Sunday, June 10, 2007


I was with my parents yesterday. We drove to the North East Kingom to the great woods of Maine. My favorite spot is still scenic Walace Pond that is mostly in Canada. Maybe someday I will get to retire there.

We drove through several notches the most dificult one is Smugglers Notch. The best looking is Dixville Notch with the hotel the Balsams at its base. The Balsams looks like something taken from a Renoir painting. Most normal people like Renoir, who is despised by the Duck. However, a person that trashes Renoir and studies Arabic caligraphy is obviously an idiot.

We continued to Grafton Notch and there are many exciting things there. Unfortunately it rained so I will return in better weather. Any gorge known as Moose Cave deserves a visit even if no Moose are present.

The return trip passed Mount Washington and the Green Mountains of Vermont. The White Mountains are better on the eye.

The forces of evil have their panties in a knot as Norman Finkelstein noted anti-semite was denied tenure. The thrice fired clown has not published articles that are the prequisite for tenure. Book sales are not the criteria and his books should have been placed in the crank aisle long ago. The merits of harassing Elie Weisel over reading Kant in Yidish are typical of crank antics that are typical of a mental case who will teach in the or elsewhere. Fans of the noted anti-semite need not worry that he will be unemployed for long.

Renegade Eye is making up some absurd claims that I am behind threats to spam his blog. I have not commented there in many weeks and have nothing to do with anything there. As far as spam is concerned he should talk to his friend who has spammed this blog and has threatened children with molestation. This blog has been spammed daily for two weeks with around 200 comments a day. If he has any proof that I am behind this let him show it or quit crying.

More to the point Ren has lost all his marbles and needs to stop crying. He has attempted a left wing McCarthyite tactics under the most absurd charges. He is bawling because I called Troutsky a simpleton, despite the much more strident personal attacks. Troutsky will be the first to admit to them and it is no big deal.
Ren is also still bawling over being linked to Ayers, Dorn, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. Excuse me, but all of the above share the same philosophy with Ren and at best differ on tactics and procedure. I do not buy this rope a dope garbage with him claiming to be a Troskyite. This is as absurd as a goon claiming to rehabilitate a Roehm version of Nazism.

More to the point, I respect people like Jams and Redwine who is way to my left. Jams is an idealist and as such he is not beholden or an apologist for class genocide, flat earth economics and meglomaniacal third word despots. I also respect Beatroot as a refreshing cynic who tends to equivacate but is articulate. The continued denial of realities in Cuba, Venezuela and elsewhere are flat earth logic.
Ren is also an actual anti-semite who feeds the most rabid mania of people like John, Brown, The Pupeteer, LWB and the incoherent MFL.


CB said...

I think MFL suffers from translation issues, because neither you, sonia nor I can make heads or tails of his/her postings.

LWB is not too far behind in lacking coherence and Pupeteer and JB like their own facts, but are clearly anti-semite racists.

I still haven't read, to my satisfaction, an explanation from Ren, Troutsky and Graeme (I'll include Che Bob in this) about the atrocities committed by Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim, Ho, Pol Pot, Ortega, Castro and poor implementation is not an excuse.

On a practical and historic level, I'm with you. On a personal level (perhaps because of a delusional sense of having made a connection) I'm withholding judgement until I can pin each of them down on this issue. It's interesting though, that in the many attempts to try, they have all avoided the discussion.

Always On Watch said...

This blog has been spammed daily for two weeks with around 200 comments a day.

What's the point of spamming when comment moderation is being used. Sounds like perseverating, which is a sign of mental problems.


I've been to New England only once, some 20 years ago. The White Mountains are beautiful! Very impressive and peaceful.

Ducky's here said...

Interesting Beak, you seem to think Renoir was a landscapist. Well I'm not surprised.

It is nice to see that museums are moving away from the blockbuster impressionist shows and giving patrons more "nutritious" fare.

Great Joseph Cornell and Edward Hopper shows going on here right now.

I imagine I'll get down to the apple for the Richard Serra retrospective at MoMA. It has a secondary interest since my father was an industrial rigger and I try to imagine what it was like trying to get over 300 tons of steel through mid-town.

