Thursday, June 21, 2007

I want to thank Henry Gomez

Yesterday's interview was informative and an enlightening look behind the stereotypes. Many of us including myself are fortunate to have Cuban American friends and coworkers. Their story doesn't match the diet of lies perpetuated by the far left. The left demonizes Cuban Americans in a similar manner to the way it demonizes Jews and Christians who practice their faith.

Many members of the far left live in a fantasy world and they think if they repeat a lie or go on a few government sponsored Theresienstadt visits they are experts. As Sonia pointed out " those who are selected for such tours are prone to believe the idiocy of the Cuban and Venezuelan government. A greater question is how such people afford such trips to Vietnam, Cuba,Venezuela. Are these trips being subsidized by the government in question? If so then they should be considered agents of a hostile foreign power and subject to governmental scrutiny. They should be immediately prosecuted if they interfere in US Foreign policy or violate US Law. The range of penalties should include denaturalization and deportation of US born citizens who violate the law.

The behavior of the left is quite typical and antisemitic.The Duck becomes a fical Conservative only when aid to Israel is considered. He has commented on the Pollard and Franklin cases.Pollard is serving hard jail time. Has the media said a word about people who were caught spying for Castro and the alleged Peace activist who was charged with working for Saddam. Has the traitor who tossed grendes at his fellow soldiers been sentenced. Ren and company knowingly permit a rabid anti-semite to question the patriotism of American Jews. Were I to make similar comments about the patriotism of Muslim Americans he would be screaming bigot. Moreover, no group has had the track record of treason of the far left itself.

I also want to deal with a minor topic mentioned by Henry and CB. CB is correct that
the people he mentions do not reflect the vast majority of the opinions of African Americans. CB correctly points out the hard left/ marxist orientation of the people named by Henry. Yet these people are unique in trying to create the image of a seperate foreign policy in the US based on group identity. We do not discuss the views of Italian Americans on Israel, Cuba or the EU. Most of the people named with the exception of Charlie Rangel are self apointed. Does Danny Devito or Joe Piscopo
go around as self appointed pundits with the "Italian POV".

This goes into a long boring discussion that Commies have decided they are the arbiters of ethnic authenticity. The Marcuse based lunatics have a victims pyramid and only people who abide with their views are considered authentic. Thomas Sowell and Professor Walter E Williams do not need lectures from Commie hacks about Black authenticity. Dr Yeagley does not need a lecture from Ward Churchill about being a Native American. This is mildly amusing because Churchill is not Native Ameican and Yeagley is. Commies like Ren and Eric present themselves as Jews at times to deflect the rabid anti-semitism that is obvious in their ranks. They pretend that Commies such as Norm Finkelstein, Chomsky and Koevell are just ordinary Jews without a far left orientation.

The reality is that commies like Ren and company have signed onto a utopian death cult. Now if Ren were a Scientologist instead of a commie people would no longer consider him a Jew and this would be a self improvement of some sort. The religious implications of Communism have been discussed by experts fo at least fifty years, notably by Toynbee. Treason and sedition for Commies is as natural as breathing. David Horowitz compared radicals to cancer. Horowitz describes the essence of radicals as alienation.

Communism from its eariest days viewed Zionism as a rival and we are too familiar with how Commies handle rivals. Communists and socialists have a lengthy history of anti-semitism dating back to Marx. The notion of the Jewish advotates of this idiocy
was to erase all identies in favor of a new socialist man and kill or enslave those who disagree. One finds very few practicing Jews on the far left. Moreover even amongst non practicing Jews their numbers are small. One should not be shocked to find the local NY chapter of the Young Republicans club is 1/3 Jewish. When I registered as a Republican in the Regan years it was considered an unusual act. I suspect that the constant demonization of Jews and Israel has created some of this increase.

Much of the joy of doing these interviews is meeting new bloggers and discussing new ideas that are not commonly seen in our circle of friends. I want to thank Henry for his time and passion. For the first time that I can recall an interviewee kicked Ducky's tail better than I did.

Beamish in 08


CB said...


I'm beginning to see that your zeal doesn't just come from a mere proper understanding of history, but because marxism and all of its bastardized progeny are a direct assault on your personhood. It is not a casual, academic excersize, when in a very real sense, the brown shirts are goose stepping in your neighborhood. It would be akin to me being cavalier about the men on horseback wearing white hoods with torches in their hand at the park where my children are playing. I feel ya!

Anonymous said...

It was an excellent interview and I commend you both for your questions & answers. We ought to put some money behind subsidizing the Cuban-American expatriot community so as to "get their story out" and counter all the pro-Castro romanticized propaganda that swirl's around the Chavez-Castro "Bolivarian Republic" and their bogus ideals.

