Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back to normal

My computer has been repaired and normal service will resume.

I want to point out the digraceful antics of the far left. The behavior of Ren and company ranges from disgraceful to disgusting. Far lefties are quick to point at possible alleged racism or homophobia on blogs to their right. However, the tolerance of anti-semitism is disgusting and a disgrace.

Ren is well aware of the comments of Liberal White Boy, The Pupeteer and John Brown and says zero. He actually nourishes these delusional nuts with a diet of posts that cater to their idiotic fetishes.

The Comments of LWB have become so disgusting that even a Communist had to say something on Troutsky's site. The comments of cringing are also very anti-semitic, but as they are mostly at the idiot level he is ignored. A typical idiotic comment from this dolt is to compare Richard Nixon to Pol Pot.

The problem with many on the far left is they do not realize how absurd their anti-semitism and Elmer Fudd fixations look to the rest of us. They live in a cacoon divorced from reality and common sense. The basic notions of how markets work and the totalitarian nature of group rights vs individual rights eludes them.

The ultimate baboon is John Brown who writes of Vanilla Sam. He also praises a racist regime in Cuba. He is quite fond of narcotics pushers like Hezbollah, the Taliban and Farc. The John Brown "the progressive Superfly parasite drug dealer of the people" is more accurate than the spoof would seem at first. In the real Superfly film Younglood Preist deals with the Black Panther types and dissmisses them.

Regular service and posting will start manyana.

I have restored the link to Nanc and will be restoring the link to Freedomnow shortly. Recent antics have demonstrated my point about demented people who abuse their mental illness as an excuse for disgusting behavior. The antics of the anti-semitic henchman of the mental patient are on full display. There will be no restoration of links with MZ.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

As absurd as the notion is that a leftist could possibly have something rational to say, I still allowed leftists to post on my blog. Now that my blog is invitation only, due to constant spamming, it will take some time to regain the proper regular troll-to-regular poster ratio.

Perhaps it's time to turn the B-Team HQ into a troll pit. Quality trolls that earn their stripes win a free invitation to post comments on my blog and get kicked around by the gang. Maybe we can let Ducky be a judge.

Always On Watch said...

I hate computer glitches. Nothing makes me curse like a computer problem.

My neighbors have heard my cries of agony more than once.