Friday, June 15, 2007

Islamophobia and the Duck

The Duck is hypersensitive to imagined waves of Islamophobia, notably in Randiods. The FBI statistics still indicate this is not going on. The numbers seem to indicate that Muslims are probably more apt to commit a hate crime than to be the victim of one.

The Duck is especially stupid in that the he denigrates the person most able to combat the problem, Stephen Schwartz. Stephen Schwartz founded the CIP to provide a voice that is distinct from CAIR. The CIP serves to educate Americans about Islam and the ordinary Muslims who live down the block. The CIP does not mince words about violent intolerant radicals who endanger their saftey on many levels. The reality is that Schwartz is considered a greater foe of the radicals than the most strident outsider.

More to the point Schwartz presents Islam as it should be and we mostly experience it every day. Most of us have Muslim friends and they should not be lumped with terrorists. Schwartz presents an image of a man who embraces Americanism, Western Civ and a cosmopolitan version of Islam. Schwartz is a man of great knowledge who also values great writers. Someday the question of art and music will come up. The secret is that Schwartz considers himself part of Western Civ and as such Orwell, Shakespeare, Frost and so forth are part of his cultural inheritance too.

This is not to different from the Muslims that are part of our daily lives. In town one of my best friends is a Yankee fan from Brooklyn via Pakistan. I am fairly friendly with the entire family. They still read the NYC tabloids and remember WABC.
My life in NYC is filled with a virtual UN of friends and people of all walks of life. Communists dream of internationalism but Americans transcend the concept each and every day.

Beamish in 08 !!!!!!!

Lately John Brown seem to be stealing my ideas again. He is ending his comments with Mummia in 08. Brown is a herd animal and as such has never had an original thought in his life.


Always On Watch said...

More to the point Schwartz presents Islam as it should be and we mostly experience it every day. Most of us have Muslim friends and they should not be lumped with terrorists.

Nevertheless, there is the matter of Wahhabist funding of several mosques in the United States. Also, there is the matter of the Medinan verses.

I'm guessing that Schwartz is following the peaceful Meccan verses. However, according to the Koran, those verses have been abrogated in favor of the militant, more-recent revelation of MTP.

One of my former neighbors underwent such a revival, though I don't believe that he is a terrorist outright. However, he has moved back to the UAE and has sequestered his American wife and children there. One visitor to his house here was later convicted of laundering money for Hamas.

According to Cassandra, whom I interviewed on last week's radio show, some of the moderate Muslims become concerned about their status in eternal life as they grow older and get "revived." An early book about that revival is Not Without My Daughter, a book and film which the Council on Islamic Education doesn't want exposure given to.

Jason has written about the above matters of verses and revival quite a few times.

Always On Watch said...

Mummia? That's nuts!

beakerkin said...

Schwartz points to a more humane future. He would be the first to say that scrutiny of radicals is waranted. Yet this doesn't mean that the local person at the gas station or Doctors office is a blood curdling homicidal lunatic.

Schwartz has pointed to the foreign money in religious institutions as a source of the problem.

Ducky's here said...

Is there anyone (outside the far right) that doesn't know that our "friends" in Saudi are funding mosques? Anyone that doesn't know they are the force in Western Pakistan?
I am constantly surprised by the right wing thinking that the most common place facts are a revelation.

So what are we going to do about Wahabism? Schwart offers no answers but maybe Beak can adress the class.

"The secret is that Schwartz considers himself part of Western Civ and as such Orwell, Shakespeare, Frost and so forth are part of his cultural inheritance too."

Yeah, he's a freakin' Shakeperean scholar.

beakerkin said...

Here we go again with the Insane Duck. Schwartz has whole books on what to do with the problem of Radicalism. However, Ducky does not bother to read the books he is an expert on.

Schwartz has composed interesting articles and a book dedicates to lit. His book From East to West should be required reading for brain impaired poultry. The man is a dedicated writer with a razor sharp mind.

However, the Duck is still caught in a fantasy world where all logic that disagrees with the Commie Party Line is Verboten. If you were genuinely concerned about Islamophobia in America you would get behind the man most able to combat the problem, Stephen Schwartz. The truth is you could care less about Muslims. They are but mere pawns in your the game of world revolution.

The question of who is using whom as usefull idiots deserves a seperate post.

sonia said...

Mummia in 08.

I think there is a far greater chance that Mummia's ass will be fried in 2008, than that he will be elected president that year...

beakerkin said...


That is a good one. Mummia is not going anywhere.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, I may be obtuse, but can you enlighten me what the signoff "Beamish in 08 !!!!!!!" is supposed to mean?

beakerkin said...

One of the more delightful people who posts here is Mr Beamish. Mr Beamish has had an over the top but clever campaign for President.
At the end of my Posts I place a Beamish in 08 line. People who are long term members of the circle of friends know the inspiration is the blog of a close friend.

Mr Beamish's blog is no longer visable to the general public because of spam by John Brown who has been asked to leave dozens of times.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


I'm in the process of revamping my blog. It will return to visibility to the general public soon.

The Beamish in '08 thing is a running gag that dates back to the 2004 elections. Beakerkin has kept it alive so long that, well hell, if you've got nothing better to do with your vote in 2008, vote Beamish!

(Can't vote in America? Not to worry. President Beamish will annex your country soon.)

beakerkin said...


The best Mr Beamish story is the one where a rabid Jihadist from Pakistan was on a rampage at Mark Alexanders site. I had a little fun with him and told him to forget about the Koran and study the teachings of Mr Beamish and the Crankfiles. The Jihadist was not amused although a few readers from the UK took the time to enjoy the wit and wisdom of Mr Beamish.

The_Editrix said...

Thanks Beak and Mr. Beamish!

Now I understand.

And I'll be looking forward to the new Beamish-Blog.