Friday, December 07, 2007

LA city out of control

One gets the distinct feeling that LA is poorly run. The water is dreadful and homeless people have created no mans lands. The traffic is dreadful and the public transportation is mediocre. Every city including my beloved NYC has poor sections. However, it is professionally run and there is a level of competence one does not see in LA.

LA has some idiotic traffic laws that make zero sense. One would want people to walk in the congested city but local ordinances make it unlikely. In NYC we often have pedestrian Islands if one can not cross the street one crosses to the Island and continues later. This type of behavior will earn one a fine in LA. I left the curb with 5 seconds and was in the island on second two. I had a meeting with local law enforcement and was lucky not to get a ticket. One would think with this accent the local officer would gather I am from NYC. He asked me for my California ID three times. Mistaking me for a California resident is probably worse than the ticket.

One does get the distinct impression that government employees in LA are just biding time. I have never had this impression in NYC especially with NYPD where professionalism even in the Dinkins era was observed. In NYC there is a can do attitude fostered by Rudy and then later Mayor Bloomburg.

LA desperately needs its own Rudy or Bloomburg to restore a can do attitude and vision to a city that is out of control

Beamish in 08


Farmer John said...

Sorry beakerkin, but ever since Tom Bradley was mayor (5 terms) the cities gone to pot. I guess that's what happens when people start voting on the basis of skin tones rather than ability (present mayor not excepted).

Always On Watch said...

Having visited LA several times (NYC only a few), I agree wtih all you've said here.

Southern California--particularly LA--is a whole 'nother world!

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-What you are seeing is the confluence of decades of leftista policies, celebrity driven policies and a huge influx of immigrants, the vast numbers of whom are illegal.
It is an ammo dump about to blow! The gangs don't help.
Plus there is a lackadaisical attitude that thinks 'manana' is rushing things!


nanc said...

it's the left coast, beak - it ain't happening.

nanc said...

o.t. - beak - get to autonomist asap regarding orangeducks.

Always On Watch said...

"The land of fruits and nuts"--called that for a reason.

Devon said...

it's the land of cereal fruits,nuts and flakes.

oh and their seasons are MUD FLOOD QUAKE and Fire