Friday, December 28, 2007

Random and Pakistan

I will be on the Radio with AOW and Winston for a small segment.

I went to Union Square looking for a familiar pest. The same idiots who were annoying people with their communist crap when I left VT were still abusing their right to free speech. The annoyed radicals did not like listening to classics from John Brown. In their opinion the author of the material was a psycho sent by the CIA to make them look bad. As they are already defacto morons and traitors this is no small feat.

Most of us are concerned by the recent events in Pakistan. However, due to Commie misinformation few of us understand Pakistan. Pakistan is a fake country and it resembles an African stated with shifting tribal alliances more than a coherent state.

The familiar story is India decided to create an ethnically cleansed Muslim state. The problem was while Pakistan was ethnically cleansed a sizeable Muslim minority remained in India. Moreover, even having been granted two states Muslims still wanted additional land.

America and Pakistan formed an illogical alliance largely created by the big mouth of the incoherent Indira Ghandi. India was viewed very negatively in the USA due to her stupid comments. Her son started to repair the damage caused by his mothers idiocy and today Indian US relations are excellent.

Pakistan is a collection of four ethnic groups and expatriates who left India that has never been
well run. You can see many excellent Pakistani businessmen and professionals in the USA. However, other than a few items of clothing one may never encounter much that says made in Pakistan. Financial remitances from expatriates are a major source of income.

While Pakistan has festered India has created a robust economy. Their education system produces some of the best professionals on the planet. IIT defines excellence and MIT is known for a communist crackpot linguistics fraud. Feel free to ask a HR pro about comparing IIT with American and European Universities. It seems India is commited to excellence as opposed to
creating jobs for unemployable communists.

India still has many problems, but a can do attitude combined with first rate education and secular law is a winning combination.

The recent events in Pakistan are ominous but should surprise nobody. It is in the midst of a civil war and an unwilling demoralized Army has no go sections in the North. A military coup is a very serious possibility.

Beamish in 08


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