Thursday, June 21, 2007

Your turn to interview Beakerkin

We have many new readers who have questions about this blog. Now is your turn to ask questions. This segment is open to all except those who have been expressly banned.

The Banned List John Brown, Socrates and all his aliases, Uptown Steve, Greg of Hear O Israel and his lackey Gert.

For the record Nanc, Freedomnow and MZ are not banned. The link to Nanc's site has been restored. The link to Freedomnow will be restored shortly. There will be no restoration of links with MZ.


Anonymous said...

Which way has the wind been blowing, lately? Is there any chance that you'll be bringing any "pets" back to NYC? (btw - You need to fix your link to's missing the "blospot" part)

beakerkin said...

Earl the Cat has been getting fed twice a day. He spends time with a friend of mine who feeds him around midnight. This friend will look after Earl when I leave.

He did show up when I left the deli looking for roast beef. I gave him a bit.

I will check the Nanc link.

CB said...

I visit the city several times a year. With the exception of a couple of clients I have in Brooklyn, Jersey City and the financial district, I rarely stray from Midtown and take the E train to Queens (Laguardia) if I'm not in too much of a hurry to get back to the airport.

I love to eat everywhere, the steakhouses, sushi, indian and visit the jazz clubs and a couple of the hotel and restaurant bars...if I'm not being completely hedonistic, what else should I do in the city when I have some time?

beakerkin said...

I am quite fond of visiting the etnic enclaves. However as your time is limited you can visit the most ethnically balanced community in America Elmhurst Queens. That Community is 1/3 Chinese 1/3 Latino and 1/3 Eastern European. It is amazing to visit the entire world in one community.

The Strand Bookstore is a must. Reviewrs copies are half price downstairs. However, the real joy is going through the aisles and finding old books that have been forgotten. You can buy Mitchner hardovers for five dollars each. The prices on non fiction are more expensive but still a great buy.

You should also visit the vibrant Russian community in Brighton Beach. The resturants are top notch
and this serves as a reminder to those who say Russians can not build thriving businesses. They do not take kindly to Ren and company so leave him home.

A guilty pleasure is the Forbiden Planet. They carry old Comic books Sci Fi toys and nostalgia items. They are expensive but it costs nothing to look.

Ducky's here said...

1. Since you are a "cat person" would you please share your favorite recipes for the obnoxious animals. Do you think there are essential personality differences between dog and cat afficianados.

2. Do you have children? What is the one value you would be most concerned to teach them?

3. Do you subscribe to any magazines?

4. What is your favorite omelette?

5. How many CD's do you own? DVD's? Foreign film DVD's?

6. Have you ever stayed in the Chelsea Hotel?

7. Do you consider Hillary Clinton a leftist? If so why?

8. Do Marx and Rand agree on the labor theory of value?

9. Will you visit the Richard Serra retrospective at MoMA? If not, why would you pass on a once in a lifetime show?

10. Why is the right so violently opposed to considering the implications of global warming?

Extra credit: What are the chances that lard ass Clemens will win 8 games this year and how f**ked up are the Spankees this year?

beakerkin said...

1 I am not a cat person. Earl was a temporary guest due to a cold spell.

2 I have no children.

3 None

4 I do not eat omlettes. I cooked many in the hotels in the mountains as a teen.

5 Zero.

6 No

7 Hillary has been a far leftist nut since her days at Yale. Hillarycare alone and her idiotic mentor Rabbi "LSD" Lerner should be sufficient. She has moved away from Lerner as soon as she saw that he was a real liability in NY.
Her comments about moving away from an "ownership society are clear. She is closely tied with mindless meglomaniac George Soros.

8 I do not bandy about philosophy.
I approach things from a historical perspective. All that is relevant about Marx is its history of creatio of needless death and repeated episodes of treason.

9 I am stuck in VT on a project and my time is very limited.

10 The mindless far left has substituted the environment for class struggle. Noted Commie hacks like Norman Finkelstein and Joel Koevel call themselves Greens. Merely Greens who repeat classic Communist idiocicy.

The Earth has gone through changes in temperature before. Much of the sky is falling bit is a subterfuge of far lefties looking for control.

Clemens will will around ten games.

The_Editrix said...

If the cat is not a permanence in your life, do you want one of my terrier pups?

I can promise you one thing: Life will never be the same again. (Whatever that means.)

beakerkin said...


Thanks for the kind offer and I am more of a dog person than a cat person. Sadly my vocation means I will be moving about with great frequency.

If I were to get a dog terriers would be at the top of my list.

Always On Watch said...

I see that Duck is on a cat-recipes craze today.

There are many good recipes for duck. But I find duck greasy, with a nasty after taste.

Jason_Pappas said...

1. Is Union Square more Marxist than Havana?

2. What is the best Jewish Deli in Manhattan?

3. Will the left ever accept the guilt of the Rosenbergs?

4. Who is right about Eric Breindel, this guy or this guy?

5. Which NYC major will become President (if Beamish doesn’t run)?

6. Will Ducky become a conservative or neo-conservative in his old age?

7. What’s ails Jimmy Carter?

8. Carbon credits: hype, a new religion, or Al Gore’s re-entry into the Presidential race?

9. What will be built first: the border fence, the WTC replacement, the George W. Bush Presidential library?

10. Martini: shaken or stirred?

Warren said...

If you were to order or cook your favorite meal what would it consist of.

The_Editrix said...

Given the distance, my offer was a joke, of course. But seriously, you can take a well-behaved dog anywhere. The operative word is "well-behaved".

Terriers are not quite dogs. They are little madmen in fur coats. One really needs buckets of patience and love to deal with them.

However, glad to hear you like terriers.

beakerkin said...