Fight the vision of a Marxist-utopia with the reality of a failed Cuba. The only thing currently giving Chavez momentum is the current over-pricing of oil. Once that collapses, so will the Bolivarian Revolution.

beakerkin said...


In the particular case of the Jewish community and the Cuban American community we are being vilified by far left bigots. The Jewish experience is far more odious as far left types like Chomsky and Finkelstein have made a career out of catering to far left anti-semitism.

Do note that Ren is tough on me for allegedly being off topic. He has never said a single word about John Brown, LWB and any others bringing apartheid Israel into every post. More to the point he is unwilling to say a single word about the most obvious anti-semitic outbursts of LWB. The problem with the far left is that anti-semitism defines them. They make a great effort to pretend thet Finkelstein, Chomsky and so forth are not Communists but it isn't so.

Older readers skip this part

Older readers know I was there on 9-11 and ran from the area. I am a survivor of the WTC 93 blast. Imagine living in a city amidst the stench of burning evil. On the Saturday NYC residents thought 15000 of our friends were gone. The communists held an anti-semitic rally in Union Square Park.
They blamed Israel, Neocons, the Mossad, Larry Silverstein, the CIA,
Big Oil and everyone but the actual culprits. You did not hear about the comments because the media was reporting Falwell's stupid comments. 2,000 communists blame Jews, Israel,the Mossad and the media remained silent.

Since then my Cold War zeal is stronger than ever. Most of the 9-11 conspiracy kooks involve Jews.
The far left obsession with Jews and Israel has been at Elmer Fudd levels well before this.

The far left thinks they are imune from bigotry. The Duck is quite typical in that he thinks it is okay to call Ellie Weisel a "Shoah Pimp" or Condie Rice "Aunt Jemimah".

There is a huge marked difference between a Jams O'Donnel who is a humane idealist and Ren who is a souless hack. Jams Doesn't excuse the mess in Cuba or Zimbabwe. Even Beatroot doesn't go down that path.
Ren is not capable of dealing with the most obvious anti semitism.

I will give kudos to Graeme who has come out and said the 9-11 conspiracy people are nuts and that talk of Jewish cabals and the Iraq war is silly. Ren remains silent and feeds the believers a diet of what they want to hear.

Jason_Pappas said...

Ducky called Condi what? I'm no fan of Condi Rice but this is the worse I could muster ... and it doesn't have anything to do with her being black.

The left has become the major advocates of racism today. First it was repackaged as affirmative action. Now they are blatant bigots of any demographic group that pulls themselves up by their own bootstraps. It puts a lie to the idea that you can't make it in America. They hate Jews, Cuban-Americans and Korean-Americans. They also consider blacks from Africa as less than 'authentic'.

beakerkin said...


Do not forget the naked bigotry against Hindu Indians. I used to laugh when some clown in a Black studies department would lecture a Nigerian in college about authenticity.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, why aren't you screaming for that Likud stooge Franklin to be thrown out of the country for conducting foreign policy?

Ducky's here said...

Jason, I called the useless affirmative action cooze, Aunt Jemima. Given the damage she's done I see no reason not to use the basest of insults.

I can remember the days when all the little neocon wankers were just ga-ga over the little Imelda Marcos trainee and thinking of running her for president.

Then folks like Putin started bending her over and giving her a good boinking and it became apparent she's nothing but an affirmative action clown who got a chance to get out of the field and work in the house shufflin' for massah.

beakerkin said...

Number 1 Israel is not and has never been a hostile foreign power. Franklin did not think the information he discussed was classified.

Number 2 Cuba is clearly an enemy of the USA. The people who have done this should face a firing squad. Commies who break the law in this manner should be denaturalized or executed. People have been executed in Cuba for less.

I want to point out the racist comments of the Duck are typical. The far left seems to think that they are above snide racist comments. Sorry Duck you can not hide behind Harry Belacommie.

No doubt if I made a joke about Cornel West the Duck would be singing another tune.

Execute the Cuban spies as an example to commies in the USA.

Ducky's here said...

That's right Beak, Franklin is conducting espionage for Israel so it doesn't count. And you wonder why the dual loyalty question comes up for jews.

beakerkin said...


Israel has not nor has ever been a hostile foreign power. Franklin has stated he was unaware the information he was dealing with was restricted.

One can not make the same claim for the Cuban spies who just happen to work in higher ed. They should be tried and executed holding a copy of I Rigoreta.

