Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Limits of Sanity

I am always amused when Communists don't seem to understand why people deduce that they are anti-semites. I want to start this by stating that anyone who glosses over the record of Communism is a defacto moron. Yesterdays dumbass communist comment was a moron who wanted to compare the record of Richard Nixon to Pol Pot.

A typical post bashes the NYC Post as an openly Zionist paper. The centrality of evaluating an excellent newspaper based upon its position on Israel speaks vollumes about the obsessive anti-semitism of the Nation and the person who wrote the post. Communists who have a history of treason, deception and sedition have had their own organs including Mother Jones, the Millitant, various Indy Media platforms and yes the Nation. The NY Sun unlike the others is a comercial venture that does not need donations. One can question if organs that get money from George Soros will report the antics of George Soros honestly.

The NY Sun is an excellent paper with readable book and theatre reviews. The paper has a small but high quality sports section. It is far and away the highest quality Newspaper in NYC and is the paper of choice of young Conservatives. It has recaptured the essence of the Breindel NY Post of the 1980's. The articles are well writen and fresh. The NY Sun broke many of the Gomer Kerry stories about his involvement with the VVAW.

The person in question has never picked up a copy of the paper and has zero clue about it but writes a lengthy post. This also goes along of the idiocy of advocating
a system that has proven hazardous to human life. Communism like any other movement
is based on the history of its adherents. The rantings and rhetoric of Marx and his stooges are not as relevant as actions such as planned famines, killing of Kulaks, defending sedtion and treason in the USA and celebrating criminals such as a Drug Gang known as the Black Panthers or home grown terrorists like Bill Ayers.

The mental rot and paranoia of Communists sees the hidden hand of America everywhere.
An example of this idiocy a post that blames the USA for Eithiopia's invasion of Somalia. The post in question neglects to understand that the countries have fought a
few wars. More to the point Eithiopia is reacting like a normal country does to a country that has aided and fostered rebel groups on its soil. No mention of the vast presence of foreign jihadis in the conflict is in the post. Last I checked Eithiopia is still a sovereign country, but Communists are quite clueless.

Communist embrace criminality and still venerate a drug gang that shook down prostitues. The Black Panthers were a drug gang that preyed on the community it allegedly was helping. Communists embrace American terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn whose unpunished crime spree deserves prosecution. They would be venerating the Unibomber but his mental illness and poor social skills make that an excersize in futility. You will see cop killer Mumia Abdul Jabbar at many Peace protests. Mummia was much more afiliated with MOVE than his short stint with the drug dealing Black Panthers. MOVE was not popular with local black commity in Philadelphia. In fact the city bombed its HQ and burned an entire community to get rid of them. They knowingly have lied about the Rosenbergs and Hiss for decades. They also lied about where the funding for CPUSA came from and its involvement in domestic espoinage.

Today Communists are still creating front groups and trying to conceal their agitations in the Peace and ilegal alien protests. The fact that a group was founded and led by Communists should lead people to avoid association with that group. The refusal of the peace movement to oust Communists as well as stay on topic has discredited them in the eyes of many people.

The truth is when you are talking with a Communist you are talking to a cult member.
There is no other way to describe the absurd idiocy and cult of excuses. The reality
of Cuba, China and the other horrors created by the sons of Marx is to obvious.


Always On Watch Two said...

a defacto moron

IQ does not an intelligent person make.

(I seem to be in the mood for aphorisms these days)

beakerkin said...


One does not argue with insane people like the ones comparing Nixon to Pol Pot. Even Nixon's most insane detractors know that is absurd.

More to the point casualties cause by war are a different animal than those caused by governance.

Anonymous said...

Kawania che Keekeru!

Happy St. Tammany's Day, beak!

American Crusader said...

I haven't read the New York Sun. I read the Post regularly. I have often used their editorials in my posts.

Mustang said...

It is amazing there are so many advocates for communism.

It is a failed system. It establishes tyranny. It imposes dictatorship at the expense of citizen rights, the greatest of which is the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But citizens, by their subservience and silence, permit communism to flourish. One only needs to examine the governments of France, Russia, and China to “get it.” So many sheep, so little time.

Finally, anyone who attempts to compare Pol Pot and Richard Nixon simply proves that there are too many morons in the gene pool.

Always On Watch Two said...

there are too many morons in the gene pool.

The evidence mounts daily.

Ducky's here said...

So many advocates for communism? Where?

What is amazing is how many neocon loons think that anything left of St. Ronnie Raygun is "communistic"

France, Russia and China? You think there is extensive overlap in those governments? More proof that when marines are mustered out they should have to go through detox.

beakerkin said...

Ducky Communists like yourself attempt to co-opt any cause with large numbers to inflate your importance. If it were up to me I would deport the illegals at the rallies and arrest those Communist organizers for aiding and abetting crime. Morover, the Communists would do hard time in cells with hardened criminals.

France is suffering from Socialist rot and stagnation. Sweden has always marketed itself as the third way. The third way has failed and watching it burn pleases me greatly.

In the mind of the Duck nobody is a Communist. The sons of Marx are recognized by the stench of death and paranoid musings.

Ducky's here said...

AOW, what has Sweden "failed" at?