Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The standard pre interview hype for a decent guy

We will be taking a break from the usual fare and be conducting another of the much appreciated blog interviews. We will be interviewing a friend Jams O'Donnel and the interview will focus on his diverse interests including Cats, Photography, plants and life in the UK.

Jams is a breath of fresh air that is far too rare on the left. He is an idealist who one can respect even when one disagrees. For example Jams and I disagree on the death penalty, but he does not turn a blind eye to its use in Havana. We both are in agreement that the death penalty should not be used for overdue library books.

The foreign interviews also have many daily life questions, that seem popular with the critics of this blog.


Farmer John said...

I look forward to your interview with Jams. I love his cultural posts.

jams o donnell said...

Well that depends on how long the book is overdue!

beakerkin said...

Well at least there is not a content factor. Anyone with an over due Curious George Book prepare for beating.