Thursday, June 28, 2007

John Edwards needs to Man Up

I do not defend Ann Coulter's use of the term faggot to describe Edwards. The use of a homophobic slur word is just wrong. The correct term for Edwards is metrosexual as he seems to spend an inordinate time fixated on his hair. Edwards is not nor should ever be considered manly. However, he has not tried the John Kerry Duck hunting bit. Kerry looked a tad like Elmer Fudd and made matters worse.

However, Coulter does have a point about far left hysteria and Edwards mercenary abuse of the far left mania for financial gain. We have heard Rosie ODumbell advance 9-11 conspiracy idiocy and mock Asian Americans with no peep. We have seen the quotes from media figures wanting Clarence Thomas's wife to feed him a high colesterol diet. We have seen the quote of a female reporter who made the remark that she would ahem service Bill Clinton for keeping abortion legal. We have seen the familiar Alec Baldwin rants about lynching congressmen in the impeachment saga. No idiocy on the far left home of Bush equals Hitler is too insane for scrutiny.

We did illustrate this here with the refusal of far left bloggers to say a peep about the pointed anti-semitism of LWB. The comments of LWB are identical to those found on Neonazi site Stormfront minus the rants about Communism being a Jewish pathology. Only one commie said a word and he was attacked by antisemites LWB and Cringingstupidity. My point was what does a communist have to do to prove himself. Does he have to become a suicide bomber or a capo to please the commie anti-semitic elements.

Attempting to man up John Edwards seems to be an excersize in futilty.

Beamish in 08


CB said...

Rosie would do a better job of "manning up" than Edwards. Chris Matthews set up Coulter by having Edward's wife call in to his program while his was interviewing Coulter. His WIFE! What a complete wuss!

Ducky's here said...

Actually, Beak, isn't it Elizabeth Edwards who's after Coulter? Make no mistake, she will freakin' maul Olive Oyl.

I still don't understand what the right sees in (m)Ann. They are still hung up on the Auschwitz look. Curious.

beakerkin said...


CB stated the obvious point. Why does John Edwards need to hide behind his wife. When he has to deal with Hugo Chavez or Osama will he continue to hide behind her. Moreover, Edwards has whined about Coulter in fund raisers.

Lets tak about some obvious slurs.
Ann Coulter is still considered attractive to this male with the standard proclivities.

Instead of talking about ideas or the points you get hung up on pointing at her looks. Most American men would rather look at Ann than Hillary Clinton. Of course the Aushwitz bit would be overlooked if you didn't have a history of calling people Shoah Pimps.

You keep proving the far left is hateful as well as ignorant.

I wish Coulter did not use a hateful slur word. However, Edwards has used that sentence to raise funds.

Farmer John said...

The Edwards Campaign has been raking in bundles of cash from the gay mafia ever since Coulters comment, and have been playing up the confrontation ever since.

Coulter blasting Edwards is the only thing keeping "the Breck girl" in this race. And let's face it, having his "wife" blast Coulter ow is just a cheap way of keeping him in the news cycle. Otherwise, his campaign would be off the radar screen.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Don't just single out the faggot Edwards.

The entire field of Democratic candidates are afraid to participate in a Fox News moderated debate because of Coulter's remarks, and her association with FNC is ancilliary, at best.

"President Obama, the Prime Minister of Vanuatu thinks you're a sissy. What say you?"

"Well, I uh... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Urban Infidel said...

I've never been a Coulter fan.
And the Auschwitz comment? You can do better than that.

Robert Bayn said...

I don't care for Coulter, as she says some very outrageous things.

I thought Rosie was a man?

Edwards is making a smart political move though, the far left hates Coulter with a passion, through making a big deal about this he motivates his base for support. It's really smart politics.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Could you imagine if President Bush threw a hissy over the things people have called him at leftist gatherings?

What exactly is inaccurate about calling leftists out on their propensity to be pussy ass bitches when criticized harshly?

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Your point is displayed in our community as well. I have never seen a bigger crybaby than Renegade Eye.

