Friday, June 22, 2007

Flat Earth Types

Communist seem to think that no matter how long a lie is repeated people will believe it. The other day our Marxist hack proclaimed Julius Rosenberg and specifically Ethel Rosenberg innocent. Sonia corrected the mindless Marxists by reminding him that the Venona intercepts indicate Ethel was clearly involved. The sad part is that the Rosenbergs could have remained alive by talking. However, they decided to orphan their choldren for Stalin.

The far left used the Rosenberg case to divert attention from the Slansky show trial.
Over the years countless books articles all have been dedicated to a subject that was obviously false. This is an example of Communists perpetuating a myth they knew was false from the outset. This is also an example of why Communists do not belong in higher education. Years after Rigoberta Menchu's book has been proven a fraud it is still used in colleges.

This is paraphrasing of a conversation with Communist types

Beakerkin: Cuba is a totalitarian police state with policital prisoners and a track record of sending mercenaries abroad.
Marxist Clown: Cuba has great health care. Don't you care about the poor.
B: The same great heath care placed homosexuals and political prisoners in mental hospital. Cuba still offered labotomies long after it was stopped in the West.
MC: Cuba has improved litteracy.
B: Yes now everyone can read what the party line of the day tells the to read. Have they allowed people the freedom to think for theselves.
MC: I visited Cuba and everything was fine. I stayed in a luxury hotel.
B; Nazis took people exactly like you to Theriesenstadt. The experience at Theriesenstadt was not indicative of what was going on at Aushwitz.
MC: So you want Cuba to go back to the Batista days where it was used as Americas brothel.
B: There are more prostitutes in Havana today than in the Batista era. It would seem that the desire for hard currency trumps Marxist dogma. Lets have a date when Batista can not be used as an excuse for forty years of abusing humanity.
MC: Cuba has great health care and you don't care about the people.
B: These are the same people that Fidel will not allow to leave. People risk death to get away from Communism.
MC: You are so McCarthyite.
B: If you like Fidel so much why don't you move there. Maybe you can live next to Communist Convicted Cop Killer and terrorist Joanne Chesimard.

These people know the party lines are lies but they repeat them day after day. They pretend that Communism in Europe is a different animal from that in Cuba. The Communism in Europe was Stalinist and that of China is Moaist and Pol Pot was a nationalist so he couldn't have been a Communist.

Great News those who want to hear the truth about Cuba can turn to the Babalublog.
They have an excellent blog radio show and some odd theme music. If you want to skip the music the show starts around three minutes or so. I listened to the last two shows and it is very interesting.


Ducky's here said...

What is the source of your information on Havana prostitution?
Have you been sampling?

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Duck want to deny that there is plenty of Prostitution today. His enlightened Euros even target Cuba for sex tourism.

The prostitues have been reported in lefty sources as well. Maybe John Brown and the revolutionary turds engage in their own version of capitalist exploitation when they go on Theriesenstadt like Commie tours.

Ducky's here said...

Still fixated on the Rosenberg's , eh?

beakerkin said...

The Rosenbergs deserved to die.

The plethora of Hiss, Rosenberg and independent Communist party books are an example of why anything printed by a Commie is worthless. Moreover, Communists were well aware that all of the above were guilty.

Commies by nature of who and what they are should be under constant scrutiny and denaturalized and deported once they violate the law.

Placing Michael Moore in North Korea might be fun.

Henry Gomez said...

The radio show begins with Babalu as perfromed by desi arnaz. Then I played a clip from Art Bell's coast to coast because we were in a much later than usual time slot (art bell used to have a late night radio show so it was an homage) and then because I was having some difficulty with the radio show controls I played a piece of music that was meant for later in the show. "somebody's watching me" because there's a guy out there that feels he needs to review everything I say or write and criticize it. Fine, I guess if he gets his kicks that way but it's a little creepy.

Anyway it's true that Cuba is not the US's brothel it's Canada and Spain's. Here is a documentary from a Spanish film maker aboout sex tourism in the worker's paradise. It's in Spanish but you'll get the idea.

Link to film

beakerkin said...


I could have sworn I heard the theme to Mr Ed. The Desi Arnaz bit is great. However, when I heard Mr Ed I was wondering if I had the right show.

Warren said...

Henry, Ducky, (Nostradumbass ®), won't look. He can't bear the reality.

Now if you have a link to a movie where an old man peals an apple, it will bring tears to his eyes.

Warren said...

BTW, don't worry Ducky, the prostitutes work for El Comandante.

Henry Gomez said...

Oh, you heard the previous week's show. That's an inside joke. The Miami Herald a has horse-faced columnist named Ana Menendez, who is a Cuban-American that they have hired to attack the exile community. She's what we call a cubana arrepentida or literally a regretful Cuban. It's kind of the same principle as a self-hating Jew.