Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Are the folks at Hamas practicing Communism

The silence about the massacres in Gaza from the far left is quite deafening. The left is typicaly quiet or makes excuses for any abnormal Arab behavior. Typical of this insantity is Robert Fisk who proclaims the Jenin fight a massacre and accused Israel of using low powered atomic weapons in Lebanon. This accusation has been debunked by observers not prone to be favorable to Israel.

Hamas seems to be practicing classic Communism in the Trotskyite mode. Lets see they advocate perpetual revolution. They have executed political rivals in front of their families. They have made baseless alegations that these rivals were Israeli colaberators. They practice senseless violence with no purpose whatsoever. If they ditch the Koran, become rampantly corrupt, espouse Mickey Mouse history and boring idiotic politcal rhetoric they could become Trotskyites.

I will perform a service for Ren and Troutsky and write the new party line from a classic past lie. The boys of Hammas are premature or developing Trotskyites. This dates back to the Spanish Civil War where Commies glossed over their desire to create a puppet state as premature anti-fascism. I do want to point out that advocacy of Mussolini's policies would be a dramatic form of self improvement for Trotskyites.

The idiocy of Trotskyism is that it perpetuates a myth that Trotskyism is divorced from the sins of Stalinism. There were plenty of crimes commited by the fool before he lost a power struggle just like Roehm. The tactic of Trotskyism is revolutionary defeatism at home or side with whatever enemies of the US are available. Classic Communism was anti-zionist because it was a political rival amongst opressed Russian Jews. This anti-semitism increased when it became apparent that Israel was not going to be a Soviet satelite. Then commies started killing Jews on phantom Zionist-Titoist and perhaps latoyaist plots against Stalin.

The notion of endless revolution and continued praise for repressive police states like Cuba and Uncle Hugo's mess is par for the course.

Make this country a better place vote BEAMISH in 08.


Ducky's here said...

You should discuss this with today's active Trotskyites such as Richard Perle, Daniel Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Eliot Abrams etc.

beakerkin said...

This is a familiar charge from Stalinist anti-semites. The charge is people who have left the communist camp long ago is a classic commie favorite. The Neoconsevative label is just the latest anti-semitic slur of mindless commies.

Genuine Trotskyites are consumed with a blinding anti-semitic mania expressed in word games with zionism. How a group purports to be pro-Israel but defines itself in rabid anti-semitism is just more communist illogic.

However it is you who share the most obvious signs of classic Trotskyism

1 Antisemitism
2 Revolutionary defeatism
3 Rationalizing Communist crimes
4 Blind support of repressive Commie thug regimes
5 Rationalization of terrorism in your support of the Weathermen. Do you support the Red Armies as well.

Free Market liberals have nothing in common with the mindless minions of Marx.

Ducky's here said...

I see Beak, so merely speaking the truth about or criticising anyone who happens to be jewish is anti-semitism. Is that it?

You kahanist stooge.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, since Trotsky was jewish, is criticism of Trotsky anti-semitic?

Sorry, I need a scorecard. Would you give us some guidelines?

beakerkin said...


Lets do this slowly. An avowed secularist can not be by definition
a Kahanist. Kahanists are quite open about their politics and do not have a history of deception.

Communists since their inception have always been anti-semitic. The mania about zionism starts as protozionism was a left wing competitor of Communism.

A communist by definition has swore his allegience to a new faith whose essence is treason, class genocide and sedition. In all actuality a Person who was born a Jew and is a Communist is actually a convert.

While you are at read the anti- semitic tract favored by Commie dolts by Abraham the one that calls Jews Parasitic Money lenders who caused their own pogroms. This is Norman Finkola and Chimpanzee's role model.

Ducky, a Cuban American is sitting for an interview. We know how cowardly your kind gets when real Cubans show up. I have always enjoyed watching Commies flee and run for their lives when free Cubans speak up.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Give it a rest Ducky. Didn't Hitler establish firmly enough that leftists are anti-Semites?

Ducky's here said...

Actually, no Beamish. Hitler wiped out the SA which was the group concerned with leftist policy and championing the working class.

Hitler hated the working class. This will all come clear when the History Channel airs a section on the night of the long knives. Meanwhile, you could try reading. Most of the books have hundreds of pages but I know you've got spunk.

beakerkin said...


The description of Nazism as far right misses the point of statism and class genocide far left staples.

We do not publish links to John Brown. The comments of Brown are libelous and may be resolved by legal prosecution.

The blog says more about the mental
pathologies and derrangement of John Brown than anything else. Commies like Brown and yourself are mental defectives.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Right on cue, Ducky comes out to tell us that the faggot Brownshirts were the cuddly leftist Nazis. The true leftist Brownshirt Nazis only shattered the windows of Jewish businesses, so they weren't so bad.

And y'all wonder why I insist that leftists are primarily concerned with convincing you that all leftists are morons.

Purple Avenger said...

Hamas is more fun than Trotskyites. At least Hamas does valuable aerodynamic glide test research with its victims. The T-crew never produced any valuable scientific data.