His buddy John Brown calls people Klansman, pedophiles and threatens children. Ren is well aware of these actions but thinks they are funny and has never said a word to Brown. However, if one points out Renegade Eye shares the same philosophy as Pol Pot, Ayers, Dorn and Stalin he goes balistic.

I have never seen a bigger coward or crybaby than Ren. His buddy LWB lifts comments from Stormfront and the yokel needs me to point it out.

Ducky's here said...

Very interesting this seems to contradict what the Dutch broad was all on about.
Recent studies have shown that some 90% of Egyptian women have been circumcised.

The practice is common among Muslim as well as Christian families in Egypt and other African countries, but is rare in the Arab world.

beakerkin said...


This is an example of you not reading books. In the book Infidel
the so called "Dutch Broad" mentions this clearly. However, as you do not bother to read the books you remain ignorant.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


You know me. I marvel at how shocked and offended leftists get when I state easily demonstrated facts like "Democrats are pussies" and "all leftists, without exception, are morons."

You'd think I was slandering them or something.

FLORIAN said...

I still think Edwards is a pretty boy who wouldn't know how to handle the war on terror any better than a gay Ken doll. His career and fortune that he made off of the embezzeled funds of others make him one of the dirtiest of the contenders for PREZ...right behind McCain, Giuliani and Hussein Obama. Hillary still takes the cake.

Russet Shadows said...

It doesn't take a genius, but apparently it does take someone with more grey matter than Ducky, to at least see Coulter's acidic and rapier wit.

The looks charge is hilarious, and typical of the left in focusing on the surface attributes of someone. Yet, they're all silent when it comes to say, Rosie O'Donnel. So looks only matter sometimes guys, is that it?

z said...

Mrs. Edwards knows very well that America's listening; Matthews set this up, that's for sure.

It said "Ann Coulter is mean, she's a bad ol' Republican and 'oh please, stop being mean to my husband"........all for AMericans to hear her and have confirmed what they're fed all day, every day by the media, etc. :

"Democrats are good, thoughtful and kind...(and have good hair)..Republicans are all like Coulter, ascerbic and mean and just so low, how could ANYONE vote for them?" THAT is what Mrs. Edwards was doing.

This was a set up and OH, Mrs. Edwards knows so well what the reaction would be.

I do wish Ann Coulter would nice up her delivery; she has a lot of good to say but who listens?

Then we have Ducky ducking the good she DOES have to say by attacking her weight again. as if that's important.

Mrs. Edwards..congratulations; well done. Oh, and the IRONY of Mrs. Edwards, at the end of her diatribe saying "how can Ann say these things with young people all around her..that's influencing them wrongly!" Oh, really, Mrs. Edwards? Ever been to an American university?

Always On Watch said...

Did you catch Coulter on O'Reilly last night? He said something about the f-word, which was certainly a misnomer in this case.

Sometimes, Coulter is too caustic even for me. But the left's hysteria is laughable. If they didn't react in such idiotic ways, Coulter might tone down a bit.

Warren said...

Edwards is the Richie Rich, (the poor little rich boy), of the Democrat field.

His wife has cancer you know, they have a dead son you know. They will never,(cough, cough), use his wife's cancer or his dead son to garner sympathy in his campaign!

The only problem is that they have repeatedly used those cards in this game. Used them so much that they even annoyed the political slut, John Kerry, who thinks its creepy.

Why does everyone pick on mommy's little Johnny.

boo hoo boo hoo

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I don't get all this "Ann Coulter goes too far" nonsense.

I wish she wouldn't be so moderate.

beakerkin said...

How about Ann as the Vice President on the Mr Beamish ticket.
I am seeing Beamish in 08 has spread beyond me to other bloggers.
We are gaining momentum.

John Brown

Stop sending comments. You will never be allowed to comment on this or any other of my sites. Drop dead and have your remains composted.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

No, Beak... Ann Coulter is too moderate for a Beamish ticket.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I finally caught the Hardball "ambush" of Ann Coulter by Cwis Maffews and Silky Pony's wife.

"Why isn't your husband making this call?"

She pwned both of their asses without even trying.

The Edwards campaign died that day, if it ever had life.