join the Democratic Party without swearing an oath to pursue policies that will kill as many Americans as possible.

This is decided every election in a smoke-filled room.

I'm kidding. The room has a no smoking sign.

FLORIAN said...

Specifics for what Ducky? How Hitlery and Hussein Obama both fan the flames of class-warfare mentality on the ignorant in this nation? She just said yesterday that "WE'RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER". Anyone who says that can be considered a Fascist/Commie. Since when did America stand for society over the individual? There's nothing in the Bill of Rights that gives the common good presidence over an individual.

Jungle Mom said...

Socialist, communist..same thing! And it isn't fun down here in utopia!

Always On Watch Two said...

Maybe Hillary just doesn't meet your definition for "socialist."

She's been busy pandering for votes, but sometimes lets a bit of socialism slip in. See this.

Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't listen to the Village Queen's statement yesterday... about the need to transform American Society in keeping with a Euro-Socialist model.

Urban Infidel said...

Cheer up, duck.

Like thousands of New Yorkers I've inhaled enough toxic dust from the WTC to kill me in a few years.

Da Weaz said...

Don't worry, urban infidel. The dust may kill you, but the chem trails will get others. Bushies hate many Americans and need to cull you down for their eugenic visions.

They poop on you all.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I've heard that if you place tin foil on your head and wrap a towel around it with a metal paper clip in your mouth and face Mecca, you can turn your head into a reciever of the orbital mind control laser network broadcasting "Osama Bin Laden is a Jew."

I'm too scared to try it.

beakerkin said...

The Weaz is the ass in the asylum.
The Duck forgets that the people at Ground Zero knew the risks. They were looking for a peer. Firemen have a bond Commies can not understand.

Da Weaz said...

Monkey beaker lives in a world of his own. Firemen knew the risks? Get fucking real, that's why they hate Ghouliani and Whitman.

Hopefully you "knew the risks" took some deep breaths yourself, and can be politely put out of your misery. Better people than you have already met that fate. Sorry.

beakerkin said...


How many NYFD people do you know? Do you talk to them in a Helsinki night club on Village People dress up day. I know many NYFD employees and not one of them has ever said a word about Rudy.

I knew the risks and left for NJ to take care of my sisters kids a few days later. The fires burned for months while your tin foil hat cousins blamed the Jooooos.

The concerns of a mental patient in a Helsinki Assylum are no great concern. Which village person do you dress as in Costume night at the funny farm.

Warren said...

CB, Nice to meet you.

Psychoanalysis has a certain appeal to Communists until they find out that certain mental conditions explain their fanaticism.

Stalinists, Maoists and Trotskites all envision themselves as superior to each other when in actuality, their only argument is who should be butchered first!

Ren is pleasantly mannered and in a way, I find it annoying. He speaks of the most blood thirsty of his fellow travelers as if they were butterfly's pinned to the board of his collection. In fact, he, and every Commie of any stripe, stand on a pile of bodies of 150,000,000 murders.

I don't know Che Bob but John Brown is a self-avowed revolutionary communist and total nut case unable to reason and should be locked up before he harms himself or others!

Ducky is the typical loud mouthed armchair Socialist. Everyone is an idiot but him. He knows everything, (but manages to get it wrong). Has a problem with causation and time lines. Is almost always wrong and I have no idea how anyone can be wrong so often, and proven wrong, yet display such arrogance and exude such false superiority.

I usually call him "Nostradumbass".

I find leftism to be one of the various manifestations of mental problems. At its roots, all forms of leftism deny the nature of man and believe in Utopian fantasy.

Or as you say, carries a religious imprimatur, only, God is replaced with man.

Ducky's here said...

florian, are you being a dope?

Class warfare. Look, class warfare occurs when they drag you out of your house, put the noose around your neck and start laughing as they give you a hoist with your hands untied.

Class warfare. You are absolutely clueless.

Hillary ... a right center DLC stooge is a socialist. Come on, start thinking.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


First, let me reiterate that I in no way believe leftists are capable of thinking, as evidenced by their leftism. There has NEVER been a leftist capable of rational thought in the whole of human history. I'm doubtful of your prospects of being the first.

That said, I'm curious as to what makes your political compass point "right center" when you look at a national socialist like Hitlery Clinton.

I know it has nothing to do with rational thought. What's the real reason?

CB said...


I'm a fan already. In the jumbled confusion of logical inconsistency and poorly presented, non-rigorous thought that so often characterizes this medium, is is refreshing to encounter elegance of expression and the understanding that it matters.

beakerkin said...


Warren is my best friend on the web and he is on the money. Ren knows exactly where this philosophy goes, but he is a acolyte looking for utopia.

Do note that he never says a peep about off topic words so long as it is Israel. The obsession with Israel and the Jews with the far left is almost as cartoonish as Ren himself.

As Warren stated this blind faith despite repeated failures falls into the realm of theology and abnormal psychology.

CB said...


You, warren and I recognize the error, I don't know that it matters how it is characterized, i.e., illness or religion, because the group in question hasn't experienced Bardo's corollary to Lord Acton's maxim (power corrupts...): support for socialism doesn't long survive direct, sustained exposure.

As for the anti-semitism, I personally haven't seen it from Ren, although the large cast of characters that regularly congreate at his site often ooze bigotry. However, given their illness/religious fervor, I think it is understandable that leftists would harbor this sentiment. The same envy that fuels marxism, informs anti-semitism and hatred for Israel.

Count me as your friend too!

beakerkin said...


I always did count you as a friend.

In my own way I like Troutsky as he wrestles with the demons of his philosophy. Graeme is personable and will grow out of this.

I have a different take on Ren. He is an apologist and knows the human toll of his philosophy.

Klehr sums it up in Denial. There were those who clung to the lost Cause of Confederacy and white washed the evils of the South. Ren is nostalgic for a series of ideas in the same manner as the Old South Yahoos. He merely forgets repression, class genocide and human misery in each application.

Warren said...

"He merely forgets repression, class genocide and human misery in each application."

And every opportunity.

God save us from fools!