Your convert to patriotism is quite amusing being that you have defended treason on the part of Commies and fellow travelers. Who was the senator who broke the law and met with Vietnamese intelligence officers while he was active in the US Naval reserve violating two laws?

It is time to start denaturalizing communists once they break the law.

The members of Code Pink who gve money to our enemies in Falujah should be denaturalized and deported to North Korea.

Off to Gitmo with the Duck.

Ducky's here said...

Keep apologizing for the spy. Pretty soon you'll have Free Franklin and Free Pollard signs up here more prevelant than Free Mumia signs on John Brown's site.

Ducky's here said...

Let's see, leftists hate Koreans. Can you explain Jason?

Leftists hate jews. Are you conflating that with dissaproval of Israeli foreign policy?

Leftists hate Cuban-Americans. Well not in a personal way but their voting pattern is troublesome. The right wing has these damn fools convinced that we're going to overthrow Castro and give them half of Cuba so their naivete is grating. Pluse they get a lot of covert government money unlike say Haitians or Guatemalans and they don't have to deal with immigration hurdles that other latin groups have to face.

They consider blacks from Africa less than authentic. Whatever you say but that registered high on the dumb-o-meter.

beakerkin said...

Pollard did the crime and has served ample time.


Leftist do talk trash about Koreans all the time. Think Sonny Carson and that ilk.

The far left from Marx on has always been anti-semitic. The identification of the Neo-Nazis as rightist is in accurate there were many leftist tendencies and an entire wing of gay lefties.

Much of the anti Israel mania is continuation with the communist obsession with zionism that was percieved as a rival. Much of the obsession with Jews and word games with Israel is clearly anti-semitic. Your term "shoah pimp" is an example of clear anti-semitsm.

Lefties do hate Cuban Americans and demonize them almost as much as Jews. The difference is that Cuban Americans scare the daylights out of commies. I would like to see you talk smack in Union City so I can see Cuban American patriots tar and feather you. Jews in general do not go on offense and this includes people like MZ. This is a mistake on the part of Jews who need to give Communist hacks a taste of their own medicine. Commies are all offense and no defense.

CB said...


As the mandarins and purveyors of the twaddle that is political correctness, I find it intriguing that it would be with such a noxious epithet that a white liberal would dain to characterize a former Provost of Stanford University and sitting Secretary of State.

The veneer of respect and understanding is washed away in frustration (Michael Richards?) when white liberals are pressed. How could you be anything but condescending if you're telling me that I can't make it without your assistance in education, housing and jobs? And when I date your sister....

I know Ducky, it's hard out here for a pimp, even a white liberal!

Ducky's here said...

Beak, when you get a chance ask Henry Gomez if Jeb Bush, noted conservative and really smart economics guy, was behind making the gasoline tax in Florida one of the highest in the nation.

It's twenty cents a gallon higher than Massachusetts where we have more progressive taxation.

beakerkin said...


This is exactly the over the top far left bigotry I am pointing at. It is acceptable to not like the policies of Condi Rice. However, this is much different from ethnic slurs and race baiting.

Lefties are seriously clueless when they go over the edge.


The overall Tax burden consists of
Income, Sales, Property, Gas and utilities taxes. It is safe to say that Florida does not abuse its tax payers nearly in the same manner as MA.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, Florida has a 6% sales tax. Massachusetts is 5%. Again more progressive. Keep trying.

We have no utilities tax to speak of. Keep trying.

beakerkin said...

Lets see compare the two largest taxes income and property.

Jason_Pappas said...

A Korean-American I work with often points out the “digs” Koreans get in the MSM especially the New York Times. Clearly Koreans, like blacks, show their minority status on their faces. However, Koreans excel and achieve the American dream. This disproves the thesis of an innate bigotry against “the other” that “White Amerika” supposedly has for anyone who doesn’t look like them.

The only example that I can remember that is public knowledge is the Sonny Carson boycott of the Korean grocery store in Brooklyn. But my co-worker often points out others.

Always On Watch said...

An outstanding interview--both interviewer and interviewee.

Glad to see this feature back on your blog, Beak!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


You have to understand something about Ducky. For him, it's not enough to just claim to be a leftist. No, no, he's just got to prove it to you.

He does this by couching his narratives in the most stridently racist and anti-Semitic terms possible.

Whether he's cleverly denying the Holocaust by claiming Israel was settled by "white Europeans" (the Nazis didn't kill real Jews?) or slinging the "mud people" rhetoric of 1930's "progressive" racists, Ducky will not be satisfied until you view him as standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the greatest leftists of history: Marx, Engels, Proudhon, Bakunin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mussolini, and Hitler.

So, take his word that he's a leftist.