Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good Lord

MZ has gone over the edge and called for the removal of Olmert via any means possible. Those of you who were under the mistaken impression that our positions were similar need to think again. The closest we have come to that is seeking the denaturalization and deportation of Communists who break the law like the people at Code Pinko. The mere fact that someone is a Communist is probable cause for scrutiny
given the history of treason and subversion in this country.

The truth is when you are dealing with MZ you are dealing with a Utopian of another stripe. He is not nearly as genocidal and dangerous as the Duck, Renegade, Troutsky and Che. MZ wants a religious utopia, how he intends to create this is by tossing away democracy. This is not the opinion of the vast majority of Orthodox Jews, including members of my own family. How does he plan on enforcing these laws? He will have to have a cadre of religious police ala a Communist block patrol. One could envision MZ and KY doing a version of Dragnet. The notion of religious goons enforcing MZ's theological whims is more comedic than ominous.

While MZ is comedic, the antics of Renegade and Company are not. The charge of Renegade was that I was off topic. This is mildly amusing because the two places I posted on the Finkelstein and Yezidi post were entirely on subject. My critique of the Yezidi post remains that framing honor killings as typified by Yezidi killing a girl for falling in love with a Muslim is bltantly dishonest. Honor killings are almost entirely a Muslim practice. Moreover, any serious discussion of these practices involves Islam. In fairness, Stephen Schwartz does claim this is a regional cultural practice and is not sanctioned by Islam itself. The continuation
of this practice is directly

Renegade and Co are apologists for a brutal police state in Cuba. While they hyperventilate about every action of the USA and Israel they are oblivious to the mess Communism aided and abetted by their Western apologists has created. Che Bob is fond of invoking Pinochet but the death toll of Pinochet is around 3000. The number of people executed in Cuba are much higher. Moreover Chileans do not get on boats
trying to flee. Where are these mythical Chilean refugees, boat people and refugee camps? Chile has a vibrant economy and calling Pinochet more corrupt than Fidel is absurd. Cuba is a police state that practices genuine torture and holds political prisoners.

The problem with Communist, Jihadis, Greens and to a much lesser degree MZ is that they seriously believe Utopia in this world is possible. In the case of the Greens this is a paradise never was probably derived from looking at far too many Mazola commercial. Native Americans lived short lives punctuated with excruciating work. The notion of a Green Eden is a pot pipe fantasy from the usual suspects.

Communists and Jihadist both seek global hegemony. As keepers of the divine truth every action is sanctioned to create their pipe dream fantasies. If Eden is attainable than Killing Fields, Gulags, perpetual war and terrorism are a means to
an end. Communists steal property and the workers work longer hours to produce a shabby product. Since the State owns the means of production it has no interest in workers rights.

Jihadis seek a global empire where infidels will have to pay for the right to breathe. These payments are called Jiyzah and function much like a classic mafia protection racket. Jihadis also want to subject everyone to live under their theological laws with Jim Crow features.

A normal religious person understands that Utopia is something beyond this world. They have their moral principles, but do not seek to impose them on others. They build and serve their communities each and every day. They want to be left alone to worship God as they see fit in peace. They do not talk of killing unbelievers and hold the door open to those who wish to join.

Those who attempt to create Utopia in this world are fools. The question is how many
people need to die and suffer for the mental pathologies of Communist and Jihadis. When does the predictable stench of death become enough? Every Communist clings to the hope that the next application will get it right, but the failure is predictable.
There is no Utopia in this world except for a town with that name in Long Island.

Beamish in 08.


Anonymous said...

The fact that is ON Long Island should speak volumes.... people go there and ask, "Is this Utopia?"

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you have a lot to say about everyone else's "erroneous" world views and aspirations but little to say about what you expect in the world.

As far as I can tell you are far less honest than MZ or Beamish for instance who are quite up front about wanting to displace and kill muslims.

You don't appear to have the brains to recognize Jason's laissez-faire pipe dreams as utopian and you certainly have little to say about the utopian dreams of Florian, AOW,MW and other evangelicals.

You do have admiration for Rudy Giuliani, a noted con artist. You are one of the legion of idiots who think that a man who resisted integrating his first responders communications equipment and didn't have a functioning command center on 9/11 is a security expert. Any reason you should be seen as something other than a dolt?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

As far as I can tell you are far less honest than MZ or Beamish for instance who are quite up front about wanting to displace and kill muslims.

