Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fontova Final Book Review Exposing the Real Che

There are books that are must read because of their content such as the Gabriel book
or the Black Book of Communism. There are books that are fun excursions of well crafted learning with verve such as the Naipul selection. This book is fairly unique in that it deals with a serious subject, but is rip roaring funny in sections.

The real Che was a clown who was a bully to disarmed people but a coward when the odds were even. He was an ass kisser who did the tasks decent men loathed. He was a racist known for disparaging Blacks and Indians. Above all he was a bumbling fool who could not perform tasks. Even his alleged triumph in Santa Clara was aided by bribery. His column did almost nothing and his later exploits were cartoonish.

His time in the Congo was a disaster. He was known there as Tatu, maybe this is where the Fantasy Island midget got his name. However Herve Vilecheze was not known as a bumbling dolt. He was routinely routed by Mad Mike Hoare who was a professional.
In reality Che and Hoare were both mercenaries, except Hoare was open and served the almighty dollar and Che was on a Marxist ego trip seeking power. Hoare was above all knew what he was doing, unlike the clownish Che.

Commies suffer from a delusion that they are entitled to interfere in other nations
affairs. What was the son of a failed Argentinian business man ( who was a Commie)
doing in Cuba, Congo and Bolivia. We hear the familiar cries about the USA, but Commies seem to ignore medling of their own. The book notes Che's foreign advisors
Spanish and Russian and his American Communist trigger man Herman Marks a convicted rapist in the USA. Almost all that Che slew in his notorious prison were Cubans. There were a few odd Americans.

There is also the myth that the Batista years are an excuse for the depredations of Casto. Cuba was a devoloped country with a higher standard of living than some European countries. Now thanks to Communists its people are closer to Haiti than Spain, but still the faithful make excuses. There are more prostitutes servicing Euroleftisa appologists than under Batista. A Cuban has three choicesif they want a decent meal in Cuba, join the Communist party, become a prostitue or demand to be placed in GITMO. American prisoners in Gitmo sit in air conditioned cells eating Baklava while Cubans live near starvation, thanks to Marx. We also hear excuses about boycotts. Cuba has the rest of the world to trade with and no excuses.

Typical of the excuse makers is the Duck who claims not to be a Communist, he merely repeats their talking points and excuses the Cuban abomination of Fidel. Ducky is ignorant that Cuban Americans are constantly sending money to family left behind. Moreover, the Duck and the other clueless Commies seem to dismiss Cuban Americans as all Batista supporters. Many of those Cubans have had family members executed by Commie goons squads. Meanwhile American Commies say Cuba has "problems" and venerate the Cuban hangman on shirts. Do note that Lee Harvey Oswald was a big Castoite, much like the Duck. We have also heard excuses about 50,000 Cuban mercenaries in Angola commiting Mai Lai massacres over alleged South African predations. Savimbi was an ex communist who took aid where he could find it. No such excuses exist in Eithiopia or amongst the Miskito Indians. The latter were moved down with helicopters, Cuban and Pseudostinian mercenaries. Nor is there any excuse for the aid of Communist rebels who vanish as soon as the Soviet largess goes up in smoke. M-19 survives on narcotics and uncle Hugo's purse. Where is Gomer Kerry talking about drug running of Hezbollah or M-19?

The real Che was a laughing stock as a rebel. Kabila soon deduced he was useless and ignored him as Mike Hoare defeated him with ease. Che goes to Bolivia studies the wrong Indian language and is constantly lost in the Jungle. He is eating armadillos, condors and possums and splits his force in two when his cumare gets a cold. In sheer comedy the two groups shoot at each other but fail to recognize each other. The group including Guevara's cumare is mowed down to the man except for a Maoist kept under false promises of a Cuban education and held by force.

Guevara's last stand was with a Bolivian miner Willy. They were surounded by all of Two Bolivian rangers and surendered with loaded weapons. As Willy was also executed where the legends of Che fighting to the last bullet are from remains a mystery written in Havana. " Don't shoot I am Che Guevara and am worth more to you alive than dead". The author contrasts this with the bravado of Che's victims who chanted down with Communism, Christ is the king or told them to aim at the crotch. The author contrasts this with the Bay of Pigs dead who fought to the last bullet against long odds sold out by JFK. Four waepons were involved in the whole fracas that was Che's last stand. We have fights over the last bottle of beer in Vermont that have more weapons than that.

In captivity Che tried to suck up to his captors. His men died fighting and three escaped to Cuba. Much of the book is based upon the testimony of Dariel Alarcorn who defected to France in 1996. Che never wore the famous black beret in Bolivia with the bullet hole he probably made himself until after he was captured. While they are starving in Bolivia Che poses for publicity shots. Fidel told the local Bolivian communists not to lift a finger to help Che. Yet after Che was dead Fidel raises a clown to an icon. The rebel who shoots himself in the head with his own side arm and is always lost in the jungle is an icon to Marxist imbecility.

