Monday, June 25, 2007

Communists mimicing Stormfront or visa versa

Over the last few days we have seen naked raw anti-Semitic hatred emanate from the far left. However, the inability or unwillingness of the far left to say a word is typified by the cafeteria commissar or wannabe Lunchroom Lenin Renegade Eye.

Ren in a Walter Mitty style fancies himself as a cyber Commisar. He is full of demands ( and something else) with the official position with regards to the political roles of some of his crew. He was demanding a peer in London should not lead an ex-Muslim group. However, in reality his commisar fantasies are more akin to those of Walter Mitty fame.

Those of you who have read this site know I have zero patience for race baiting. I would not remain silent in the face of such antics. Moreover, many of you will remember my constant battles with MZ over homophobia. There is a site that I used to frequent that expelled a commenter on what appears to be racial grounds. I expressed my concern in a private email and have left the site. This was not easy for me, but my vision of America has no place for mindless racial superiority. As a New Yorker, this concept is offensive to me and I do not live that way.

Ren seems to think it is amusing when his Communist pal John Brown stalks, harasses and libels an entire community. He claims to have told Brown several times to knock it off. However, I do remember Jams and Troutsky telling Brown to leave people alone. Ren never said these words to Brown. Moreover, Ren seems to think that calling political opponents pedophiles and Klansmen are funny. Ren forgets that pedophelia is still a crime and I wonder how amused he would be if he were given similar treatment. He did throw a hissy fit when I called Troutsky a "Simpleton"

There is a rabidly Anti-semitic communist who has copied the material presented in Stormfront.
Most of us are familiar with the idiots that spend their time at Stormfront. No dout the Walter Mitty Bolshevik Ren and Sponge Bob er Chester Cheetos er Che Bob would no doubt love to send the bufoons at Stormfront for re-education or perhaps apply the tried and true practice of
class genocide that Commies are famous for.

These four themes are found in LWB posts and are Stormfront Staples

1 American Jews are not loyal to the United States.
2 A secret cabal of Jews manipulated George Bush into invading Iraq
3 AIPAC rules the United States
4 Jews control the media

I could also add the frequent Israel/Nazi and Israel/Apartheid comments that are staples of his site. He does go into Linda Blair type hissy fits when a friend of his compared Hugo Chavez to Hitler. He has seen it fit to lecture Rush Limbaugh about his alleged racism. However, when it comes to anti-semitism Ren pretends it doesn't exist.

The reality is that the far left is full of bigotry and something else. A typical example of this is when G decides that professionals whose visas cross my desk are the oligarchy. Thus they maintain this fiction that Doctors, Engineers, Small Store Owners, Farmers and others can have their property stolen in the name of Marxist Dogma. They have been spreading similar lies about Cuban emigres for years. Cuban emigres are a diverse people who come from all walks of life.

We have seen the Duck use the term "Shoah Pimp" to describe Elie Weisel. Jams had zero problem pointing out the anti-semitic content of that statement. However, Jams is a humane idealist with whom one should respect at all times. He does not go around apologizing and rationalizing repressive police states in Havana or anywhere else.

We have seen the Duck use the term "Aunt Jemimah" to describe Condi Rice. We have seen the Ass in the Assylum Weazie question the authenticity of CB as a black man based upon his conservatism. Last I checked all Americans still have independence of thought. Who died and left Commies the arbiter of who is ethnically authentic? Lets see Ward Churchill is somehow ethnically genuine with no Native American Heritage and Dr Yeagley is a fake who is 1/2 Comanche.

Howard Stern used to have a satire game called "Who is a Jew". However, Commies play this game in real life. 167 famously called a man I consider to be a role model a "Hell bound Zionista"
despite the fact he has written next to nothing on Israel and isn't Jewish. Richard Poe has been a practicing Roman Catholic but 1% Jewish blood makes him a Jew. Stephen Schwartz was never Jewish and is a practicing Sufi Muslim but the same 1% Jewish blood makes him Jewish. Obviously Howard Dean who has denounced people who advance theories that Israel or Jews pushed America into the Iraq war was motivated or manipulated by his Jewish wife. Commies play this game with obscure relations of Ruppert Murdoch and the Sulzburger family who have converted to another faith as well.

