Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beak and the crew go to Sea World

I went with the crew to Sea World. Contrary to popular opinion I did not jump over any hoops for herring.I might have considered it had they offered better fare.

Sea World is one of the many Parks in California that offer free admission to law enforcement officers. For some reason the NYC attractions do not make such offers. I would love to take Rav Roov's kids to the Bronx Zoo or the Camden Aquarium with a similar discount.

The shows were very well conceived and humorous. The weakest of all the shows was the Shamu show. The best show was the sea lion show, especially the part where they blew up the mime. A subversive sea gull sent an unappreciated contribution to one of my crew who had to get a new shirt in a hurry. It was probably a friend of Ducky's who was aiming for me.

The exhibits were well run and planned and much better than your local aquarium, Sadly the manatee exhibit was being rebuilt and the Sea Turtle section was closed for a private party.
The moray eel exhibit is very creepy at night. The rays glide across the water efortlessly. The highlight is the section of the tube section of the shark tank where the sharks swim over your head. The arctic section was very good but should have added a few more animal types beyond beluga wales, polar bears and walruses.

I purchased a small stuffed manatee for one of the junior officers in NYC. I was looking for a second gift but that friend took a job in DC with another agency due to the disgusting term situation. The term situation is abhorent and should be eliminated. The best talent quickly leaves rather than play this stupid game. The hundred or so slots in VT were quickly filled by interns whose status converts in a year anyway to permanent. Thus many people were let go needlessly because of that glitch.

If you read an earlier post I have been offered a job in VT. I will not accept the assignment as NYC is my home. My parents are older and my relatives are here. Had this offer come earlier might have remained. Vermont essentially made my choice for me and perhaps it was a good thing. I miss many friends in VT, but in my short time in NYC I made many new ones. I might have remained in VT because of a fear of the unknown. I no longer have such fear.

Part of me is saddened because I will be leaving many new friends on Friday. I will be visiting with my friends in Cincinnati and the Minneapolis on my great trip across the USA in May.I hope to see many of you along the way. I thought of taking Drummaster but am wondering if a trip would be a bit much. Once I get from Minneapolis to the Northwest it will be a ride to Death Valley, the Grand Canyon and the Alamo. I probably will then look for Lee's chicken in St Louis and return the usual way.


Freedomnow said...


I have lived in San Diego since 1989 and have never went to Sea World. You are more of a local than me!!!!!!!!

I hope you are enjoying your trip!

Anonymous said...

The federal jobs system is one of the most convoluted and ridiculously overcomplicated employment systems ever devised by man OR troll...

beakerkin said...

Farmer John

That is an understatement.


San Diego is a wonderful place. My parents would have gladly used my graduation as an excuse to fly out here.

Locals tend to avoid the tourist bits. I have never been to the Statue of Liberty or Elis Island in NYC.

The Merry Widow said...

That's a pretty typical local reaction! LOL!
I can tell you as a Floridian, when the snowbirds migrate down, just going to the store is a hassle! Nobody remembers where they are going, they slow waaaaaayyyyyy down to look at everything, drive their grocery carts down the middle of the aisles...I could go on for hours!
But I digress, going where tourists congregate can be an exercise in frustration!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Fern-San Diego is a beautiful city though, a pleasure to drive through and much more sensible than LA!

Always On Watch said...

If there is a Sea World available where I do the tourist bit, I always visit the attraction.

Just how many Shamu's are there, anyway?

At least you're seeing the country, Beak.

But how do these, um, odd people glom on to you? They seem to find you wherever you go!

beakerkin said...


My dream has been to drive across the USA. Now that LA and San Diego have been visited I will attempt a more Northern Route.

The folks are not bad even the vegan in small doses. The problem is when it is ten weeks it is a bit much. The Vermont and CA crew are fun. My friends from Ohio and Nebraska are okay.

Some of the young ladies are know it all types. I was greatly angered
when an ex law student lectured me on a form she had never worked. I had worked around 300 of this exact
case types and my friends in CA have worked around 100 each. How a person with no experience lectures experienced people is beyond me.I make certain I do not travel with that crew.My advice to that set is gain experience and then talk to me.

Freedomnow said...

If it wasnt for the military San Diego would be a washed-up backwater and completely overshadowed by L.A.

SD is a great place to live, but it has problems like anywhere else. Developers have done their best to try to destroy the quality of life in their pursuit of riches and the city council is one of the most corrupt in the country.

All-in-all I cant think of a better place to live, because nowhere is perfect.