Thursday, June 07, 2007

Alive and well

I had a minor accident that resulted in my glasses being broken. They arrived from NYC this morning. For two days I had Mr Magoo issues. My laptop is being repaired and should be ready tommorow.

I will be posting abot the book Stolen Valor by Burkett. I am just amazed at how the media assigns problems like the infamous wild man of 96th street as a former vet.
Burkett debunks dozens of these absurd stories. The stories all play into far left media biases. It is an excellent book, but not one that will cheer you up.


Steve Harkonnen said...

I'll have to check it out. My latest read right now is a novel entitled "The Historian." It's been keeping me up at night. Great yarn, but I am looking for some new non-fiction lately.

beakerkin said...

On many levels the book is very depressing. The story of people who were not even in Vietnam or in many cases office machine repair people turning themselves into John Wayne and blaming their lives problems on Nam is a tragedy.

Sometimes I wonder how Justin, the Farmer and Big Bubba deal with all the fakes.

I wasn't in Nam, but when someone asks me about 9-11 I say the truth. I was an ordinary man in the wrong place on the wrong day. I was not John Wayne, but my role was to get out of the way for genuine heroes.

Ducky's here said...

More Problems, Beak Giuliani (R - My Three Bimbos) is passing up the Iowa straw poll.

He knows he's cooked. It will be great to get ris of this jerk along with that psych job McCain.

beakerkin said...


You think that some of those problems were caused by genuine torture of Commies Vietnamese and Cubans in Nam. Was anyone prosecuted for crimes against American POW. How and why does Commie offal Sy Hersh and Dellinger get a free pass for calling the POW's liars.

We should worry about panties on the head at Abu Gharib?

Speaking of anger issues Hillary likes to throw furniture and curses like a sailor. Who tortured her? William F Buckley???

Get used to saying President Guiliani? Guiliani and Joe Leiberman in 08 as a unity ticket.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I don't get it, Ducky. I thought you couldn't wait to see how Barack Hussein Obama taunting Rudy Guiliani about dead firefighters killed on 9/11 would play out on the national stage. Especially since being a leftist means never allowing anyone to believe brain activity exists within your skull.

And John McCain? The Democrats have never had a more reliable vote than his. The guy is more Democrat than most Democrats on just about any important legislation that comes into the Senate chamber.

I realize it would cause several leftist organizations to ban you from their mailing lists if you exhibited signs of coherent thought at least once in a while, but damn. There are worse fates.

Urban Infidel said...


Always On Watch Two said...

No spare glasses? Even if the prescription is a bit old, outdated spectacles are better than no spectacles.

I should talk! Half the time, I can't find my spare pair of glasses.

Glad you're okay!

Steve Harkonnen said...

Not related to topic, but it's about a book by a guy named Don Brown. I will blog later on it today. I have emailed the author to tell him that his novel is frighteningly close to what is really happening, in that radical Islamists have infiltrated our military's chaplain corps. More on that later today at my blog (at least before COB).

The_Editrix said...

Beak, this isn't a comment and it is not germane to the post. It is an attempt to get in touch with you.

Should you find it worthwhile, I would be much obliged if you put up a link to this petition:

I have blogged about it here:


z said...

According to my buddy, Rich Galen, from MULLIMS.COM (I highly recommend the thrice weekly column, folks...did I really just use 'thrice'...oh, man), Lieberman might be caucusing with the Republicans...he's just said that he feels America can't take hitting Iran off the table if we continue to see they're supplying the bad guys with weapons to kill our good guys. If that ticks the Dems off enough (Please, God), the word is he could defect.

If that happens I'll be dancin' with joy 'til I just can't stand the joy no more.

Also, news that the death penalty IS a deterrent, if anybody wants to take THAT up here!