I am a simple man and a mere pot of boiled ckicken with rice, garlic, celery, cocktail onions and cocktail potatoes with a touch of Cajun spice is simple.

If I am in NYC, I always look for the Jumbo Stuffed Calamri in an Italian Resturant. The Clamari is stuffed with crabmeat and served in a tomato/redwine sauce. I am also fond of the great Cuban Resturant Mi Bandera in Union City
and the Korean Barbeque joints in NYC.

beakerkin said...

1 Union Square is probably the most Marxist place on the planet. I observed the group dynamics of the denizens of the area for years and concluded that these people have more cult element than rational thought.

The best way to cure this malady is to deport them to North Korea and let them live under their madness. People who live under communism learn to despise it quickly.

2 I was a fan of the 2nd Avenue Deli. I also like the Pastrami King uptown and followed it from Queens. However, the Stage is still the best.

beakerkin said...


No the left needs martyrs to the cause. The Rosenbergs are religious icons and the facts are just irrelevant.

The left has turned Norman Finkelstein into an icon as well. The hysterical cries of witch hunt would be funny under normal circumstances. However, being that there are maybe one thousand Communist anti-semites in higher ed saying the same thing this becomes comedy. Finkelstein's real claim to fame is being the worlds only Communist hack fired four times. This is some sort of record
in the Old Bolshevik Network.

beakerkin said...

Lawrence Auster is correct about Breindel and this rabid hysteria about neocons is typical of the anti-semitic far left. Breindel hada severe problem with chronic pain and unfortunately did use heroin.

The basic premise is that Breindel was arrested for possesion of heroin. This ended his aspirations for higher office. However, this addiction does not define his life, just as Ted Kenedy's battle witch alcohol define his. Breindel's health problems were very real and he died at a very young age.

Breindel was a gifted writer whose column Kristalnacht in Crown Heights propelled Rudy Guliani into the mayors office and possibly the White House. The gift of Breindel was that he was unafraid to call a Communist a Communist and he dealt with anti-semitism directly.

Breindel is one of my major influences and models. The other influences are Bob Grant, Mark Levin, David Horowitz, Dr Yeagley and the great Richard Poe.

beakerkin said...

5 Rudy will win the election and it will not be close if he runs against Hillary.

6 The Duck will become the most insane of all polical creatures the anarho-liberterian. I have read interviews with Murray Rothbard and we should consider using this material to torture suspects in GITMO.

Please Sahib not more Murray Rothbard the man is a bore. I would much prefer to have electric shock than to read the inane musings of Murray Rothbard

beakerkin said...

7 Jimmy Carter blamed his defeat on the Jewsish Community. This is odd as the Jewish community voted for Carter.

He has looked jealously at the post Presedential rehabilitation of Richard Nixon. Nixon worked with the sitting Presidents and not against their policies.

Do note Bill Clinton turned to Nixon for advice frequntly and never asked Carter for anything. Carter has tried to remain relevant by catering to the far left as a visionary. However, what we see is a senile bitter man who is irrelevant.

The expression on his face when the caller on CSPAN slapped him around was classic.

beakerkin said...

8 Carbon credits is a farce

9 The G W Bush library will be up first.

10 I do not drink alcohol unless I am being annoyed. On those raretimes when an obnoxious relative or I am stuck with a brain impaired Communist a Budweiser will do the job.

Jason_Pappas said...

I’m enjoying your responses. 1. Correct, Union Square beats Havana as a Marxist stronghold. Cubans have had to suffer under communism and have no romantic notions about this social system. 2. I’ll keep Stage in mind. 3. The Rosenbergs were hard core Stalinists since their undergraduate days at CCNY. Yet they will always be noble victims to those on the left only to be replaced by Rachael Corrie for the younger generation. 4. Auster is right and it’s good to see him stick up for Breindel. 5. Rudy better win! 6. That beats my prediction. I should have talked about Murray when I talked about the hate-America libertarians. I think I have in the past. 7. Carter is the new Ramsey Clark! 8. A farce indeed. 9. Sad but true; the GWB library will be built first unless #5 is correct. 10. I totally understand.

beakerkin said...

Jason if you did a post on Murray Rothbard point me to it. I would seriously rather go through electric shock than read another of his interviews.

Elmer's Brother said...

beak, I'm a little late here

Why are there so many Christians who seem to enjoy your site?

Is this a coicnidence, an accident?

Did you purposely reach out to people of faith as you built this blog?

I'm glad to see you are restoring ties with nanc.

70 times 7 is my motto. (except with john brown)

beakerkin said...


I am influenced by the writing of Alvin Schmidtt. Schmidtt points out the Western Civ you and I enjoy comes directly from Christianity.

Most religious Jews including my own family prefer Christians keep their own faith. In fact I have never heard of a Jew who practices the faith ever complain about Christmas displays on public property.

Christianity in its tradional aboriginal form is the fulfilment of the Judaic phrophecies.I have never heard any anti-semitic comments from practicing Christians of various denominations who have welcomed me into their Churches and homes.

I do not consider the minority that practices "revolution theology" or "progressive dispensationalism" to be genuine Christians. These movements attempt
to hide Marxism and support governments like Cuba that persecute Christians. I am even more vocal about he Jewish variants of the same movement. In VT I was invited to one of these fake congregations and said no thank you. The conversation turned hostile when I was asked for a reason.

Left to their own devices Christians create Schools, Orphanages, Hospitals and all types of community outreach program. The critics of Christianity build gulags and police states nobody wants to live in.

To hate Christianity is to hate Western Civ. I do not dismiss that many times my people were victimized in the path towards building an enlightened society. However, our way of life and the societies we built are the envy of the rest of the world.