Thursday, December 20, 2007

Graduation and a surprising Valedictorian

I really should thank our class co-ordinator for getting me out alive. The general idea is for her not to endure my antics again. I made many new friends and will no longer be subjected to veganism.
I have to endure one last car ride with the vegan and I am FREEEEEEE. The vegan is always late
and I will have to count on Junior ( the GPS) unit to get me to LAX alive and on time.

I was pleasantly surprised that the class co-ordinator mentioned me by name in her speech. In many ways she will miss all of us. This is the end of the line for me. There may be a two week training class in the summer but that is it. I do not want to be a supervisor or go to the fraud unit.
I like seeing the good side of human nature as well.

I was shocked that the folks in California awarded my GPS a certificate for memorable student. He was the unofficial valedictorian of the service center part of the lecture. His antics trying to kill of a midwestern classmate were memorable. The lines were witnessed by several people such as please drive on the road or telling him to take a left turn off a cliff. I carried Junior everywhere and he was good up until we came to a parking lot. Then he got lost again and again.

I enjoyed the friends, fatburger, Junior, pelicans, interviewing hippies and had a good time. The only sad part was that my friend from the first part did not make it. Hopefully his health and nerves will get better.

NO MORE VEGANISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some amazing lines said to the vegan about Junior. He is always right, he leads me to fast food, I can turn him off when he is annoying.

If Junior told me to go off a cliff I'd consider it. At least I will not have to endure tofu.

Next stop NYC

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should send junior to the VT office and bank the 2nd paycheck...