Most of the 9-11 cranks also involve some degree of anti-semitic conspiracies. To his credit G has pointed out the absurdity of the tin foil hat brigade.

The reason Ren like most commies turn a blind eye is that anti-semitism has always been central to the identity of Commies who wanted Jews to disappear into the new Communist man.
Zionism from its earliest days was seen as a rival to Communism. Even in WW2 the Soviet Union spent resources keeping spies in Jewish agencies in America. The Venona code word for Jews was rats and blacks were called Polecats.

Ren can not say a word about the anti-semitic comments of LWB, John Brown and the others because it is a essential part of his blog. He has ignored those same attacks when aimed at Sonia and Eric who he claims to be friendly with. The attack on Eric is amazing given that he is a good Communist who objects to the antics of LWB because it makes Commies look bad. Maybe if Eric worked as a suicide bomber or as a Capo LWB would leave him be. Eric thinks for himself and is unsuited for the job of Capo and LWB should offer the job to Ren.

The bigotry aimed at Jews is the most obvious. However, one can see with amazing regularity arrogant views of practicing Christians. Left to their own devices Christians build schools, hospitals, orphanages and community outreach programs that define them as good people. Communists are known for creating prisons, gulags, Killing Feilds, refugees and piles of dead.
People do not flee Italy, the United States beacause the countries are Christian. I could point to many people who fled these fictional Utopias created by Marxist hacks.

Maybe as a public service I should work with Henry Gomez and create a regular feature ask a person who lived under Communism. We could get Eithiopians, Cuban, Poles, Chinese, Somalis and others who lived under Communism to tell their stories.

However, the inability or unwillingness of Ren to deal with the most obvious examples of bigotry on his own site speaks vollumes. Ren is a hack with Walter Mitty like delusions of granduer. It is easy to climb on top of Lenins corpse and lecture those in London about their roles. However, when Stormfront types infest his site he remains silent and throws them red meat.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Leftism hasn't changed much since Proudhon and Marx were getting cheap pops out of Jew-bashing and slavery justifications in the late 18th / early 19th Century. Even the great leftist German "labor reformer" Adolf Hitler had to get his Jew-hate on in the 20th Century.

There has not ever, ever been a time or course in which the prominent voices of the left were not virulently racist anti-Semites. It's a staple of the whole diet.

beakerkin said...


I want to point out that when a bigot like the Duck makes a comment such as calling Condi Rice "Aunt Jemimah" even far left blacks remain silent.

This approval of base bigotry is unique to the far left.

One can look on Graeme's blog where he calls Christians controlling and corrupt. This is the same person who rationalizes those qualities in Cuba. Communists are the most controling people on the planet and busy bodies as well.

Of course he had no response to my pointing out the absurdity of his claim.

sonia said...


There has not ever, ever been a time or course in which the prominent voices of the left were not virulently racist anti-Semites.

Actually, there was such a brief period, from 1917 until 1924, when leftists were too afraid of Trotsky and Zinoviev to voice their anti-semitism openly. But they eventually found their champion in Stalin and the rest, as they say, is history...

Anonymous said...

Hey, you can't create a utopia unless everyone thinks alike. That means, Jews, Christians, etc. will never be left in "peace", as they are a "threat" to the utopia.

And so long as there is one American who believes that force CAN solve problems, they'll never have their John Lennon "Imagined" "heaven on earth"

And America is "evil" because the system the founders created REQUIRES people to think whatever they like.

Of course, commies every day are trying to convince Americans to accept the outlawing of "hate speech". Good intentions pave the road to hell.

CB said...


You have identified one of my exposed nerves. When the NAACP, Jesse, Al, et al can create a claim of bigotry out of thin air...something like - auto makers deliberately make the tires on cars black, because it is the lowest point on the car and therefore, it is a racist statement made by the white establishment, tryin' to keep a brotha down...Write your checks payable to the NAACP legal defense fund, the Al Sharpton committee on...the Jesse Jackson... and this will all go away.

