Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My vision of America

Over the last few weeks, I have been rethinking my vision of America. The comments at one of the sites I spend time at have me scratching my head. I understand that small ethnicities like my own and others seek to preserve their tradition. Intermarriage is a serious threat to these communities and I respect the traditionalist who want to preserve their heritage. Those who read this blog know I am not religious and such concerns are not at the top of my agenda.

Their has been some heat over the presence of White power nuts at Bad Eagle. Dr Yeagley like anyone who runs a blog is not at fault for the offensive comments. In fact I have had several private emails urging these offensive people not be banned on First Amendment grounds. I provided the same courtesy when the topic of banning a Commie dolt was discussed. There is a profound difference between a Native American or a Jew wanting to preserve their ethnicity and customs and the hateful white power nuts.

The reality is I am an American and as such I transcend all this petty racial power idiocy. Real Americans are united by a common set of individual values, individual rights and individual liberties. Racial power nuts of all stripes denigrate members of my American family. They are not members of my American family.

The Duck, Renegade and the rest of the commies are not part of the American family.
They are beholden to an ideaology of theft with flowery words about the working class
to mask their arrogant elitist nature. They claim to be internationalists, but the only thing they internationalize is the misery and death they leave in their wake.
Their focus is on group rights and group rights itself is a totalitarian construct. Their history of spying for hostile regimes and attempting to undermine America is abundantly clear. By nature of who and what they are they should be under constant government scrutiny. Moreover when they violate the laws, such as handing money to our enemies in Falujah they should be tried stripped of citizenship and deported to North Korea.

The reality is that as Americans we are far more international than the European elite critics. Many of us have mixed ancestry, work in jobs that are virtual UN assemblies and live in multiethnic communites. The folly of the Euroleft is that they mouth these words while herding Muslims into ghettos, menial jobs and hand them a welfare check. For good measure we will co-opt their anti Israel and anti American obsessions while keeping the status quo at home. Then they are perplexed about daily
riots and the common sense notion that employed people do not riot has not hit home yet.

Jihadis want to impose their theological Jim Crow on the world. Theocracy of any type is unamerican and a RX for economic disaster. If you want to live under sharia there are many places to do so but not my country.


Jungle Mom said...

. Many of us have mixed ancestry, work in jobs that are virtual UN assemblies and live in multiethnic communites.
So true. My family alone has , american indian, mexican, Lebanese,German, irish....

I think there in lies our strength.

beakerkin said...

Jungle Mom

It is shared values that make us American. I am sadened by the flight of people from Venezuela. I have noticed American Oil companies are sponsoring key employees for jobs in the USA to get away from Hugo. I have seen around three dozen.

Welcome to the blog.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

There's a few suspect wite powr nuts that have shown up to drop comments and links to racial supremacist / seperatist sites on the Autonomist blog. Nobody's called them on it yet.

School's out. Its troll time, I guess.

Z said...

Mixed ancestry is a good thing....people from different ethnicities are what's made America strong. But America is not multicultural, it's multiethnic. It's when cultures of other lands demand their culture predominate here that the problems begin.

When elementary schools start celebrating MULTICULTURAL day and give very little time to American history, American heroes, etc., then we're not doing America a service, in my opinion.

Everyone welcomes legal immigrants to America who want to be Americans. Anyone who welcomes illegals demanding their rights over those of Americans has to have motivation questioned.

White Supremacists don't have the kind of shared values Americans should have, that's for sure.

Beak, talking about Venezuela, we met a couple from Guatemala last week...he represents a magazine which encourages Guatemalans to come back! The country's in terrible shape because the young are leaving to America and nobody's doing the jobs needed inside Guatemala because many of those who are still there get big fat checks FROM those illegals living here, not paying taxes, and sending fat checks to help support their families back home! There's a big push to keep Guatemalans home. I told them many Americans have just that sentiment (HA!) It's an aspect of illegal immigration I hadn't considered.

Anonymous said...

Theocracy is the single biggest threat to the world Today, It goes beyond Islam, although Islam is a huge threat. There must always be a balance of Religion and Secularism, to much of either is bad for society as a whole.

beakerkin said...


The concern about brain drain is real.


Other than Muslims there does not seem to be anyone else clammoring for a theocracy. MZ and his band of merry lunatics are a disgruntled minority with no following. The hysteria about BJP is overstated as India does have secular balances in its system of governance.Even the most religious of Christians recognize theocracy is a dead end.

Anonymous said...

The freedom to choose is at the very core of Christianity. Where as Islam, Submission and control is at the very core, very different, and anyone who can't see the differance is a moron.

Always On Watch Two said...

If certain Muslims like shari'a law so much, they should stay in their Islamic nations--their theocracies under Allah.

Always On Watch Two said...

About Latin American nations wanting some of those who have fled to come back....I've read something about that recently. Houses in Central America--nice houses--are available and being advertised as an incentive to bring some of the people back. I think that the article I meant mentioned El Salvador.

Always On Watch Two said...

Exactly! Islam prescribes and proscribes the lives of Muslims. As Nonie Darwish has pointed out in several interviews.

However, the fact remains that many such Muslims are committed to Islam. Many Christians, on the other hand, are lukewarm. Remember what Jesus said about those who are lukewarm?

Being on fire for the Lord does not entail the establishment of a theocracy! Being on fire for Allah does. In fact, jihad is the path to Paradise--the certain path. Contrast that with Christianity.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I'm a human supremacist. Everything else is food or target practice.