Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trip to Romano's Macatoni Grill

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of fun and the food was very good. When one is in NYC one is very spoiled as even hole in the wall places have excellent food. However, after spending time in VT one does learn about the law of averages. Fare that is considered paint by number is considered outstanding in VT. As I have traveled a bit I learned NYC is not the norm.

The best way to learn about local fare is to ask the staff at a hotel. My group found some amazing barbeque places one we ditched the vegan.

I want to talk about the annoying vegan. The veganism is part of a personality quirk that is passive agressive. Essentially she controls the movements of the group with her quirks and lateness. This is highly annoying and after a few weeks is over the top. Even when she is given her own car she wants to control the group and does so. Finally some of us insisted on guys time and a trip to a vegan free zone at Fatburger.

Miss Vegan has learned a secret about guys. We will put up with alot more of this garbage than women will. As soon as she is in a group of women they stop this nutiness. There is a reason this woman will remain unmarried as no man in his right mind would ever put up with this crap. If I had a choice between Northwind or the vegan I would choose the drunk in a second. At least Northwind is loveable in the rare moments she is sober.

Three more days of stupid assignments and veganism and home free. Enjoy your travels but leave vegans at home.


Anonymous said...

Tell the Vegan that the group's actions will all revolve around her the next time she's the Pole Star (in other words, 12k years from now), but 'til then, to take a ticket and get in line like everyone else. ;-)

Elmer's Brother said...

I had a chinese dinner with a vegan once...she ordered some tofu dish that smelled like stinky shoes...I spent the whole evening making fun of it.

Anonymous said... least it wasn't a pot of fermented kinchee...

Why does vegan foodstuff have to be so awful?