Monday, June 11, 2007

Not involved

The hysterical crybaby of class genocide has accused me of threatening to spam his blog. The threats are over the antics of the Communist labotomy whose behavior is well known to all. I am in no way connected to any such threats.

The antics of the blogger in question are well known. Maybe Ren thinks that harassment is okay when done by a commie. Maybe he thinks that threatening children, racial slurs, acusations of criminality are just fine. Ren is aware of this behavior and apparently approves of it as he has said nothing.

It is obvious that the usual suspect has annoyed someone or is making the threats himself in a twisted attempt for attention.

There is left and right, but this is about right and wrong. The antics of this blogger are well known. He obviously does not care about the headaches he has caused his allies. They would be well advised to ask him to leave.


FLORIAN said...

problems again with bloggers Beak? How do you manage this attention?

beakerkin said...


I have no idea. Anytime something happens at Renegade's site he blames me.

Someone else was upset by Brown's antics and sent a message to Renegade. Renegade needs to talk with Brown. I am not involved with this in any way.

Always On Watch said...

making the threats himself in a twisted attempt for attention

Could well be.

Jungle Mom said...

You must be doing something right then!