Readers will note that a familiar name was invited to be be Che's publicist. Che sent for Regis Dubray to handle his publicity in the same manner the NYT glossed over Castro's communist depravity. Readers of Flynn will recognize the name as Dubray's wife perpetrated the Rigoberta Menchu hoax years later. Readers of Radosh may recall the meeting of short meeting of Radosh and Dubray where the Dubray is still perptrating the Che myth and serving Castro.

The real Che was a cold blooded killer of defnseless people. His imbecility, vanity
and uselessness make him an appropriate icon for todays lefties who share these attributes. Most of these far left types are unemployed lawyers and clueless univeristy faculty and demented students. As my friend Jerome is fond of saying "I never heard class or struggle in the same sentence in Harlem."

The book is an excellent trip behind the far left fantasies and myths. If it is funny in places it is because the real Che was more cartoon material than rebel

Beamish in 08.


Always On Watch said...

The real Che was a cold blooded killer of defnseless people.

Maybe he was a serial killer in political disguise.

I know several Cubans who emigrated here in the 60s. Professional people all--lawyers, dentists, doctors, college professors, etc. They found their niche in America. Some of them weren't fond of Batista, but they hated Castro. I rarely heard them mention Che.

Evita tried to glorify Che. Must have needed a role for Banderas.

beakerkin said...

Never has such a clown been turned into an icon.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Never has such a clown been turned into an icon.

McCommunism, over 200 million Che-burgers served....

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Oh no!

jams o donnell said...

If it wasn't for that Korda photo then it is very doubtful he would have become an icon at all

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I'm still giggling over McCommunism. You've inspired me, Beak.

beakerkin said...


I think you are 100% correct. Mr B.
we may have an invasion of outraged Che fans but the hell with them. Che was a coward and a clown and his fans are imbeciles.

Ducky's here said...

Become an icon to whom? He has a certain radical chic of the kind that Warhol created with his Mao series but Che doesn't (and never did) have any serious influence on the left.

There are always those who get carried away and confuse pop culture with reality. Jean Luc Godard and Andy Warhol probably explored that most completely right winger rabies radio like Beak and the worshippers of Saint Ronnie Raygun have not matured. I doubt they ever will and unfortunately a large number of them become marines and cops.

beakerkin said...


You are foaming at the mouth again.
You still can't accept that Reagan defeated communism. Take a good look at the Ducky photo on the other site.

Che was a clown and Communists are imbeciles.

Jason_Pappas said...

It sounds more like Woody Allen's "Bananas".

I remember the Che chic of New Leftists in the late 1960s. After Malcolm X's Autobiography, it seemed that Che's "Autobiography" was everywhere. Then the Vietnam War ended and Carlos Castaneda became the fad. I actually knew someone who wrote a master's thesis on that phony. But at least he was not a mass killer.

Odd, how ignorant the younger generation is. But given their teachers ...

beakerkin said...


Che was a cold blooded killer of unarmed men and women. However, you are correct in that the real Che came right out of Woody Allen's Bananas. What type of rebel is always lost and shoot himself in the head with his own side arm.

He was beaten badly in the Congo by Mike Hoare who was a professional. He also did zero in Bolivia and surrendered with a loaded weapon faced by two soldiers.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

Where is the Ducky's commentary on Mc Che and portrait of a Duck?

Ducky's here said...

Jason, after the Castenada paper did the candidate shift to a study of Ayn Rand?

Was the prophetess written up in the economics, political science or philosophy department? She's spread so much snake oil I assume some major university has acknowledged her.

beakerkin said...


As opposed to Noam Chimpanzee who compared the Israeli raid on Entebe to Pearl Harbor and sings Pol Pots praises. Chimpanzee is the poster boy for the elimination of tenure.

Maybe I can use supermarket tabloids in the same manner as Chimpanzee knowingly uses odd Communist publications with a readership of a few dozen. Chimpanzee is the greatest fraud in America, but he calls himself a dissident. Only his dissent is from reality itself.

Make the USA a better place send a Commie to Gitmo.

Ducky's here said...

Wow Beak, that brings back memories. The raid against the Ugandans. The IDF found someone they could handle.

Anyway, you're full of crap, resorting to straw man arguments and can't produce relevant quotes.

Spin till you win, Beak.

beakerkin said...


Where is his proof over the phantom US-Nazi alliance. Funny I seem to recall a Commie-Nazi alliance but this is never mentioned.

