Monday, June 11, 2007

Just a bit longer

My computer should be back from the shop tommorow.

Onto more serious news. While the far left dolt Renegade complains about imaginary spam threats an entire community is under seige due to the spam of a sick stalker. Renegade is well aware of the antics of this Marxist labotomy and condones them. This blogger has threatened people's children and used racial epithets. Several of our blogs are now by invitation only.

This blog will remain in its current form.

I find it revealing that far left blogs opperate with impunity while our sites remain under constant attack.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Of particular interest, there is a forum (see link below) that is loaded with bullying libtards (or those that TRY to be), whom I am working on getting my hands on one of them in real life shortly, just to prove a point that it's stupid to make idle threats online, especially if you meet people in real life.

I bet the attitude and the insults stop at his keyboard and go no further. He'll need toilet paper when I am finished because all I plan on doing is scaring the living shit out of him.

Forum over at

Go there, watch what happens when you post a conservative opinion. It turns into a shouting match and/or insults + threats.

Renegade Eye said...

It is amazing how much you can decompartmentalize your own behavior.

The spam threats are at my blog and others, for all to see.

The threats come from your people, with the tactics you invented. I didn't have anything to do with John Brown, that never stopped you from threatening my blog.

Spamming uninvolved blogs is a tactic invented by you.

I have no desire for a spamming war, or nonsense like that.

I told JB 1000x to stay away from unfriendly sites.

You have the power to stop this nonsense. The problem comes from your friends, using your tactics. You can't separate yourself, from a cycle you invented.

I've never spammed anyone in my life. Can you say the same thing?

beakerkin said...


I have not spammed any site. Nor am I in anyway connected with anything at your blog. The notion that I inspired this is absurd.

You are well aware of the criminal antics of John Brown. You were aware of the Klan Watch section and have commented on it. You were aware of the use of racial epithets like Sambo directed against Native Americans.More directly you are aware of the threats of molestation made by Brown against Elmers Brother.

What you should be asking yourself is why such an unbalanced criminal feels at home on your site. The truth is that you feed rabid anti-semites a diet of material that caters to their delusions. You are well aware that Brown, LWB and the Pupeteer are rabid anti-semites.

The reality is that you cry too much. I am subjected to 200 plus spam comments every day from Brown.
I have put up with it for a long time. You have not dealt with anything remotely similar and cry way too much.

I have nothing to do with anything at your blog. You should direct your comments at John Brown who has obviously annoyed someone.

beakerkin said...


This sounds like some form of Left wing McCarthyism.

" You can not seperate yourself from the tactics you created"

Has it occured to you that John Brown could be the person who placed those comments on your site?
He does have a warped mind and needs attention.

Why don't you just declare him to be an enema of the people and exile him? It is much easier than ice picks and building gulags.