Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Far Left Homophobia

The stereotype of the homophobe is largely a media creation. It is true that Falwell
and Robertson may say some stupid things. However, beyond the stupidity there is the genuine notion of love the sinner hate the sin. This may sound simplistic, but it is less viscious than it sounds.

The far left often praises Cuban health care. This wonderful health care treats homosexuality as a mental illness and has AIDS ghettoes. While the left has a collective temper tantrum every time Falwell says anything they make excuses for Cuba. The excuses for Cuba just seem to grow every year as the Cuban people suffer for the sick Marxist fantasies. Has Noam Chimpanzee ever said a sentence about treating homosexuality as a mental illness?

One can read the fascination if not almost pathological obsession commies have had with calling people homosexuals. From the Mitrokin Archive the KGB smeared J Edgar Hoover as a homosexual 235. On page 240 the KGB attempts to plant stories that Scoop Jackson and Richard Perle are gay lovers. Commies have been smearing Perle for well over thirty years. In fact Perle doesn't seem to be get much press except when Commies are placing him in various anti-semitic and now homophobic conspiracies.
In fact if one reads through the Mitrokin archive calling people homosexuals was a frequent tactic of the KGB.

Lets compare homosexuality and communism as alternative lifestyles. Most homosexuals do not bother people and go about their lives in peace. The exception are the far left lunatics who share the pathologies of the next group.

Communism as an alternative lifestlye is hazardous to human life. Planned starvations, frequent class genocide, constantly exporting your sick lifestyle (communism), not allowing people to leave warped workers states, political prisoners, frequent treason and sedition, gulags, Killing Fields, property theft, repression and surpression of individualism are all much more serious than homosexuality. I could care less whom the person next door sleeps with, but taking my private property is theft. Not allowing me to leave the mess Commies create is imprisonment. Stamping out individuality is the equivalent of turning humanity into cattle.


Anonymous said...

Stamping out individuality...

You are ignoring the fact that the Seattle school board has determined that individuality is a form of cultural, structural racism, and they can not be wrong.

Ducky's here said...

"The far left often praises Cuban health care. This wonderful health care treats homosexuality as a mental illness and has AIDS ghettoes."

I see, so the fact that people acknowledge that Cuba has in fact made health care more widely available and has a longer life span than the average country in the Carribean or Central America means that they also accept Castro's classification of homosexuality.

Damn, you are stupid.

beakerkin said...

Lets see this wonderful health care sytem treats homosexuality as a mental illness. Morover Cuban facilities may still be practicing labotomies.

Cuba was compared to Spain and Italy before Fidel came to power in terms of overall health. Now the trick is compare yourself to Haiti as the measuring stick.

FYI even Haitians do not seek refuge in Cuba.

Lets try this again if right wing Christians call homosexuality a disease this is evil. However, when Cuba treats it as an actual disease this is a good thing. It seems Cuban gays are just swept under the rug because they do not fit the slogans.

Z said...

Who's the actress...Maria Conchita something-or-other? I saw her interviewed recently, demanding people wake up and know that you or I would have excellent medical care in Cuba should we visit and become sick, but the people do NOT. She's tired of people honoring Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro and she knows far more than we know, having lived there. It's that way with every Cuban celebrity; Gloria Estefan and that dark haired actor who's wonderful to look at but whose name escapes me. Both laugh at our Left which actually believes the PR line from Cuba. They all say the people are hungry and medical care stinks for them.

Also, it's the "open minded and progressive, accepting Left" which is always outing people. Not the Right. Anybody notice that? And, by the way, with Christians, it's "love the sinner, but not the sin". The Scripture tells Christians homosexuality is wrong, not GOd's plan. We should respect that.Z

The left so easily ignores the koran's passages about killing the infidel "all muslims don't really MEAN that!", right? But, let a Christian call homosexuality unGodly....

beakerkin said...


I want to make my own film about what the prisoners eat in Gitmo. The prisoners in Gitmo eat better than most Americans. They also have air conditioning and cable and free accsess to a library.

In many respects the prisoners at Gitmo have more liberty than Cubans.

The duck is an appologist for a police state.

Anonymous said...

Quality of life, means more than Quantity. I will take living in the Greatest nation in the world, over living in some Commie Bastard's Nation.

Russet Shadows said...

Don't forget the recent snarky comments about 300 and gladiator movies.

Why does the Left persistently "out" gays? Two words -- power and terror. Their Stalinist desire is to purge the unfaithful and then adjudicate them guilty in a show trials. Instead of execution, they carry out mass smear campaigns and lynch them in the court of public opinion. The cultish nature is in full stinking bloom.

The Left desires to be worshiped because it has set up these safe zones, erm, ghettoes, erm, plantations for its protected classes. Nothing irritates them more than a member of such a class who doesn't toe the line. Thus the support for blacks, women, or gays evaporates the instant an individual steps off the plantation grounds.

Urban Infidel said...

The fool John Stewart frequently makes gay cracks on The Daily Show. No one notices. They just giggle along.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

They always knife the brownshirts first.