Monday, June 18, 2007

Fatah leaders attempt to flee from Gaza to Israel

According to the AP several Fatah leaders have attempted to flee to Israel. The continuing carnage in Gaza is the direct fault of Fatah itself. Fatah should have acted years ago, but failed to deal with the problem.

The similarity between the goons of Hamas and communists are disturbing. Classic Communists notably Trotskyite clowns advance endless revolution and class genocide. The clowns of Hamas are practicing classic class genocide. If they ditched the Koran
their behavior would be indistinguishable from classic Communists. Maybe we should send American Communists over to Gaza to explain how to build Gulags or better yet laogai. If the people at Hamas behead a few this would be no great loss as Commies never use their heads in the first place. All Commies ever do is follow the party line no matter how divorced from reality it is and repeat slogans.

The usual suspects blame Israel for the carnage but the fault lies with the far left notably Commies. Commies have allowed the Arabs to blame all social maladies on Israel without ever demanding basics. There was no demand that Arabs build an economy and prosecute those who violate laws. There has been no demand for accountabilty that the aid reaches the intended recipients.

Hamas's actions are barbaric even by decidely low terrorist standards. There is an obvious solution, let Egypt take control of the area. The residents of Gaza were Egyptian until the far left created a myth of Palestinianism after the Six Day War.
This action would mean an end to the myth created by the left. This only proves once again that the left doesn't really care about Arabs it pretends to obsess over. They prefer to perpetuate the myth of Palestinianism as a weapon against the Joooos even if all of the people it venerates die.

There are critics of the Gaza withdrawl who did not understand that Sharon had given the Arabs a challenge. Build your economy, create jobs and deliver services was the basic task handed to the local Arabs. However, it has now become apparent that Gaza is mess. Egypt should allow refugees fleeing assasination to leave and then invade.
There will be plenty of time to rebuild and the existing Aid to Egypt should cover rebuilding.

Do not expect common sense to prevail. The Communist far left has obsessed about Zionism even before Israel was created. Zionism was a Jewish alternative to Communism and as such subject to vilification even before Israel was created. The charge of Zionism was also a convenient way for Commies to purge Jews in their ranks.
Classic communism also exists only with a dehumanized enemy. Much of the vitriol stems from decades of Communists dehumanizing Zionists. The notion of Communists dehumanizing anyone given their own record is a cruel joke.

I had also predicted this Civil War in Gaza around two years ago.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

The irony of Fatah leaders fleeing Gaza to Israel for "sanctuary" unmasks the FARCE which is the "Palestinian Cause" was, is and always will be.

Always On Watch said...

The clowns of Hamas are practicing classic class genocide. If they ditched the Koran
their behavior would be indistinguishable from classic Communists.

No doubt!

Farmer mentions the irony. The barbarians fleeing to civilization to try to escape the mayhem they themselves cause.

I have zero sympathy for Fatah.

beakerkin said...


The sad part is that the communists created the mess in the first place. Had the left the problem in its real form Egypt could annex the area and restore orfer.

Communists created a myth of a fake ethnicity and now people are dying for a myth. The Arab residents of Gaza were Egyptian in origin and fact.

Too bad that the US can't just drop John Brown into Gaza. Let him
talk about Vanilla Sam as the good old boys of Hamas behead him.

Jason_Pappas said...

It's amazing how Israel gets the blame. It doesn't have to do anything.

When leftists tell me how our policies and actions inflame Muslims, I tell them if we did nothing Muslims would become even more inflamed. Israel is proving that today. It pulls out of Gaza and is now blamed for Arabs killing Arabs. It's being blamed for the hunger, poverty, and disintegration.

Israel is still providing Gaza with water and electricity. It provides Gaza with the power needed to manufacture and launch Qassam rockets into Israel. But if Israel stopped, Muslims would yell bloody murder.

Instead of inviting Egypt in, I'd open the gates on the Egyptian border and suggest if Egyptians living in Gaza (i.e. the whole population) are hungry and thirsty they can take a hike.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Instead of inviting Egypt in, I'd open the gates on the Egyptian border and suggest if Egyptians living in Gaza (i.e. the whole population) are hungry and thirsty they can take a hike.

Exactly. All the al-Masris can go back to Masri.

beakerkin said...


I am used to hysterical leftist but the comments on Gaza are insane. Fairly routine are the comparisons to the Warsaw Ghetto.
The far left has an obsession with Israel and the Jews and it is getting absurd.

Opening the gates and letting civilians leave to Egypt is a good idea. The residents of Gaza are almost entirely Egyptian.

Jungle Mom said...

Great article here.
OT; once again, but would it be alright if I quote your latest comment regarding the immigration situation with the Jews here?

beakerkin said...

You can quote me Junglemom. I have seen several cases and it is getting bad. American companies seem to be protecting key employees
on their end.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Malthus predicted the civil war in Gaza 200 years ago.

The Pseudostinians should try to figure out how cockroaches build thriving communities, and upgrade from there.

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks!I am worried for so many here who are still hoping things will change. I leave soon myself.

Anonymous said...

Now remember its Palestine that is being oppressed by Israel, I mean how dare Israel confront terrorism, your supposed to talk to and understand the terrorist, not fight them, idiots!

I'm more amused by the fact that Fatah used to be Terrorists, and now they are complaining about the Hamas terrorist attacking them, if I was Israel I would close the border and let these morons kill each other!

Warren said...

Fatah is still a terrorist organization. This is just a mob war and the gangsters are fighting each other over the territory.

This is what comes from rewarding bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

Warren, I have no doubt you are correct, I do not know much about the region. I did however hear a story on this on my local Christian Station that said Fatah was a terrorist organization, but they changed what they use to do, he could have been wrong, no doubt about that.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Sharon gave the Arabs a chance. Build your economy without water, arable land and all the time the Israeli Apartheid Regime is withholding your income because they don't like your government.

Get down the street, you kahanist loser.

Jason_Pappas said...

This is what comes from rewarding bad behavior.

The simple truth is often profound.

Always On Watch said...

Article in the June 19, 2007 WaPo:

The United States yesterday lifted its embargo on direct aid to the Palestinian government, joining the European Union and other countries in a swift demonstration of support for embattled President Mahmoud Abbas in his struggle against the anti-Israeli militant group Hamas.


The rush to support Abbas spawned some nervousness among Israeli officials, who consider Abbas ineffectual and too willing to compromise with Hamas.


Nathan Brown, an expert on Arab politics at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said in an analysis that both Hamas's actions in Gaza and Abbas's actions in response failed the constitutional tests. "The result is likely to be two lawless governments," he said. "Neither will be accountable to Palestinian society or institutions in any way."

Rice, asked about the legality of Abbas's actions, said: "Our view, very strongly, is that what President Abbas has done is legitimate and it is responsible and we're going to support that action." Other U.S. officials, speaking privately, said they had little concern that legal niceties were being ignored, given Hamas's power grab.

"How do I put this diplomatically? Who cares?" said Ghaith al-Omari, a former Abbas aide now at the New America Foundation. "It is the politics of survival now."

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Maybe the Psuedostinians should run water pipes through their weapons smugging tunnels in Rafah.