Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ames Holbrook and real life

There are extensive rules and procedures in any Federal job including mine. The laws are there to
protect the public from bad apples. Unlike most I do not like dropping the hammer on applicants.
This is a part of my job I take seriously and I get zero pleasure out of. The exception is when the bogus fake adoption cases used to cross my desk.

The best attitude an officer can take is to work within the laws. I do not view my cases as personal.
We do the best we can within the law. In the book the Deporter Ames Holbrook views this as personal. He is dealing with dangerous criminals who are being set free by the government and whose home countries will not accept them.

Holbrook's motives were noble, but his tactics were illegal. One can not misrepresent your authority or violate rules to get the job done. I went through training and one of the things that was stressed was obey the law. Holbrook's story shows what happens when one ignores the rules. He has to look over his shoulder and it effects his marriage.

In the real world there is a constant battle between what is legal and the limits of evidence and procedure. In many cases we are forced to pass the buck down line. In other cases the limits of
evidence and procedure do create obstacles. In other cases a supervisor will disagree with the application of a precedent or law. I have been lucky in that my supervisors will explain where the disagreement lies. I defer to the experience, and view those moments as learning experiences.

At work is I strive to do the right thing, but the ends do not justify the means. Holbrook's book shows the dire consequences violating rules of procedure can have on a career. Moreover, sooner or later one does get caught and all the efforts go down the drain anyway.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, beakerkin!

The Merry Widow said...

One must think of making one's work count in the long run.
Blessed and Peaceful New Year to you and your's, Beaker!


Jungle Mom said...

Happy New Year!!!