Sunday, May 20, 2007

Half a loaf

Those who have read this blog for a while know I am pro LEGAL immigration. However, I have been an opponent of family ties as the sole basis. In an earlier era this made sense, but in a post industrial economy it no longer does.

Most of us are familiar with the Anchor baby scenerio. A couple has the child in the USA and 21 years later legal status for their parents and siblings down the road. The system is rife with fraud particularly in the area of adoptions by Naturalized United States Citizens of Nieces grandkids and so forth.

The deal puports to limit the new categories to spouse, minor kids and the details of the modification of parents remains unclear.

As predicted the new program is modeled on the H-1b program. I am not a fan of whole sale giving away low paying jobs that should be done by people on welfare to guest workers en masse. Nor am I enamored with the prosect of eventual amnesty for law breakers.

The New point system valuing vocation and education is subjective. We already have a booming industry evaluating foreign degrees. How does one evaluate a carpenter, auto mechanic or Marble mason?

The reality is that the new system will favor highly educated people. This means that all those who are professionals who want to flee Hugo's debacle are welcomed.
This does mean a likely increase in Indians, Chinese and a reduction of African, Latinos and Caribs.

There are excellent schools in some of the South American and African countries but only the best and the brightest or most skilled will make it. As far as the Middle East there are a handful of top flight schools in Iran and Pakistan, but not much else. Students from abroad will likely flood American colleges at record pace, to get into the country.

We have been given half a loaf, but pay close attention to if and how parental visas are changed. We should also expect the Marxist accademians deal with a tidal wave of foreign students.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming on our Show, Beak. I think it went great!

beakerkin said...

I do not think people expected comedy.

Always On Watch Two said...

The bill is so long that it's difficult to ascertain what it says. So many exceptions to so many points.

z said...

Doesn't an anchor baby make for immediate legality of his parents?

beakerkin said...


Twenty one years after the birth the parents are eligible. They may have remaried four or five times each and have scores of siblings.

z said...

Beak, but the parents can STAY once they've had an anchor baby we paid for here, right? They don't have to go back (or that's how it WAS, nobody ever goes back anymore now, of course).

I mean, they're here twenty-one years somehow, right? Legal or not, they're here because of that child? I don't have much problem with the 21 year eligibility, at least it means they've been living here and hopefully contributing. Heck, they might even have learned English by then?! (sorry, remember, I live in LA and this would be a rare accomplishment).