Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ames Holbrook and walking the line

The book is jargon heavy, but as an insider the terms are readily familiar to me. The familiar ills of daily life at a governmental agency are there. However, all agencies do not tolerate "cowboyism"
no matter how well intentioned. All along the process the questions of legality are raised.

In the book are the familiar idiocies from moronic courts and insane policy wonks. Our greatest task is often doing our job despite these morons.

The greatest damage to us protecting the public comes from the cult of lawyerism. One deranged lawsuit from a Communist crackpot with a law degree can mean millions of dollars in work out in the garbage. Oddly it is far easier to remove a well intentioned cowboy, than a parasitic lawsuit abusing trouble maker.

In government working beyond the rules, no matter how well intentioned, ends careers. It is also the reason many of the best and brightest want no part of the toughest tasks or management.

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