Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Finkelstein Fairy Tale

The saga of the Tenure of Norm Finkelstein says everything about what is wrong with academia. Some Universities eliminate candidates for tenure with a single No vote. Finky had three no votes within his own department.

The standard of scholarship is not books it is peer reviewed articles and Finky had almost no articles. Finky had been fired three times prior for unprofessional conduct. He also involved himself in the tenure process of Daniel Goldhagen at Yale. Goldhagen has too much class to reciprocate.

Finky has made a name for himself with crank antics and sham scholarship. His record of abuse of materials is quite blatant. Even Benny Morris and Novick point out the serious flaws in Finky's work. I have never accepted his critique of from Time Immemorial. His susequent crank behavior and mental pathologies and far left probable Communist world view render his work worthless. His point about Weisel reading Kant in Yiddish and calling the respected author a "professional Joo and circus clown" are clearly crank material. His libelous accusations that Dershowitz did not write his own book were withdrawn and part of a series of pathological behavior.

Do note as soon as you hear a person talking about "Norman Finkelstein" you are dealing with a hard core anti-semite.

Anti semites have no fear Finky will be free to give speeches at $10,000 a pop and probably end up teaching in the UK.

Beamish in 08


Ducky's here said...

Beak, was it Finklestein or myself who called Weisel a "professional jew and a circus clown".

beakerkin said...

No your term is "Shoah Pimp". All of the terms are rabidly anti-semitic and typical of your kind. No doubt if anyone made similar comments about Cornel West or Truman Capote you would be screaming.

Anonymous said...

I thought Finkelstein was one of Chomsky's water bearers. In fact, the main reason he was denied tenure was that he carried more water for Chomsky than he ever did for the university.

Change Agent said...

You're not smart unless you carry water for Noam Chomsky. I read that somewhere. I think in one of Chomsky's footnotes.

beakerkin said...

Change Agent

An inside joke is how frequently Chomsky quotes himself as a source.

Anonymous said...

That fact alone makes him the most quoted author in the western world...

Randy said...

Hi Beak,

Long time no hear and all that jazz. I have no love of Finkelstein, of course, and certainly no interest in defending his conclusions. He is, however, a careful researcher and by ALL accounts a much admired and respected teacher -- I haven't seen a single comment from one of his students that suggests otherwise. As always, your commentary is factually incorrect (e.g., that Finkelstein ever used your favorite "Joo" slur), misleading (e.g., that 3 faculty members voted against, without mentioning 14 voted in favor), and ill-informed (e.g., the notion that any reputable institution 'black balls' tenure by a single dissenting vote). It's good to see you remain an unabashed fool, even so bold as to advertise the fact live on pod radio! Sad but somehow inspiring Beak -- keep up the great work!

Hank Snow

Graeme said...

I notice nothing is said about his scholarship. Raul Hilberg speaks highly of him.

beakerkin said...


What scholarship????

The man has no peer reviewed articles and does no original research? His book the Holocaust industry was inspired by Novick who is highly critical of him. He quotes Benny Morris frequently who points out Finky " does no original
research" and his usage of materials should be scrutinized.

Finky has spent his career in crank mode. His record of being fired for unethical behavior and mental instability renders all his work worthless. It is next to impossible for a Communist to get fired in academia but Finky has done it four times.

What relevance does reading Kant in Yiddish have to the work of Weisel. His behavior is akin to the freaks who talk of 9-11 conspiracies.

Finky is the far most anti-semite on the planet. The fact that he is venerated by some on the left are far more indicative of Communist anti-semitism. Commies like to point to the far right as the home of anti-semitism, but it has been an integral part of the malady since its inception.

beakerkin said...

The demented Hank Snow

Finky has no genuine scholarship and has mostly been a critic of genuine scholars. He came to prominence with an attack on the book from Time Immemorial. His subsequent crank antics have rendered all his work worthless.

His charges have been refyted many times by Goldhagen, Dershowitz, Weisel and a few others. The man has been fire four times and that is a genuine feat for a Communist in the Old Bolshevik Network.

How a person with no peer reviewed articles at age 59 was even considered for tenure is clear evidence of Bolshevik manipulation of a system. Many Universities do eliminate candidates for tenure on the basis of a single no vote. Bolsheviks abuse this system to exclude non Commies.

No research, criminal behavior, terrorism, plagiarism, stealing affirmitive action spot reserved for Native Americans are all no hinderance to six figure salaries with zero work.

One more thing Snow. You were easily duped by a clod that teaches English in a CA Prison claiming to be Prof Meatheadsubstitute. How is it that an alleged fellow Scientist fails to recognize a fraud. It would seem attention to detail, psychology and genuine intellect are not your forte.

