Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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I am in the early pages of reading the book Infidel. However, the description of the misery caused by Communist misrule in Somalia seems familiar. One could pick up a book about Cuba, China and hear similar stories. In fact those of you who have read Nonnie Darwash's book will see similar stories about the mess created by Nasser's embrace of Communism in the early pages.

We are familiar with the apologists for Communism and familiar lies they tell. Funny but when a genuine Cuban American was here they remain silent. Communists depend on an ignorant public to spread their lies all with the singular goal of Revolutionary Defeatism in mind.

Those of you who think I am too rough on commies read the question on the Further Left Forum. "Who would you rather fight the USA or Al Queda". Make no mistake the practice of Communism has always been Revolutionary Defeatism for the USA.

I intend to provide a format for all those people who have lived under Communism to tell their experiences. I am looking all over the web to find people and we will confront those myths directly.

We will also interview members of groups Communists have demonized such as Vietnam and Gulf Veterans. We will be interviewing members of groups that Communists deem they are the sole arbiters of authenticity such as African Americans, Native Americans, Jews, Gays and so forth.

Lastly, we will include a neglected group that Commies feel they have the right to slander practicing Christians. I was on G's site when he made the comment that religious people are corrupt and controlling. This is from the same person who defends and visits Cuba. The best G could say when faced with the obvious was Cuba has "problems".

If you know of a guest you would like to suggest for our first interview feel free to send them here. This is a team blog and I have sent out invites to Mr Beamish and AOW and will be sending out a few more. I will be inviting Florian to do some interviews. I can not have all of the fun and perhaps we can talk WC into interviewing in the future.

This site is dedicated to all those slandered by the far left.


Always On Watch said...

I am in the early pages of reading the book Infidel.

I've read several reviews of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book. The reviews were mixed. I'll be interested in your review, should you decide to write one.

beakerkin said...


I am not the typical reader. The first four chapters deal with her childhood. She describes a stern matriarchal society. Her descriptions of the obsession with clans in Somalia and Communist tyrany are interesting. Her description of Saudi Arabia and the violence directed at women and the second class treatment of foreigners is interesting.

These glimpses into Saudi life are interesting. Her fathers reaction to the backwardness of the Saudis probably gets lost in most reading.

Her description of FGM a practice that is not Muslim is less graphic.
Moreover, it is the women that cling to the most backward repressive elements of Islam.

beakerkin said...

John Brown

None of your comments will be published here. Your antics are now causing major headaches for Ren.

Do not post here and leave people alone.

Where did you get those photos of you leading around Mumia Jammal with a whip. The photos were so funny even Ren laughed. Obviously, you must have had a guest writter as you have never had an original thought in your life.

FYI we also have a screen shot that proves you are the administrator of the blog. See you in court as you commies say "What's mine is mine and what's yours will be mine." The first amendment does not include libel and accusations of criminal behavior are considered libelous.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I came here to say hello again, back from MS and I don't want to go there again (backwater).

Slanderings from the far left can easily be solved by mailbombing their provider in their name. This leads to the user getting banned from his ISP.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I don't understand what's gotten into John Brown. He sure seems rather stressed out about not being allowed to post here on your blog, Beak. I have no idea why he's taken up spamming his own blogs with gay porn and running up and down the internet to try to get people to look at it.

You have to admit it's one of the most fascinating confirmations of Beamish's Hypothesis (that leftists are primarily concerning with convincing people that leftists are morons) I've seen in a.. well, since the last time Ducky posted.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

BTW, is "Ren" Renegade Eye from Sonia's blog?

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish Ren has his own site. Brown keeps sending me notes and Ren has told him to stay away from sites that do not want him.

He could end up persona non gratta.

beakerkin said...


Get off my blog and stop sending comments. You are not wanted here or anywhere else.

If you do not knock it off I am going to launch my own version of your antics. How about traitor watch with all your lefty friends?

No doubt Ren has a thin skin and would not appreciate the satire.

Disappear and do not come around ever.

The Mullah Beak Blog is suddenly funny and creative, obviously this can not be your work. How did you get into Abu Gharib and put Mummia on a leash.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Why give John Brown the attention he seeks? Let him keep posting gay porn on his blogs. It'll soon enough be the only places he's allowed to post.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

It would seem Brown is testing the limits of his new jail. He has invaded this space Bar Kochba's and Jay's.

He seems not to mind the consequences of his actions. Who knows Ren could redlist him or send him to Siberia.

Purple Avenger said...

Peter Kukol was originally a Czech under the communist rule. Peter and a friend escaped by playing good communists until they were finally "rewarded" with a holiday in Hungary.

In Hungary, they promptly headed to the Italian border and jumped the fence to freedom.

Anyone who thinks communism is great needs to talk to people like Peter who lived under it.

beakerkin said...

I checked the link you provided but I did not see contact info. I have been hunting for Cambodians.

Purple Avenger said...

You could probably get into contact with Peter by running down that office he's working out of.

I knew Peter from the years we both worked at Borland in the late 80's. I haven't seen him since he (and others) defected from Borland and went to Microsoft.