Saturday, December 29, 2007

Inside Shop Reading Ames Holbrook

Many of the regular readers have wondered what life inside DHS is like. Remember that fiction tends to glorify and gloss over drudgework. Most of what an average worker does is routine paperwork or interviews. The tough stuff is routed to the talented 10%, but that can be said of any job.

Ames Holbrook was a deportation agent. Deportation agents deal with the worst of the worst. It is very hard to get deported even when one has a lengthy criminal record. A DRO picks up a person after endless appeals and as expected these people do not go willingly.

One can relate on a human level to paper pushing indecisive bosses, policies crafted by morons and absurd rulings from
courts. The most important thing in an election is to keep the left out of the courts. However, even Eisenhower goofed with Brennan and Bush senior goofed with Yoda Souter.

I started reading the book and was shocked at how many of my peers took down the title. This interest about a book did surprise me. However, much of the book talks in shop talk and jargon. It probably does not detract from the overall experience as outsiders should gloss over the acronyms when reading this book. The broader themes are more important than the jargon.

I am into the first quarter of the book and it has held my interest. This does not happen often but a full length review is in the future.

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