I deserved a far better satire than you produced. If anything your blog produced the CA psycho who teaches in prison, Uptown Steve ( a buffoon whose stupidity and anti-semitism are legendary) and a gender confused dolt from the UK with a fixation on my genetalia. You keep some interesting company Snow but in that crowd you are the star of a bad lot. Have you at least figured out why the fat boy in CA is despised?

beakerkin said...

One more thing take the quote up with Paul Bodgandor. " Israeli Jooos are a parasitic class." It is quoted in a book and Finky knows how to sue if it is false.

Change Agent said...

Chomsky has written so many books that it is perfectly alright for him to cite his own work. You should follow his footnotes and learn something new today.

beakerkin said...

Chomsky uses obscure Communist sources that are hardly reputable. This illustrated in his infamous denunciation of eye witnesses to the Killing Fields. Why anyone in their right mind would believe Australian Commies versus eye witnesses is beyond beleif.

This is the equivalent of using supermarket tabloids as credible sources.

No thanks.

Change Agent said...

Chomsky is an intellectual. Why would People magazine call him that if he wasn't? You need to just stop being biased and accept Chomsky's writings as the gospel truth.

I didn't become the beautiful leftist you see before you until I read Chomsky.

The_Editrix said...

Different from Goldhagen, Finkelstein is a (disgraced) political scientist, not a historian, and should either keep his trap shut or concede that he is speaking as a private person, not as a scholar.

He is a very sick man.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, was it Finklestein or myself who called Weisel a "professional jew and a circus clown".

It's "Finkelstein" and "Wiesel", arsehole. What do you know about both people if you can't even spell their names correctly?

beakerkin said...


Goldhagen was considered somewhat controversial in Europe. I read his book and found it somewhat convoluted. My father was very impressed and has kept my copy as it is autographed.

Change Agent

People magazine is hardly the yardstick to measure anything by. Do note Chomsky called eyewitnesses to the Killing Fields liars based upon Commie publications in Australia. He has also endordes the research of a Holocaust denier Faurison.

He shiuld stick with syntax.

Change Agent said...

Killing Fields was a movie that came out in 1984. How can Chomsky have written anything about a movie that wasn't made yet?

You right-wingers are so stupid.

beakerkin said...

Change Agent

Are you that obtuse to not understand the meaning of the sentence. The meaning was quite clear but as an apologist for a commie anti-semite higher thinking eludes you.

Calling eyewitness a liar based upon the word of Commies in Australia is typical fare for Chomsky. This is akin to calling eyewitness a liar based upon something in a supermarket tabloid.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...
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Change Agent said...

I am not obtuse. I am a leftist. You right wingers spend too much time thinking for yourselves instead of consulting talking points written by people who do research.

I'm sure if those Killing Fields "eyewitnesses" had something important to say, People magazine would have given them some article space about it.

But Chomsky is an intellectual. He publishes on recycled paper, you know. Only intellectuals publish on paper made from destroyed books.

The_Editrix said...

Goldhagen was controversial because people here refuse to admit the truth. Nothing he states in "Hitlers Willing Executioners" is really new. The information was there, he just put in together in a certain context. I do not agree with him about some other statements, but the brouhaha about HWE was extremely telling.

Finkelstein, on the other hand, was well received here, which is telling as well.

beakerkin said...


The far left plays a beard game with Jews. They present Communists and Anarchists as representitive of Jewish opinion. Chomsky has made a career of sham scholarship and presented Commies with the Jooo
they want.

Finkelstein takes this one step further with his attempt to placate actual Neonazi delusions
about the Holocaust. Finkelstein has been fired four times for incompetence and mental instability a genuine feat for a Communist in academia.

Communists do not seem to understand the inherently anti-semitic nature of frequent Israel - Nazi comparisons aside from them being totaly false.

How does Finkelstein claim to critique Goldhagen's work when his sources are almost exclusively German a language he does not speak. How does Finkelstein begin to criticize Joan Peters quotes when authors whom he quotes Benny Morris and Novick complain about his duplicity with their material?
More to the point is there a coherent excuse for calling Ellie Weisel a Circus clown and a Professional Jooo? His point about reading Kant in Yiddish is clearly Crank antics and was disproven. His frequent claims that people do not right their own books are easily debunked.

Finkelstein gives Commies a crutch to rationalize their own anti-semitic delusions. I could go on with specific odious quotes that if said about any other group would have any other scholar fired.
When you see a Finkelstein supporter you are dealing with a hard core militant anti-semite and 90% probable communist.