Monday, June 04, 2007

Good News Stephen Schwartz Gets it

Amidst all the hoopla and people screaming Islamophobia about the Fort Dix six is a lone voice of sanity. Stephen Schwartz has praised the employee for reporting the suspicious behavior to law enforcement. Schwartz understands the potential consequences are dire for America and the mostly law abiding Muslims. We need to see more Stephen Schwartz and less CAIR.

You can read the post at the Center for Islamic Pluralism. There are patriotic Muslims and we desperately need to hear from them. There is no excuse for slaughter and mayhem and long term it hurts the goal of the Muslim community as well.


Ducky's here said...

You must have been very upset that, in fact, there was no "islamophobic" screaming after the Fort Dix bust.

A bunch of low end schmucks started acting liked morons and hatched a plan to penetrate Fort Dix before they had even procured firearms. They got busted and taken off the streets.

You and the rest of the Kahanist freaks wanted to use this as proof that Israel needs more welfare checks since only nuclear weapons can possibly offer protection from unarmed morons like the ones arrested at Dix.

beakerkin said...

Blowing up Fort Dix hmmm. Maybe the idiots thought this was a prerequisite to a cushy job like Ayers and Dorn.

Kahane Loyalist and MZ have explained at length why a secularist can not be a Kahanist.
However, in your case being an actual Kahanist would be self improvement.

What a stunod.

Jason_Pappas said...

There is no shortage of Muslims who will help infidels. Israel has extensive informants in Gaza. The quality of their information is so good they can kill the enemy from the sky and get hit desired enemy target virtually every time. Informants can be bought even in the most hostile of communities.

The convicted drug-dealer who helped get the JFK terrorists is a case in point. Loyalty to America or Israel isn't required. It's a cash-and-carry business.

Jason_Pappas said...

What’s worrisome in all this is that we are capturing the bumbling amateurs. The pros, trained in Afghanistan and Pakistan, are harder to get and they are still out there.

We haven't secured our borders to make the problem more tractable.

beakerkin said...


In a nutshell you have explained the damage caused by Torecelli. The restrictions come because an idiot was trying to impress usefull idiot Bianca Jagger.

Jason_Pappas said...

I had forgotten about that.

beakerkin said...

Of course the Duck will have a lame story. The law of unintended consequences, perfectly illustrated.

Ducky's here said...

Jason, the pros don't risk an illegal entry. If they are going to pull off a serious threat there are hundreds of things that can go wrong and they don't want to add illegal entry to the list.

I'm surprised you don't know that, but then again you talk lots and reason little.

Jason_Pappas said...

They overstayed their visa on 9/11. Besides, illegal entry evades monitoring. A pro might very well use false documents or reside in a sanctuary city (like New York) to evade detection.

But you’re right; restricting entry from Islamic nations completely will decrease the number of suspects to monitor. Good point! After all, what's easier to monitor: Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn or Baghdad? The fewer, the better.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Jason. Israel has pisser intel. That's why they got stuffed by Hezbollah.

Of course it isn't only the Republicans who are a problem here, Hillary the Cluster Bomb Girl has been real quick to suck up to the uselaess AIPAC welfare queens.

Always On Watch Two said...

Duck: You and the rest of the Kahanist freaks wanted to use this as proof that Israel needs more welfare checks since only nuclear weapons can possibly offer protection from unarmed morons like the ones arrested at Dix.


FLORIAN said...

Isn't Schwartz a Muzzie? Why didn't he change his name? BTW Beak, did you know that the guy that turned in those worthless POS from Guyana planning to bomb JFK was a Muzzie?
Is this a facade or the real thing?

Warren said...

Jason said:
"Good point!"

Clarification please.

The point between his ears or his other point?

z said...

Anybody else think the informant is NUTS for having come out with his name, MOrgenstern, and his face on FOX? Man, if he doesn't need a witness protection program, I don't know who does.

Plus, I'm tired of hearing our feds tell exactly how they got the guys....I can hear terrorists thinking "okay, get our own DVD labs.......don't talk on cell phones" etc.

Ducky's here said...

The Hmong get it also

Beak, a little terrorist activity from one of your favorite persecuted minorities?

roman said...

The reason the USA is such a magnet for success and prosperity is because we believe in law and order. Suspicious activity that hints at criminality should be reported to the proper authorities.
The Fort Dix case emphasizes the fact that we should all be vigilant. If there are a bunch of bearded Middle Eastern men purchasing guns and running around in the woods practicing killing skills or buying copious amounts of fertilizer ingredients, I would conclude this to be suspicious. The magnitude of the threat being serious, as in this case, should not even be a factor. No one can really know just how serious a threat can be when first discovering some suspicious activity. Those who downplay this matter because of the ineptitude of the conspirators help to delude the public into thinking that all terrorists are composed of "gangs that can't shoot straight". This promotes a general sense of false security and will help to degrade our sense of community involvement in security vigilance. The downplayers are not helping, instead they inadvertently assist in assuring the next succesful terror attack on themselves and their neighbors.

FLORIAN said...

Where are you Beak?

Urban Infidel said...

So what does Ducky stand for anyway?

beakerkin said...


I had an accident and was stuck like Mr Magoo for two days.


The Duck is a Communist Anti-semite
who thinks bigotry is OK as long as the target is on the right. He has called Ellie Wiesel a Shoah Pimp and me a Kahanist and Likudnick. How or why an avowed secularist like myself becomes an advocate of theocracy is a mystery. MZ and KL have explained this to Doofy Ducky. The Duck has added Condi Rice as "Aunt Jemimah" and Thomas Sowell as a "Minstrel Show Performer". He thinks this is okay because Harry Belacommie uses those terms.

The Duck is fond of Commie stooge Fannon and thinks Jews who lived under Islamic rule should shut up.
He has also justified ethnically cleansing the Jews of Egypt on terrorism charges. This is mildly amusing for someone who lectures MZ about expulsion of Pseudostinians for the exact same reason.

In short the Duck is a mindless Communist anti-semite of limited mental capacity.