Actually I'd rather convert Muslims to biscuit and gravy worship, but that bullshit about praying towards Mecca instead of the holy sole of my boot really pisses me off.

beakerkin said...

Jason is not a Utopian in any description. His version of Liberterianism is the bane of Marxist freeloaders. Pay as you go and private ownership are not Utopian.

Jason and I differ on the role of regulatory agancies.

Mr Beamish has not advocated killing people because they are Muslim. He advocates killing terrorists and enemy combatantants.
Yet this is a far cry from the class genocide of Marxist couch pototato revolutionaries.

I do advocate governmental scruitiny for Communinsts and Jihadis. I advocate denaturalization and deportation for those who violate the laws. I also support the death penalty for terrorists.

You may look for the words advocating violence but they aren't there. However, if I ever go off the deep end far left commies would be the first to know.
One can meet decent Muslims and I know plenty. Communists by nature are totalitarian apologists for class genocide and treason to a man. There are no excuses for failure, death and repression, especially when it is entirely predictable.

Get used to saying President Rudy. The only person who can stop him is Mayor Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg'g going 3rd party. He's going to "split" the Republican vote so that Bill's wife can win in '08. He's the Ross Perot of the 3rd millenium.

beakerkin said...


Sadly I agree and would not like Bloomberg to run.

I still like a Rudy Lieberman ticket as a unity ticket.

Ducky's here said...

Lieberman (R - Tel Aviv)? Beak, if you weren't around he has had his face slapped twice in national politics. The little punk is finished .

beakerkin said...

Here we go again with the standard flip anti-semitism of commies. Let see if I called Charles Rangel the rep from Havana and Port Au Prince that would make me a red baiter and a racist.

Lieberman beat Comwad Ned Lamont granchild of a noted Stalinist with ease. Lieberman had too much class to point out the Commie roots of his opponent. The anti-semitic mud slinging of Commies was clear.

Rudy and Leiberman as a unity ticket crushes Hillary. Hillary may not even get past Obama. I am hoping Gore runs to watch Hillary and Gore toss dirt at each other.

Anonymous said...

Au contraire. I've got a feelin' Lieberman's light has just begun ascending...

Anonymous said...

A "unity ticket" isn't a half-bad idea. The only loosers would be the progressive blog goofballs. Only Lieberman needs someone who's actually "from" the right to run with. Otherwise both the far-left and far-right will run their own candidates.

Anonymous said...

Beamish/Lieberman in '08!

beakerkin said...

Now that a ticket. I do not know if we can get Leiberman to Don the Beamish trademark gasmask.

We will have to get our web expert Bert to coax him into it.

I still see a Rudy Leiberman ticket being formidable.

Anonymous said...

They'd definitely "own" the middle... only "their" middle's a little-left for my taste.

Let me see what I can do to squeeze Joe into accepting the mask...

Anonymous said...

Theocracy is a very dangerous road to travel, and really goes against the very core of Judeo-Christian philosophy, the free will to choose.

Anonymous said...

If Lieberman is going to run on the Beamish in '08 ticket, the guy is definitely going to need a "custom" gas gask.

Jungle Mom said...

Beakerkin: Thanks for the heads up. I wont engage him anymore. I already have enough Chavista trolls and have to moderate. I wouldn't want AC to have to moderate.

Russet Shadows said...

I honestly don't see where you're getting "MZ wants a theocracy" from his arguments that Olmert has failed the people and is hastening the destruction of Israel. Olmert is a modern-day Nero: fiddling while his countrymen are maimed and murdered. I can understand urging force to remove a bad leader from government, though I don't personally urge it in this case.

beakerkin said...


MZ is open about his desire to create a " Torah State". This is not the opinion of the vast majority of Orthodox ask him.

We live in a democracy and violence is never the answer. I do not want Israel to resemble a bananna republic. However, geting rid of all the Commies would be very tempting.

FLORIAN said...

MZ has a point Beak. Olmert is just like Bush in a lot of ways. Traitor and coward. When you have over 200,000 people demanding his resignation marching in protest--that says something. Only the Israeli appeasers want him anymore. And now it looks like another summer war is brewing against Hamas, Fatah and we want another war to be led by this imbecile?

beakerkin said...


