Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You really mean this stuff

I am always amazed when commies or fellow travelers state in shock "you mean this stuff". Unlike Commies and their salon fellow traveler apologists I write exactly what I mean. Commies are quite used to people buying into their fables and being sheltered from their historic crimes that they pretend to be perplexed by indignation over their crimes.

I find it quite amusing that a knucklehead who has defended Bill "30 Bombings with 0 connection to Vietnam" is so worried about Pat Robertson. How many bombings did Robertson make 0. How many times did Robertson betray his country 0. He did make a few stupid comments about gays for which he was raked over the coals and appologized. Has Noam Chimpanzee ever apologized to the people he called liars when they reported the events in Cambodia or his frequent anti-semitic slurs such as calling NYC a Jewish run city.

If theses dunderheads are so concerned about gays where are the comments about the vaunted Cuban health care system that treated homosexuality as a mental illness. Where are the comments about the PA that uses its legal representatives to harass gays. How about Saudi Arabia or Iran that execute gays or Muslim countries that jail gays. The number of gays jailed by Robertson remains 0. FYI ask author Bruce Bawer what ethnicity harasses him for his alternative lifestyle in Europe, hint it is not Mennonites, Lubavitcher Jews or evangelical Christians. Where are the words about the most homophobic statesman on the planet Mugabe?

The same knuckle heads who are so worried about Robertson also claim Mumia, Joanne Chesimard, Peltier and Lynn Stewart all tried and convicted were innocent. The same knuckle heads also claim the Black Panthers had nothing to do with narcotics, prostitution, murder and violent crimes. It would seem that the 700 club is a greater menace than narco communists pushing their wares in the inner city. Speaking of Narcotics FARC, Hezbollah and the whole range of commie approved idiots still finance their opperations via the drug trade. Maybe there is more to the Superfly John Brown/LWB progressive Nazi drug pusher of the people bit than we assumed.

I am still trying to figure out if these Jet setting commies who are constantly crying poverty are benefiting from subsidized travel. If these excursions are subsidized by a foriegn government
they should be required to register as a foreign agent and pay income tax on the benefit. Where are the good folks at the IRS when we need them. They need to start looking into the lifestyles of Communist agents in North Dakota.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Where's all the stool sockers that want to serve openly in the military now?

Dressed in day-glo rainbow ballerina tutus shouting "stop the war!"

nanc said...

i wandered about the blogdom yesterday and was appalled at the crude comments about my Yeshua - you'd think He was a mass murderer in the eyes of the left.

honestly, beak - i don't know why G-d was kind enough to give them a mind, much less a tongue to repeat such things.

Ducky's here said...

Robertson? You mean the guy who was running mining operations in Liberia financed by contributions to his "ministry"?

You defend that pig?

beakerkin said...


Lets assume for a second that your charges are true. Even if these charges were true they are minor compared to the crimes of Castro, Chavez or the Black Panthers.

How does one rail against Robertson for a few homophobic remarks while championing a group that persecutes homosexuals. Moreover while Robertson was killed by the media, how is it that commies like Chomsky , Finkelstein and Cockburn get free
passed on their bile. While Robertson did appologize one can hold their breath for commies to appologize. I guess calling eye witnesses to the Killing Fields liars makes one a moral compas.

Mr B

Gays have served in the military, but the problem is with the in your face aspect. Don't ask don't tell makes sense to me. Gays are probably serving now, but those who are seriously dedicated to service
are likely complying with the policy.

Ducky's Here said...

Beak, cut out the strawman crap.

Pat Robertson used contributions to fund illegal blood diamond and mining operations in Liberia and financed one of the worst tyrants on that continent. A man who had a lot to do with the bloodshed in Sierra Leone and elswhere which has stopped now that they are rid of Taylor.

Again, do you support the pig Robertson.

Anonymous said...

They do seem to focus on the nits so hard that they lose the big picture...

beakerkin said...


I support Robertson. Moreover, I will
take Taylor over Chavez, Ortega, Castro and any other Commie garbage.
Taylor was a minor criminal compared to Castro.