Then there is his admiting to making up Truman quotes. That is when Schlessinger called him an intellectual crook. Don't even start with the line that Sclessinger is a Jew or a Conservative.

How many of these idiotic misadventures does Chimpanzee get. If he is going to represent himself as an MIT employee than they should have the right to terminate him. Tenure insulates the administration from performing its job.

Jason_Pappas said...

Ducky, your BBC vote on philosophers had Marx with a 29% vote. (Ducky linked to a BBC poll and -- surprise, surprise -- BBC viewers like Marx!) You're right, academia and the BBC don't like Rand. But that's a badge of honor.

I notice they didn't have Cicero on the voting list either. Or Thomas Jefferson. As a matter of fact, public intellectuals are seldom studied in the academia. By public intellectuals I mean those whose presence on the public stage derives from an active career of achievement beyond armchair philosophy but who help to lead a discussion in fundamental intellectual concepts in the market of public opinion.

Even some of the best philosophers were men of achievement before they came to philosophy; Aristotle and Locke were trained as physicians. Cicero was a statesman. Cicero has been one of the most influential writers on philosophy -- influential in the history of the institutions of Western Civilization -- yet gets little academic respect.

Most of the conservative writers of the last 70 years were outside of the academy or held minor positions. But I don't judge ideas by the credentials of the writer; I use my own mind.

beakerkin said...

Jason Marx never held a job in his wasted life.

Ducky lets go over this again. Are you under the mistaken impression that the raid at Entebe was a cake walk? Are you on drugs seriously or has Marxist rot reached your brain.What were German commies doing participating in a Fakestinian crime? Is this another example of Commie mercenaries that everyone ignore.

Hmmm Mike Hoare is a bad man because he is a mercenary. However German Commies hijacking an Air France Plane on behalf of Pseudostinians sounds like mercenaries to me. Why were the Pseudstinians and Eastern Europeans in Nicaragua massacring the Indians. How many words did you say when Infidel Castro sent men to Eithiopia? Communist subversion seems to go by the boards, but not here.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Entebe was on a scale with Operation Barbarossa.
Get a grip, Beak. Entebe was a joke.

Cuba wants us to extradite a terrorist who blew up a Cuban airliner. How do you feel about that one or is it ok since the dead must have been vermin since they returning to Cuba. Let us know, you fascist clown.

Anyway, sight some sources if you would, Beak.

beakerkin said...

I can site the sources for the Chimpanzee quotes but they are widely known. Are you going to take the time to go and look at the books.

Lets see the Cuban should be made Bill Ayers supervisor. Cuba has been holding a convicted Cop Killer
for how long. Sorry Duncy and this man would be facing genuine torture unlike the clowns in GITMO.

However, the USA is holding plenty of Cuban prisoners Fidel won't take back. If Fidel wants him let him turn over the cop killer and take back his own prisoners. The Cop Killer deserves to die ASAP but I would commute her sentence if she rats out the Commie Odessa network. I would like to see all those that helped the Cop Killer be denaturalized and spend their days in Cuba.

Ducky's here said...

Oh, the quotes are widely known. By whom, some douchebag rabies radio personality?
In other words, Beak, you can't find a reputable news source or one of Chomsky's writings to support the pantload you're pushing.

So once again.

Beak the fascist does not think the terrorist killer of nearly 100 innocent people (and that was just one incident in his illustrious career) should be tried and brought to justice. Terrorism is fine if the targets are people Beak doesn't like.

Entebe was a freaking pussy operation. Get real.

beakerkin said...

Lets see so now you are a military historian. Genuine military historians rate this as one of the most daring raids of all time.

Have you been trying to read Von Poultrywitz again.

I will produce the exact page of the quotes but his quote on Entebe is widely known as is Schlessingers rebuke of Chimpanzee.
I guess you need to read something other than Mother Jones or High Times.

beakerkin said...

Here you go Duck

Google Paul Bogdanor Devil State Chomsky's War on Israel. The quotes are widely known by the entire planet.

FYI you can read the chapter about Finky. "Israeli Joooos are a parasitic class". Sounds like a Commie to me. Finky also fails to mention his mother was a hardened noted wack job commie, and ommits this fact.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Damn Ducky. You just absolutely refuse to allow anyone to believe you have a coherent thought process, don'tcha cupcake?

kevin said...

Rent the movie "The Lost City". It explains well why so many are willing to risk their lives to escape the Worker's Paradise.

sonia said...


Che doesn't (and never did) have any serious influence on the left.,

I wish. But unfortunately, Che has had an ENORMOUS influence on leftists, especially in Latin America. All those red nuts run around dreaming of overthrowing governments and creating their own totalitarian utopias. From Allende to Chavez, their ruin one country after another.