Part of being a citizen in a democracy is respecting the law. There are legal means of removing Olmert, but assasination is beyond the pale. A nation divided by a Coup would be rife wth divisions and in worse shape than Olmert's mismanagement.

Assasinated politicians turn into Martyr's no matter how mediocre, look at JFK.

FLORIAN said...

Something needs to be done. Olmert needs to leave and now. How many more Israeli's have to die before the gov't "gets it"?

sonia said...


Olmert is just like Bush in a lot of ways. Traitor and coward.

Curiously, not even the most radical leftists ever called Bush a traitor. A mass murderer maybe, or a fool, an extremist and sometimes a coward. But never a traitor. You are the first. Any hard evidence ?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I have to disagree with Beak here. "...violence is never the answer." Violence is often the best answer.

Violence solves everything. War has brought peace more than any other human endeavor combined.

Also, I'd like to clarify something.

Mr Beamish has not advocated killing people because they are Muslim. He advocates killing terrorists and enemy combatantants.

I advocate killing terrorists and those who harbor and / or sponsor them. I couldn't give a damn if they're Muslim or Democrats.

beakerkin said...


Florian and many others are frustrated by the bumbling of the administration on the war and immigration. I share Florian's concerns, but the administration ignored its base particularly on immigration.

The war is a more complex issue as all wars lend themselves to second guessing.

Mr B

Corrections noted.

I do understand the need for war on a practical level, but only as a last resort.


Part of living in a democracy is accepting bad leaders. We can campaign for better one and protest. However, assasination of an elected official is never the answer.

These are solutions of people like Ducky who are totalitarians. They
enjoy rigged elections or plebescites, but we should aspire to embrace our American ideals.
Leave the deviancy to internationalist vermin like Ducky.
Let him defend Fidel, Kim Jong Ill
and Mugabe.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I hate do disagree, but Olmert is about as pussified as any "compassionate conservative" can get, or, in other words, he is a lot like Bush - ineffective.

Israel needs a tough netanyahu-type guy in there. The bullshit that is happening in Israel needs to stop now. Get Olmert OUT. He is about as useless as tits on a nun.

Rudy for president? No, I can't back that one either. Another compassionate conservative. Get Mitt Romney in there. And whoever Ron Paul is, he is out of there, like so ten minutes ago.

beakerkin said...


Israel is a nation of laws. Either ii obeys them or becomes a strongman type of state.

Rudy has a can do attitude and genuine leadership. He has worked in hostile situations and is my choice. I have always reminded people that I am not a Conservative.

Sr. Beamish el Kakistócrata said...

I do understand the need for war on a practical level, but only as a last resort.

See, that's the problem. If people would make war the FIRST resort, we could skip all the bullshit rap song diplomacy and get straight to the heat.

For example, China couldn't cheat us on trade if China didn't exist.

Whoomp there it is.

Anonymous said...

Beak, I now see what you mean about MadZ. I just got done reading his post about Assassinating Olmert. That is way over the line, of any common decency, anyone could have. Advocating the murder of someone, just because you dislike them politically, is sick and twisted.

beakerkin said...


MZ has become a person who I really am ashamed of. We disagreed often and he was never a friend of mine.

The truth is he advocates things that are dangerous. The blame belongs not to MZ but to me. We had common friends and I did not challenge him as I would have otherwise.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I empathize a bit with MZ's anger at the Olmert government. I know where my head would be if we were in the 3rd year of a Kerry presidency with the US supplying Iran with HEU.

Don't get me wrong, I can name off around 20 or 30 people in capitals around the world that deserve a bullet through the brainpan well ahead of Olmert. Most of those dinks will be croaking of old age within the next 15 years anyway.

Most of my Israeli and Jewish-American friends and associates hate Olmert, and this criticism comes from every direction on the political spectrum. The guy is not going to win the next election in Israel regardless of who runs against him.

Hopefully the Israeli people replace him with the most foul-mouthed earth scorching, firebreathing warmongering sabra they can find.

And hopefully, when that time comes, the President of the US will pick up the phone, call up the Israeli PM in the CAPITAL OF JERUSALEM and ask him if he needs more bombs, and maybe scold him a bit for not using them fast enough.