Friday, June 15, 2007

Communists Bigots and Cowardice

I do try to avoid the subject of Israel when I am off this blog. I will slap around communists as they are devoid of coherent thought, logic and historical morons. For the most part I try to restrict myself to satire. However the best satire has elements of truth.

There are a band of sick anti-semites that post on the far left sites. For the most part they are quite stupid. John Brown, LWB, the Pupeteer, Cingingconstipation and MFL are all idiots. Ren merely stokes the rabid anti-semitism with a diet of garbage and he ignores blatant antisemitism. He wan't to criticize Rush Limbaugh for racism for a song about Barak Obama but ignores the virulent anti-semitism. In fact Ren even has a post of support for the planets most notorious anti-semite Norman Finkelstein. CB corrected Ren's ignorance about the story behind the Limbaugh parody.

LWB is a rabid antisemite and admits on Troutsky's site to attempting to pick fights. The antisemitism is so rabid even a deranged dolt named Eric pointed out that repeatedly highlighting a persons ethnicity is wrong. He also said the usual far left stupidity only to have the usual antisemites turn on him as well. I am amazed at the sheer difficulty of Commies to say a single word in the face of blatant bigotry. Sonia had zero dificulty pointing out the blatantly bigoted antics, but then she is an adult who is not beholden to a moronic world view.

Ren shows his true colors red and yellow on this thread. Faced with naked anti-semitism of the type he stokes he feigns ignorance. He then blames me for taking a thread off course. Had he looked at the thread he would have noticed it was LWB whose naked bigotry moved the thread off topic. More to the point his own blog always veers off topic when his antisemitic followers bring apartheid Israel into every post. Do check to see if Ren has ever said Israel has nothing to do with this topic. It has never happened.

Unlike the cowardly Ren, a braver but equally obtuse Eric attempts to impart an argument against facts. The familiar commie line is you are a racist. Muslims come in all racial categories, Arabs are not a race and Palestinians are not even an ethnic group. Eric reponds that Palestinians are an ethnic group because they view themselves that way. Perception does not infer fact as mental health facilities are filled with Napoleons and other people who think they are Jesus. The extension of the obtuse Eric's logic is an insane person thinks he is Jesus, so he is Jesus.

The context of all the wars prior to 1967 was Arab vs Israeli eliminationist with zero talk of Palestinians. We hear about Palestinians only in 1964 when Commie stooge Nasser at the behest of the Soviet Union creates the Palestinian Liberation Orginization. The charter is loaded with the terms Arab unity and Palestinian Arabs but people like Eric must view this as a poetic lapse. Newsflash there are no Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians or Iraqis. All of the states in the area are the creation of an Anglo French treaty in 1920. 80% of the Palestine Mandate was given to Arabs to found Jordan. Jordan ethnically cleansed its few Jooos who were there long before Mohammed and his colonialists were even a concept.

After 1967 Arabs start talking about a contrived etnic group. This plays better with the anti-semitic far left than Jooos into the sea. As Arabs allready have a lenthy history of colonialism and Jim Crow treatmnt of Jooooos this is also preposterous. Jooos settled their refugees and Arabs treated their own as human hockey pucks. They are kept in camps for generations for no reason other than to placate never ending Arab greed for land and rationalize communist anti-semitism.

If Arabs wanted Peace tommorow the first step is letting Egypt reclaim Gaza. The residents of Gaza were Egyptians from the onset. Let Egypt deal firmly and harshly with the situation. The anarchy will end and residents of Gaza will transmogrify themselves into #Egyptians. Oooops they always were Egyptians but this is a minor detail.

If anything the creation of this fake ethnicity has agravated this situation long after the Israelis and Jordanians would have resoved matters. This also would have involved some land and population transfers. However, Commies and Arabs need this myth of a fake nation more than they need actual Pseudostinians.

Commies need Pseudostinians as a rallying cry for common cause an manipulation of Muslims. They ignore the most blatant of human rights abuses commited by Muslims, justify terror and a never ending seris of victimization. How the most colonial people on the planet with a legthy history of real Jim Crow abuses becomes the world foemost victims is beyond all logic.

Arab despots need Israel or they might have to deliver goods, services and much lower levels of theivery and nepotism. The clueless Johm Brown has failed to notice the State in the region that most resembles Apartheid is Syria. Syria is ruled by the BAATH Party more comonly known as the Arab SOCIALIST (THINK COMMIE STOOGE PUPPET)
party. The party is little more than an Alawite (Non MOOOOOSLIM) clique that comprises about 11% of the population and oppresses the rest when not dealing narcotics, weapons and terrorism. As they have the veneer of SOCIALISM their repressive police thug like reality is ignored. This is a small feat for those who ignore racism, repression and interventionism in Cuba.

Lastly Arab militants are very similar to Commies except that they have never starved people to liberate them. Militant Islam like Communism needs perpetual revolution. Once Israel is gone a new gripe will be the pretext. Conflicts with Islam are all the rest of the planets fault. Do note if the type of Islam was a Schwartz type this would not be a major problem. Muslims would merely work within the existing framework of law and government like anyother group and resort to naked, needless and counter productive terrorism. Of course the Schwartz type of Islam would bring forth stable politics with a more or less lower amount of corruption. People would have jobs and be working instead of sitting around in Mosques unemployed with little prospect of a better life. Arab miloitants need bad economies to thrive and terrorism scares foreign investors. It is better for radicals if Farouk is unemployed or a suicide bomber than employed at a stable job supporting his family.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

I think a gang of Hasidic's might have to go a travelling...

Can you imagine 8-10 flaming Israelites descending on LWB's site?

Anonymous said...

Nice post Beak. Do they ever stay on topic in troutsky's threads? I followed your point about jobs (on topic) with some real-life examples of what goes into producing something as innocuous as simple foodstuffs and that no one would do it if there were no gain. No response (exept eric said it was a rosy view). I am starting to believe that they are so simple that they believe that Frito Lay has a giant field of potato chip silos and that if “the people” could locate and storm the silos and liberate the chips, there would be an endless source of potato chip equity. Only such a warped view of the world can explain the hatred they express for the non-current-victim groups (Jews and others who produce their own chips; troutsky even sneered at the “skin color” of the protesters in VZ). Although I must admit, it seems counter-intuitive that a superficial analysis could lead to profound rage and hate.

beakerkin said...


I find it incomprehensible that Ren accuses me of all people of being off topic. Admitedly, their was some well intentioned satire. I doubt Troustky was offended by Moby Catfish.

All of the sudden LWB launches into a strident anti-semitic diatribe. Of course Ren feigns ignorance and has never said a peep about the over the top bigotry. Moreover LWB admits to attempting to bait me. He even throws antisemitic excrement at his fellow commie who bends over backwards to agree with all the Commie crapola. Eric's real point to LWB was the anti-semitsm makes Commies look bad.

More to the point of the original article. The person Troutsky badmouthed provided jobs and took risks. His comments were reflective of the difference between Commies and the rest of us individual rights and liberties vs group right. All of us agree that there should be equal opportunities, but that does not infer equality of results.

I would love to have seen Craig Bardo or another Black Conservative address Group rights vs individual rights.

I am reading a stack of material on the far left. How many of us have deduced that the level of anti-semitism in a Country is almost directly tied to the level of anti-capitalism. Everywhere Social engineering takes place at the behest of the left it creates more animosity.

Here is the sane solution create growth.