Sunday, June 17, 2007

Communists as Imbeciles and Capos

Make no mistake that when you are talking with a Communist you are dealing with imbeciles devoid of higher intellect and natural traitors. In order to be a Communist one has allready failed Economics, History and most definitions of mental health. Normal people do not conform like sheep to the party line, no matter how absurd. Following orders is the same illogic that produces Gulags, Killing Fields and Concentration Camps. Nazis were also allied with Commies and despite protestations were rivals and not polar oposites.

When I leave the blog I purposely avoid the topic of Jooos and Israel to avoid fights. Communists have an Elmer Fudd like obsession with the Centrality of the destruction of Israel that is absurd. Israel is just one country in a tiny area and monomanical focus on Israel is a mental pathology. There are and never were Palestinians, just ordinary Arabs who have a colonial history and 1400 years of Jim Crow abuses against genuine indigenous people. Do not take my word for it read the PLO charter Arab unity and Palestinian Arab is all over the place. The imagined Palestinian ethnicity comes from Commie Stooge Nasser at the behest of the Soviets in 1964.

Communists are historical imbeciles who divide the world in an infantile manner into opressors and opressed. In the case of Arabs and Muslims the communist version is so divorced from reality as to be comedic. Look for Phillistines as an existing people in the work of Josephus, you won't find it. How is it that they are indigenous and missing from contemporary Roman history. Arabs invaded the area but were never indigenous to the region and subjected the genuine indigenous people mostly Jews and Christians to a Jim Crow like abuses for centuries. The abuses of Jews elsewhere does not justify Muslim abuses, nor does history start in 1948 or 1967 because some cafeteria comissars say so.

I am somewhat amused at the dumbest Commie Cringingconstipation who demands so called Jews like "Eric and Ren" do more to help the cause of Pseudostinians. Communists by nature are traitors and Ren and Eric have ceased to be Jews the moment they signed on and joined the Communist death cult. Paraphrasing the words of Communist hack Prof Ellen Schrecker defending treason and deception of Communists in America and decades of knowingly lying about it " Communists do not define patriotism in the same manner as the general population". The rest of us define the actions of Communists as treason or sedition. However if Communists think those actions serve the "cause" they are justified no matter how odious. What more can Eric do to prove he is a good Communist traitor strap on a suicide vest or become a Capo? Cringingidiocy predicts that global outrage about the Pseudostinians will create a great backlash against the Joooos. If he is looking for a Capo for his future concentration camp Eric is a poor candidate as he has proven he sometimes thinks for himself and has a vestigial soul. There is no better candidate for Capo then Renegade himself who has defended Nazi- Communist alliances.

Ren is also dishonest about Trotsky's position about Nazism. His policy was to advise his demented followers to pursue revolutionary defeatism even if it ensured a Nazi victory. His logic was that the Western Democracies would soon turn fascist anyway and there would be no difference. This is the same type of insane moral relitivism that Commies use to equate the deliberate terrorism on the part of Arabs with colateral damage.

More comedically now Ren has proven that Commies also do not understand basic math and geography. When asked to explain the surges in the Venezuelans, Bolivians and Nicaraguans seekiing to emigrate he points to Mexico. Has Ren failed to note that Mexico is a much larger country adjacent to the USA. Does he know how to calculate a percentage? We have no idea how many Cubans want to leave because a repressive police state that he endorses prevents that and Cubans have a nasty habit of drowning when they the workers paradise he is an apologist for.

Israel is not the center of the universe and there is a host of people with far greater cases for nation status than Pseudostinians. The notion of Pseudostinians as an indigenous people is an insult to all the genuine indigenous people on the planet.
Moreover, there are plenty of people who suffer under governments they do not like all over the planet and very few resort to acts of terrorism. When Cubans object to Marxist opression Ren sings another tune. He also gets offended by the mere mention of the plethora of Communist terrorist groups. Lets see the Weathermen, Red Army groups, Black Panthers and so forth all share the same overall philosophy with Renegade and the Duck.

The reality is that Communism is fuedalism with good PR and an army of apologists. People like Ren want to set themselves up as lords of the manor and lounge arounge doing nothing while the serfs work. I suppose the Duck thinks he will get the first nights right ala the marriage of Figaro when his demented utopia arrives. There is nothing novel or revolutionary about statism.It is a failed concept that was a bad idea in the middle ages and is just as bad now.



Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Hello? Robespierre? Leftists invented terrorism.

Jungle Mom said...

Communism!!! The ones who claim its greatness rarely live under it. I invite them all to Venezuela and enjoy the Utopia we experience here.

sonia said...


Communism is feudalism with good PR and an army of apologists.

Actually, Communism is far worse than feudalism. At least under feudalism, the aristocrats were happy. Under Communism, Communist party bosses don't own anything outright, can't give anything to their children, and have to constantly watch their backs not to be purged.

Life under Communism sucks for everybody, even for Communists...

beakerkin said...

Junglemom the usual suspects go on Communist Party USA tours of selected locales and report this as genuine. Sadly I am seeing a surge of eople leaving including a surprising number of Jews.

Sadly the usual suspects deride doctors, engineers and small business owners as calss opressors.
If it were up to me I would denaturalize these people yesterday and deport them to live with Fidel.

These hypocritcal appologist for Chavez, Castro hold no countries to any standards except Israel. They hyperventilate and obsess about Arabs, and ignore the rest of the planet.


Lets see Communism is merely a theft based system that allows the true faithful to become the Lords and the rest of you serfs. They should come with warning labels like cigaretes. " The policies advocated by this person have been proven hazardous to human life. Application of these policies results in class genocide, starvation and economic misery."

Purple Avenger said...

Communism is feudalism with good PR

That's a good concise description. Zimbabwe is probably the best example these days (it'll take another few years for Chavez to completely wreck the joint)

CB said...

Our best hope is to be blessed by benevolent totalitarians who will shoot us before they starve us to death, freeze us to death for lack of heating oil, or worse yet, try to convince us of the soundness of the materialistic dialectic, talk about capitalistic sabotage or economic growth from investment versus "speculation."

A bullet through my temple, banishment to siberia or even sharia would be preferable to being required to listen to the drivel that passes for marxist, trotskyist, maoist, stalinist, bolivarian "reason."

As for the atheists and anti-semites, especially those that cocoon their bigotry in the parlance of oppression, apartheid and injustice, their envy and hatred give them a glimpse of the hell that God has prepared for them.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


beakerkin said...


Much of what is said on the far left is blatanly dishonest. The other day we had a fable that Trotsky was agitating against the Nazis for years before Churchill.
This was a knowingly false statement as Trotsky advocated revolutionary defeatism even if it ensured Nazi victory with the rationale The Western Democracies will soon turn fascist.

Trosky grouped people into classes including those who should be killed right away and those that can be executed later. Our mutual aquaintence seems to think this is enlightened thinking.

Warren said...

The fables are part and parcel of communism.

Perception only outweighs reality until the bead is made of sawdust and the chicken soup has no chicken.

Lies and more lies to cover them, make up a fairy tale to aggrandize your "hero".

Did you know that almost identical myths were made about Ho Chi Minh and Kim Il Sung for internal consumption among the peasants.

Their supposed birth places, (in effect), made into holy shrines. and fables made about them fighting Japanese and driving them from their soil.

Look at the BS about Stalin. On Utube, you can find a snip from a propaganda peace, purported to show a "reenactment" of Stalin visiting Berlin just after the Nazis fell. Complete with cheering throngs waving flags of the USSR, USA France and Britain.

Its sickening, it also didn't happen. Stalin didn't visit Berlin until years after the war.