But when jurists like Clarence Thomas (whom Jan Crawford Greenburg makes clear is a leader on the court and not follower, particularly vis a vis Scalia) and Janice Rogers Brown and Dr. Condoleezza Rice, who at age 15 graduated from high school and who was a cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Denver at age 19 - are collectively characterized as Uncle Tom's, Aunt Jemimah's etc, by WHITE FOLK, not only does the black left remain silent, they cowered much of the rest of us into silence.

There is something powerfully insidious, suicidally self-abasing and at the same time intoxicating about leftism that Homer could have named the Sirens in the Odyssey, liberalism and collectivism. Not only do pseudo-intellectual Jews like Chomsky and the incoherent Finklestein attempt to lead other Jews into self-loathing, the equally inept academics Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson, et al do the same thing with black folk except they've hired on a Calypso singer (not Farrakhan this time) Harry Belafonte to lead the parade to hell.

The irony is, they want to call me an Uncle Tom.


Unless Atilla the Hun is resurrected and if you can give me a satisfactory answer on Martian global warming, you will have my endorsement in '08 as well!

beakerkin said...


I am starting a new interview only blog. I am looking to interview people who have lived under communism and people who are members of groups that leftists deem are inauthentic like Conservative African Americans.

At some time in the future you should sit for an interview. That will be a team blog, not a Beakerkin special.

Always On Watch said...

I am starting a new interview only blog. I am looking to interview people who have lived under communism...

Maybe you can get Felis to consent to such an interview.

CB said...


I look forward to it.

beakerkin said...


The blog is allready up and running. If you can contact Felis he would be an ecellent choice. I have invited Sonia and Redwine to discuss their lives in Utopia.

We will invite others who are demonized by the left such as Vietnam veterans.

The Merry Widow said...

That would bring in Warren and Justin, plus they have some insight into; Indians, Mexican-Americans, Messianic Jews.
I know Justin could make cutout dolls of some of these leftistas, and Warren may be soft-spoken, but I wouldn't care to see what size stick he would bring!
How about Dr. Y.? He could give insight into what it is like to be a conservative, Christian Indian...that could be wild!


beakerkin said...


There will be time down the road to interview Christians who are portrayed as dumb and controlling by commies.

Justin is an ideal interviewee for many reasons.

uptownsteve said...

"Those of you who have read this site know I have zero patience for race baiting."




Stop it beak!

You're killin me!

Jason_Pappas said...

Actually, there was such a brief period, from 1917 until 1924, when leftists were too afraid of Trotsky and Zinoviev to voice their anti-Semitism openly. - Sonia

I did not know that! But I did read that the German Communist Party which had Jews in leadership positions in 1920 virtually eliminated all Jews in such positions by 1930. It was a general trend among socialists as Beamish noted in comment #1.

beakerkin said...


Lets see the Duck called Condi Rice "Aunt Jemimah" and you said nothing. Sorry Uptown, but those are the facts and you remain banned.

You promised to leave it was proven that you harassed La Shawn Barber. Your comments about her in a motel room with white guys are classic sexual harassment.

More to the point, the Duke rape case which we never wrote on appears to have been a hoax. At bare minimum, there is no evidence to sugest those players charged did anything wrong. In other words Barber was correct and the facts of the case were just irrelevant to you.

Vaya Con Dios Uptown you will not be back. We did not twist your arm into that promise, but you will be held to it.

Graeme said...

Beak, you need to take a cold shower. There are probably 2 stalinist communists in the US and they agree more with Pat Buchanan than Renegade.

beakerkin said...

G I will handle this response in two parts.

Number one The comments of LWB and John Brown are identical to those found at Stormfront. Why does the far left has such a problem dealing with blatant anti-semitism?
So far only Eric has had the courage to say this is wrong.

