Friday, June 01, 2007

My Brother Amil

I want to introduce those of you to a friend of mine and a true visionary Amil. Amil understands what it is like to be an American and he years for his people to have the freedoms we take for granted. There is a link to Amil's site on the right.

The left white washes the brutality of the current Iranian regime. The class genocide and harassment of dissenters should seem familiar to Renegade and Company. In fact if one would toss Ren or Troutsky a Koran one would hardly notice much difference. Maybe Ren would spew a tad more strident anti-semitic venom ala Liberal White Boy or John Brown.

While the people suffer the left dithers and sides with our enemies.

There is a world of difference between an idealist like Jams and an honest cynic like Beatroot and an unappologetic proponent of toalitarian mayhem like Ren or Troutsky. One can have an honest conversation with Beatroot or Jams but as Naipul said " writers that align themselves with great causes like Islam or Communism prositute themselves to a cause".

Beamish in O8


Jungle Mom said...

frankly, I am quite tired of the lefties spouting off nonsense while they sit in the good ol' USA and enjoy their freedom. Why not move to one of their Utopias and actually experience the realities of totalitarianism! Hypocrites! If I seem angry, it is because I am here in Venezuela dealing with the mess Carter left and the likes of Glover and Sheehan endorse...where are they???

FLORIAN said...

Leftists don't understand what it takes to have real freedom. The philosophy is not known to them. This used to not be the case, but the leftwing has turned downright socialist/marxist in the last decade or so. Time for the blood of a few patriots to renew Liberty. Hint: It won't be leftists who do the fighting or dying--just the bad-mouthing, complaining, and relaxing under the laurels of FREEDOM won by others. I'll be praying for Venezuela and Iran to rid themselves of tyrants.

beakerkin said...

Junglemom and Florian

The great mistake the rest of us make with lefties is we play nice and we shouldn't. I want to point out a world of difference between an honest idealist like Jams or Redwine or a cynic like Beatroot or even to a lesser degree Rob Bayn
and Ducky, John Brown and Renegade.

The Duck is an apologist for the most noxious forms of totalitarianism while holding the USA and Israel to lofty standards. They feel it is their divine right to lord over the unwashed masses. This is the same mentality that those of the Old Southern plantations had when discussing slavery. Indeed when Ren, Duncy and John Brown dismiss the numerous crimes and yearn nostalgically for the lost cause of communism they are behaving in exactly the same manner as Southerners who romanticized Confederacy. There is no romanticization of communism only suffering, death and theft.

FLORIAN said...

Did you hear about the Gov't giving Haliburton rights to build "enternment camps" here in the US Beak? Supposedly a small and silent directive was signed by Bush on May 9th to give him "emergency powers" in the case of a disaster or national emergency. If this is true our freedom might me ebbing away quicker than I thought. Where is the MSM on this?

Always On Watch Two said...

Amil rocks! I read all of his columns.

Amil Imani's web site

American Crusader said...

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is seeking either to end the world or make the world so chaotic as to force the arrival of its imaginary hidden Imam, the Mahdi. What a travesty!"

I can see why your friend faces genuine danger. I believe Ahmadinejad is attempting to bring about this very thing. I also believe that Ahmadinejad believes that he is the Mahdi...
Thanks for recommending his site.

Ducky's here said...

" writers that align themselves with great causes like Islam, Zionism or Communism prositute themselves to a cause".

I certainly agree with him.

beakerkin said...


Naipuldoes not mention Zionism in the quote. Moreover as Zionism has never advocated global hegemony, except in the absurd mind of commie appologists it is insane to link it with the pathologies of jihadism and Communism