Anyway, go with Jason or some other disciple of Rand who is stuck in a concrete operational phase. You would probably both enjoy having your scope expanded.

Impressionism is just terribly limiting.

beakerkin said...


A person who is a fan of caligraphy
has no taste in anything. Caligraphy is two steps removed from grafiti.

I will stick with Renoir, Manet and
you may hold your head in shame with the glorified grafiti artists.

beakerkin said...


Ren is a crybaby. He feeds rabid anti-semites red meat. Has he ever said a word about the anti-semitism on his blog. He wants to lecture Limbaugh and Howard Stern about far less pernicious material.

Troutsky is a decent human being with bad ideas. He gets angry but composes himself. He called me herpes and I responded where did he become an expert on the topic. He certainly did not cry like Ren over being called a simpleton.

Che Bob is a hack. His fairy tale versions of Cuban life are not amusing to the folks in Union City NJ. MFL is simply incoherent and borders on imbicility.

Beatroot is impressive as a genuine
cynic. He uses moral equivalency a tad too much but is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hey ducky, I heard the French Communist Party has to sell all their Mondrian's to raise money to pay their electric bill. My question to you is, will there be enough money left over to pay the Vodka supplier, too? Had they bough Renoir's instead, they'd be rolling in dough.

Ducky's here said...

Well Farmer, I think Mondrian would be included with Picasso and Matisse on the list of most influential 20th century artists.

I pick Matisse with Mondrian second. Picasso was very derivative after the Demoiselles and never acknowledged his debt to Braque.

Have you checked out Mondrian's prices? Don't come up for sale often but the are quite hefty.

Still, do you want to be slumming on a board whose owner calls Cornell and Hopper grafiti artists?

Anonymous said...

You'd think the French commies would have Picasso's coming out of their ears... but I guess they've already sold most of those off.

And I can't say that I'm a tremendous Cornell fan, myself.

sonia said...


you seem to think Renoir was a landscapist. Well I'm not surprised.

But I'm surprised by your comment because Renoir has painted many landscapes.

Like this one, this one, or this one...

... and many many others...

beakerkin said...


Monet attempted to train Renoir and these works may be from that period. Monet was not a fan of Renoir's but oddly Renoir rose to greater fame than his mentor.

beatroot said...

Me? Cynic? Whatever gave you that idea? Actually, I am an idealist at a time when that kind of thing had gone way out of fashion. I just think the old left/right thing is a thing of the past and we should be looking for something else.

As far Ren goes. I do think he is oversensitive (strange: he has been blogging as long as me: and one thing you pick up when you have been blogging for a while is a thick skin. Mine has become like a rhino’s. I have had the lot, believe me – from death threats to people trying to get me the sack from work. Fuck em. I ain’t stopping doing it).

But I really don’t think he is an anti-Semite. I lived n Israel for six months once and had the time of my life. Loved it. But I am extremely critical of the occupation there and what it has led to. Does that make me an anti-Semite?

Ren also doesn’t fall into the trap of excusing Muslim regimes, and other nasty little groups, some of the mental things they get up to.

I continue to find this personalization of debate you lot seem to go in for a little sad and ultimately a waste of time.

So let’s all calm down and get back to the politics.

And a very nice description of New England at the beginning of the post, by the way…..

beatroot said...

Oh, by the way. If you turned on the 'word verification' thing you would not get soooo much spam.

beakerkin said...


Criticism of Israel alone does not make one an anti-semite. Ren plays the standard word game with Jooo/ Zionist. Ren also has defended the foremost anti-semite on the planet Norman Finkelstein.

Finkelstein's stock and trade is Joo/Nazi comparisons, calling Holocaust survivors liars, idiotic claims of plagiarism, recylcled Commie rhetoric " Israeli Joo's are a paraditic class".

He feeds the mental delusions of more rabid anti-semites like LWB, the Pupeteer and notably John Brown. He is well aware of the crass anti-semitism on his site and feeds it with such classics as the political views of Porn Star Nina Hartley and the classic Non Joooish Joo.

Troutsky has a soul and is somewhat more sane. Ren is aware of the anti-semitism as stokes it.
MFL is incoherent and a blathering idiot.

I do not take these things seriously either.