Number Two. Blaming the malady of Marx on Stalin, Pol Pot or Mao is dead wrong. Are you telling me there were no attrocities commited by Trotsky, Lennin, Castro, Mugabe?
How about the Black Panthers, Weathermen and Red Army factions do they appear in a vacum.

Do communists have a history of hiding who they are?

Lets start there and proceed.

uptownsteve said...

What are you afraid of beak?


beakerkin said...

How is it the Duck manages to post without censorship or problem? Morover, even Weazie has had few problems getting posted here.

The question is not debate it is behavior. You are free to write your own blog and do as you like.

You made a promise of your own free will and will be held to it.

Vaya con dios.

beakerkin said...

Brown you are banned for life.

Do us a favor and drop dead and do so in a slow agonizing manner.

Do not write as nothing you say will ever be posted under any circumstances. Your behavior is now causing problems for Ren.

Do check your mail something very interesting is on the way.

Da Weaz said...

cb, if you find Finkelstein or Chomsky incoherent, then you are simply illiterate. And it is strange for you to call someone else self hating being a black person who seemingly hates all other blacks except condi-lies-alot and the colon.

Da Weaz said...

Beaker, you site is so pathetic you can't afford to ban anyone for life. You have about three people who come here.

beakerkin said...


A person who runs around talking about 9-11 conspiracies should not lecture anyone else about coherence.

What is with this link on your site Urkel had his moment and is now part of TV land it is not a valuable news source.
Steven Urkel was a fictional TV charachter and not Kurt Nimmo is ruining his good name with Baath Party posts. Oh wait that was Uruk net.

So entertain us with your 9-11 conspiracy theory. Lets see it was all aplot by Col Sanders to open franchises in Iraq.

beakerkin said...

It is okay Weazie even if I had only three or four people that would still be three people more than visit your site.

Then again you could maintain a forum with all your multiple personalities. Do you notice that I never visit? You are predictable and a bore. The only way lard butt shows up is if I visit.

Don't write Weazie, we will let you know if you are needed.

Da Weaz said...

Only a fucking moron like you would make sense of the government's theory for idiots. Find me the fucking plane in the Pentagon video, idiot. Find me what causes fires to burn for months, jackass. Find me the debris in Pennsylvania, pathetic simpleton.

You're a joke and idiots like you keep the real evildoers from already being in jail.

But sorry, beaker, you're too stupid to have a conversation with, so I won't bother.

CB said...


When I first started blogging, I used to eagerly answer each charge, line by line, word by word. But as I looked back on some of those exchanges, I had a revelation: when you respond to every inane thought thrown out by the irrelevant, it is difficult to distinguish yourself from those to whom you're responding.

So, when you, LWB, Duck, Che Bob or your fellow travelers, pen something worthy of response, I'll be sure to let you know.

beakerkin said...

Fires burn for months and sometimes years if suficient material is there to fuel the fire. There have been fires in coal mines that have gone on for decades.

If the camera at the Pentagon takes one photo every ten seconds what is the matematical odds of it capturing a plane that moves hunreds of feet a second. Being that you are such a genius calculate the odds and get back to me.

Frederick said...

This just in from the Beaker news wire,

Paul Wolfowitz - not Jewish

AIPAC - Never had members convicted of spying on the U.S.


My Grandmother is Jewish, so that's about all I have in common with Hitler. I don't blame the Jewish people as a whole for the egregious human rights violation Palestinians have endured under the Israeli government during the last 50 years, I blame their government. I also don't let the Palestinian's off the hook for their violence.

It's very easy to look anti-semitic debating the situation in Israel. But sometimes you have to set that aside and look at the core issues. There ought to be a Godwins Law in a version for Israel:

Bieling's Law: First one to mention antisemitism in a debate involving Israel and Palestine loses, no if, ands, or buts.

P.S. You are a laugh and a half sometimes Beaker.

Da Weaz said...

You little monkey, there were 82 videos taken of the Pentagon. And what fortune cookie did you pick up that said that the Pentagon video take a picture once every ten seconds. Are you that fucking stupid? (yup)

Go on google and watch Zeitgeist and have your little fairy tales popped. You morons are simply entertaining to laugh at, not discuss with. Sorry.

beakerkin said...

Oh while you are at it continue with the same news wires.

Treasonous Leftists in the USA Charged with Spying for a hostile regime. Just by mere chance they happen to have jobs in higher ed.

Just in Norman Finkelstein is a communist. The game of trying to disguise Communists like Finkelstein, Koevel and Chomsky as something else fools nobody.

One more treasonous Communist commit acts of terrorism and get cushy jobs in higher ed. Since when has treason become a selling point in higher ed.

The fact that you have an odd relation that is Jewish does not mean a thing especially when one is a member of a movement whose core has been anti-semitism since its inception. Renegade and Eric try the Jewish heritage bit but as followers of a utopian death cult with religious overtones as noted by Toynbee among others ethnicity and citizenship are moot.

Paraphrasing communist stooge Ellen Schrecker. "Communist have a different definition of pariotism"
Yes the rest of us view the actions as treason and revolutionary defeatism but who am I to disagree with apologists for class genocide.

FYI Why is it so hard for you commie clowns to admit the comments of LWB and John Brown are anti-semitic. Moreover, I seriously doubt any of you hypocrites would say the same thing to a hispanic or a black person expressing their concerns about bigotry.

Those who live by the Marcuse and Zinn tactics will perish by them.

Next Communist hack.

beakerkin said...

Next Communist Hack Weazie

The cameras at the Pentagon were set to take pictures every ten seconds. This is just more brain dead flights of fantasy.

While we are at it are you into Bonaparte Denial. Maybe Napoleon didn't exist and was a media creation. How about a government conspiracy to keep a clown like Ben Afleck employed.

If you are trying to be the general of the Tinfoil hat brigade you are off to a good start.

Frederick said...

I'm a communist? Is that supposed to be an insult? Next you'll call me Liberal.

Argumentum ad Nazium is so dull.

beakerkin said...


No, a traditional Liberal is a different animal from a Communist.
More to the point, Commies have good reason to hide their identity and a history of doing so.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Actually, there was such a brief period, from 1917 until 1924, when leftists were too afraid of Trotsky and Zinoviev to voice their anti-semitism openly. But they eventually found their champion in Stalin and the rest, as they say, is history...

I'm almost positive there were prominent voices of the left during that 7 year span that were openly anti-Semitic. That was shortly after the Leo Frank lynching in Marietta, Georgia sparked the revival of a new Ku Klux Klan, with the enthusiastic support of progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

So I think my point stands. If there was ever a time in human history that the left's prominent voices weren't anti-Semitic thugs, someone forgot to write it down.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Unless Atilla the Hun is resurrected and if you can give me a satisfactory answer on Martian global warming, you will have my endorsement in '08 as well!

C'mon. Everyone knows toppling Saddam Hussein caused global warming. Duh!


CB said...

Beamish in '08!

Da Weaz said...

Foolish right now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are.

Ducky's here said...

cb, "When I first started blogging, I used to eagerly answer each charge, line by line ..."

Then you found that everyone was way beyond your high school Thomas Sowell nonsense, you simpleton, and you decided to take a redass whenever the leftists decided to give you one.

beakerkin said...


Thank you for demonstrating the arrogance that typifies Commies. CB, Thomas Sowell and Larry Elder do not need a clueless Commie to determine their own authenticity.

John Brown

Those were some rather interesting
photos of you. Quote Kuhnkat "HAHAHA you Marxist Moron".
Now kindly disappear as your stupidity belongs at Renegade Eye.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass said:
"Then you found that everyone was way beyond your high school Thomas Sowell nonsense, you simpleton, and you decided to take a redass whenever the leftists decided to give you one."

Come off it Dumasski!

Every time I've handed your ass to you on a platter you've went off and sulked then acted like you were above it all!

You would almost sound sincere if I didn't know that you whined about it!

Not everyone is a total loser like you. Some of us have a "real" life.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


You don't think Ducky's posting of his homoerotic fantasies of spanking a grown man are ultimately self-revealing?